The Grounds for Nuremberg II

The following video reports on the work of a group of doctors in Czechia concerning the effects of the experimental mRNA treatments that are intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

The spokeswoman for the group makes two main points. The first concerns the different rates of infection and hospitalization for the “unvaccinated” in comparison with those who have been double-jabbed and boosted. The second concerns the varying toxicity of different batches of the vax, which she is at pains to emphasize could only be a result of intentional actions on the part of the manufacturers.

The data used in the presentation were drawn from statistics compiled in the UK, and also from the VAERS database in the USA.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   Thanks to Dr. Marecek. I would like to…
00:09   Of course, since we will be reforming healthcare, that is deeply connected to…
00:14   that this Covid insanity must end. That is absolutely #1!
00:19   And here in Czechia, there are constant lies about what constitutes a ‘positive case’,
00:25   who had ‘died of Covid’ and so on. So, we will not consider the data
00:30   from Czechia because there are created, difficult to say, [?] data from abroad.
00:35   where we can, at least partially, rely on something, because these are
00:39   data which are accessible, these are data from countries on which we have always relied
00:43   that maintain rigorous reviews of medical data.
00:46   So, I would like to, from the 14th of January, 2022, which was yesterday,
00:52   this is actually a report from three independent statistical announcements
00:57   from the office which is called ‘Public Health Scotland’.
01:01   This is from Scotland., where these [data] show — I will later show you the graphics —
01:07   that the Omicron variant is no worse than a common cold
01:14   among the non-vaccinated, among the non-vaccinated population. But it seems
01:18   that it is more complicated with the vaccine,
01:22   in the population that had been vaccinated two or even three times.
01:26   While regarding the population which had been vaccinated two or three times
01:31   So, of ten positive cases, eight had been vaccinated.
01:36   Out of ten hospitalizations, seven had been vaccinated. Fully vaccinated.
01:41   And of ten deaths from Covid-19, eight had been fully vaccinated.
01:46   And here we are dealing with data from about the end of November to the 7th of January 2022.
01:53   So, here, I will for you… All of this is accessible, and we shall put it, if Dr. Marecek…[nod]
01:57   onto the pages of ‘Paralelni Lekarska Komora’ [Parallel Medical Chamber].
02:00   And here is the first graphic; it is legible even from a distance.
02:03   These are the positive cases from Scotland.
02:09   These are the unvaccinated [green] and these are the ones who are fully vaccinated [red].
02:13   When we look at hospitalizations, here on this graph,
02:18   then this green [column] is the unvaccinated, and these are ones who are fully vaccinated.
02:26   and when we look at mortality
02:31   then these are the vaccinated, pardon, unvaccinated [green],
02:37   and these are the fully vaccinated [red].
02:42   So this is the information from Scotland, where 85% of those over 16 years of age are vaccinated.
02:48   So there, they dove into it head first.
02:51   So, from this follows — and these are public data, publically collected data,
02:57   these are simply from Scotland. From this, it follows:
03:01   why would anyone be forced into vaccinations, third dose,
03:04   which shows no protective efficacy,
03:07   so that, really, illness may be reactivated despite vaccination.
03:12   This is how it is being played out here, in Czechia. Why, on the basis of these data,
03:16   yet still, the government wants to discriminate, green passes…
03:21   and whoever is not vaccinated will be fired from their job, school, and so on.
03:24   This is actually sad. Here President Kubica labels us as eccentrics,
03:30   and this is sad because we really are not eccentrics.
03:34   We are just trying to bring to the people, to the doctors,
03:38   Or those who do not know how to access foreign data
03:41   So they might know where the truth lies,
03:44   and so they would be able to filter information they get from other sides.
03:47   So, in reality, biology says nothing like this, in the sense of what our government is saying.
03:53   So, the government will have to realize that biology always has priority,
03:57   and that medicine has to be based on medical factors.
04:01   From Australia, 11th of January, so, four days old.
04:07   Australia reports twelve times as many deaths during ten months,
04:13   thanks to the Covid vaccine, than the cumulative count of all
04:18   vaccine deaths which had been registered in Australia —
04:22   and there are 128 of them — over the last 51 years!
04:26   Attention! And again, it is just sad that experts could not
04:34   access data which they need, so, there in Australia, they had to use the Freedom of Information Act,
04:41   the law, just so that the bureaucracies would give it to them. And here is the question:
04:46   If really that Australian — something like the FDA, but in Australia
04:50   it is called TGA, that is just the shortened name for it —
04:54   so if they knew on the basis of what data the Pfizer vaccine
04:58   was approved for mass use in Australia.
05:01   So, for the first six months, they received no answer. They bickered back and forth,
05:06   until finally they got the answer. And in the answer, they said that they didn’t have any —
05:09   in reality, they are admitting that they had absolutely no preliminary data
05:12   regarding the safety of the vaccine.
05:15   It certainly is not good to recall that Pfizer, the largest player in this racket,
05:22   has a significant history of various frauds. So, since the year 2000,
05:29   it has been charged with and successfully prosecuted for over 80 offenses, um, violations,
05:38   and they were fined over three billion pounds as a result.
05:43   So, that breakdown, which was for bribery or other malfeasance,
05:50   and so here, the message is clear,
05:54   which directly tells us that now that they are collecting the data
05:57   on undesired effects, even those which lead to death.
06:00   So, according to this database in Australia,
06:04   the first cause of death due to the Covid vaccine is anaphylaxis,
06:09   that means the acute death actually due to a heavy, um, simply due to some allergic shock.
06:17   The second cause was dyspnoea, which means the patient has problems breathing.
06:23   This was followed by pulmonary embolism, which means an embolism [blot clot] in the lungs,
06:29   the stopping of the heart, and then vascular events in the brain.
06:35   So, these were things which they were observing. So, every patient whose history contains
06:41   of an thrombo-embolic event, an embolism, or simply any autoimmune reaction
06:47   all that, all these people should be exempted from any mandate, any such mandated vaccination.
06:52   Thanks to this data, this [vaccine mandate] is absolutely uncalled for. Absolutely!
06:56   Simply, biology shows that this is purely political decision,
06:59   which has nothing to do with medicine.
07:02   And the third thing I’d like to show you — this has been spoken about for some time;
07:06   nevertheless, it was not until now that it has, somehow, been compiled together.
07:10   It was created by a team called ‘Enigma’,
07:13   and these are experts in pharmaceutical research and development
07:17   and manufacturing, from clinical trials, from the pharma industry, from statistical analysis
07:23   and from statistical modeling. Currently, they are located worldwide
07:27   and they are conducting independent analysis of these data.
07:31   So, here the VAERS data was used, which is really data from America.
07:35   And they state here that when
07:39   they actually took a look at the influenza vaccine, which has been used for years and years,
07:46   and then compared it with the vaccine against COVID,
07:49   so, for the influenza vaccine, there are nine different
07:54   and unique types of products which are identified.
07:58   When it comes to COVID vaccines, there are three.
08:01   The influenza vaccine is being made by more than ten manufacturers…
08:08   the producers, and they all follow exactly given rules [regulations],
08:11   so that all the lots must, plus or minus, be the same. They may not vary.
08:15   Strict rules in this are the standard operating procedure, and they are very strict rules.
08:19   The COVID vaccines are produced by 3 manufacturers: Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen [Johnson & Johnson].
08:24   For the influenza vaccines, the data have been collected for well over ten years.
08:31   For the COVID vaccines, the data have been collected for less than twelve months.
08:37   There were, roughly, 22 thousand batches of the influenza vaccine manufactured.
08:45   The batches of COVID vaccines, there were made, manufactured
08:49   until now, about 25 thousand batches. Yet, from the 22 thousand batches
08:53   of the influenza vaccine, in all its existence,
08:57   in more than ten years of reporting, [there were] 9,429 serious,
09:03   severe adverse effects, among these, 906 deaths.
09:08   And with the COVID vaccines, there were reported 47,239 adverse effects
09:13   and 7,335 deaths. In VAERS. Even though VAERS is a severely under-reported database.
09:20   And, um, it is said that in America, many doctors are not even aware that this database exists,
09:26   and so they do not even report to it. So, in reality, this report is based on highly clipped data.
09:31   Then there is this very interesting graphic, which I would like to show you.
09:35   Here, these little lines up, and here they are — it is a bit smudged,
09:39   but [if you] ‘select the original data’, they are very legible.
09:42   These are the lot numbers, because each batch has a precisely assigned lot
09:47   so that the number, so that everything related to it would be searchable.
09:50   So, mostly, the influenza vaccines
09:53   in all the time that they have been used, there are two of these ‘slips’.
09:58   and this while there are more manufacturers, many lots, many years.
10:02   And only two ‘slips’, with that lot reporting a maximum of 37 adverse effects
10:08   usually around one or two. So, that is with influenza, yes?
10:11   And when one considers these, the COVID vaccines,
10:15   and that really is a base on which sometime last week
10:18   charges were brought. It is called Nuremburg II. The charges were brought in Canada.
10:24   It was brought by a thousand lawyers and over ten thousand doctors,
10:28   and it is on the basis of this, of this information stream, because, they had many other such
10:33   indications that something nefarious is happening. But,
10:37   this demonstrates premeditation: an intent, because here are vaccines from Jenssen, Moderna,
10:44   Pfizer. This red line which is here, those are, that is the maximum top level of influenza,
10:51   of those 37 adverse effects. These are them, this is the line.
10:55   So, all those vaccines, the vast majority of these vaccines,
10:58   have a significantly higher incidence of adverse effects
11:01   till around here, some 500, 600
11:06   in the frame of other batches. Some batches are benign, they will not do anything.
11:11   Some batches kill. And since the regulations
11:15   on how these products are manufactured are extremely strict,
11:19   the process is fully automated, and only a very small number of people have access to
11:24   how it will be programmed, what will be the process of what gets mix together, and so
11:29   once this process is programmed, nobody gets to touch it.
11:32   So this, that some lots were created, and then were distributed to patients,
11:36   and were administered to patients,
11:41   and which, in these clusters, caused simply caused,
11:45   really caused such a high number of deaths, and that is in this heavily under-reported database.
11:52   Well, this points to a clear intent, because this should have long ago been pulled off, since the
11:59   manufacturing process is so strictly regulated and protected, so that nobody may interfere with it.
12:03   So, simply, once this process is prescribed, it is carried out by robots; no people touch it.
12:06   So, if there is any change between the lots, it can only be because someone interfered with
12:09   the prescription. And the number of people who could have interfered with the prescribed process
12:13   is very small. They could be counted on the fingers of one hand, in the frame of this group.
12:16   So, when this was discovered, that really was the release mechanism
12:21   for why, finally, these charges have been filed for this attack against human rights.
12:26   It is called Nuremberg II and it took place in Canada.
12:30   And I’d like to add to this that individual lots, it is written here,
12:34   and this will be amusing — I will read this to you,
12:38   that ‘the patient should insist that the person administering the vaccine,
12:44   that that person should check to make sure it is not one of the deadly vaccines
12:48   before the patient agrees to be injected.’
12:53   Um, so it says here, so it says here
12:59   that those administering the vaccine are responsible to check the lot numbers of the batches
13:05   in order to filter out those so called ‘hot lots’ which actually
13:09   cause these adverse effects. For this, there is its particular
13:12   so-called ‘proprietary application’, we will make it so that
13:15   it will be available on the pages of ‘Paralelni Lekarska Komora’ [Parallel Medical Chamber].
13:20   One can enter the lot number and it will show whether it is one of these very, very unpleasant…
13:25   So, this is information which… this has been spoken of for quite some time.
13:31   Only now has this all been summarized.
13:34   Those who are advising our government concerning how things should be done,
13:37   that we will mandate vaccinations here,
13:41   and that there will be mandated vaccinations of physicians,
13:45   health care workers, nurses, police officers —
13:48   anyone can have the finger pointed at them, even in any age category.
13:51   Well, on the basis of this data, all this should be immediately stopped.
13:55   This is simply an experiment and nothing else. And it is very dangerous experiment at that.
13:59   So, if they are pretending that they don’t know this, that they don’t have this data,
14:03   then here, today, I am showing it to them. And perhaps Mr. Cemper and his team of ‘sweepers’
14:09   will again ‘spread the dust out’, they will turn me into some sort of a monster,
14:13   but these are things that everyone needs to know.
14:16   When someone pressures you, so that you, in order to have a real objective argument
14:20   why yes or why no, so
14:25   the push from above is terrible, but our counter-push from below
14:29   is really — it is intensive, it is objective,
14:35   it is not emotional and we simply must win!
14:40   It is our health that is at stake, and our children’s!
14:43   They are even giving it to our children! This is absolutely… simply unthinkable!
14:46   And, so, again, even to the parents, I make my appeal to give it deep consideration. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “The Grounds for Nuremberg II

  1. I hope justice will come very very soon , this crime against humanity, and freaking traitors making this poison mandatory!!!, Austria, and probably Germany very soon , France is despicable…

  2. “of ten positive cases, eight had been vaccinated”

    — I do not understand why it is a problem to run different cycles of the PCR on the jabbed and unjabbed at the same time. This would solve the whole issue because then all the positive cases would be ‘unvaccinated’!

    Joke aside, I guess these numbers mean that HUGE masses of immunocompromised and damaged jabbed go to the doctor with flu-like symptoms or other illnesses nowadays, and thus they can be [fake]tested; while the more healthy unjabbed avoid the doctors and the tests with it.

  3. It would be fascinating to see where these toxic batches have been distributed around the world. With data like this it can only be criminal to compel someone to take this vaccine.
    Regarding the ‘Nuremberg ll’ a quick look around Google returned lots of football clubs and info about the Nurember trials and articles about how the vaccine does not go against the N Berg code. Duckduckgo one source from Nov 21 so if anyone has any info about this could they please post it?

  4. This is worrying, if I understand it, and I’m well aware of the arguments against the “vaccine”, even without the conspiracy theories; I’m certainly opposed to compelling or coercing anyone to take it (see the Nuremburg code- it is still an experimental treatment) or to giving it to young people, let alone children, as the long-term effects are unknown.

    However, and with apologies for repeating myself: I’m 73, a lifelong smoker, and have a rare disease called small vessel vasculitis: rather like arthritis (to which it’s probably related), but in the blood vessels; it often manifests itself in the kidneys, and mine were in a poor state when I was diagnosed in 2010. So when the nephrology (kidney) department at the hospital where I’m an outpatient advised me to have a fourth jab as I’m on immunosuppressants, I did so two days ago, and apart from my left arm dropping off I’m fine. I was certainly influenced by my wish to lead as normal a life possible, living in a big city (London), frequently using public transport and working a couple of days a week in a shop.
    If I got it wrong, it was my decision, just as in the first “lockdown” in England in early 2020, when I was supposed to self-isolate; I continued to see my partner and do my own food shopping (you should have seen the stuff that some well-meaning charity left on my doorstep)- if I was going to go before my time, better to live as fully as possible. If that was selfish, I plead guilty.

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