Raped by a Culture-Enricher in an Elevator

Milan was in the news earlier this month after a culture-enriching New Year’s Eve when a large group of “youths” molested multiple young women next to the Cathedral. More recently, an over-eager North African culture-enricher has been arrested. It seems the youngster imposed his unwanted attentions on a woman in an elevator back before Christmas.

The following account includes that story, plus multiple reports on other culture-enriching crimes.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Raped in an elevator, immigrant arrested, caught by a fingerprint

January 18, 2022

The woman was threatened with death and raped by a North African while in an elevator

by Valentina Dardari

A 40-year-old woman was robbed and raped while inside the elevator of her condominium. The man, a 31-year-old Maghrebian with a previous criminal record for sexual violence and aggravated robbery, was arrested by the Carabinieri of the San Donato Milanese Unit.

Raped by a Maghrebian in an elevator

According to what has emerged, the arrestee has no fixed abode. The incident happened last December 21 when the woman parked her vehicle in the garage and was approached by her attacker in the elevator of her condominium in Segrate, a municipality in Milan Province, around 11:30pm. The man reportedly threatened her with death by tugging at her and demanded a sexual favor, in addition to robbing her of €30 and a cell phone. The victim, once back in her home, notwithstanding the shock, immediately alerted the Carabinieri, furnishing them with a full description of the attacker.

The Carabinieri, thanks to the description given by the 40-year-old and video recorded by the surveillance cameras in the area, compiled an accurate profile of the man. In addition, the Scientific Investigation Section of the Investigative Unit of Milan managed to obtain a fingerprint of the suspect inside the elevator, as well as some crucial biological traces left on the woman’s clothes. The biological samples were then analyzed by the Ris (Scientific Investigation Dept.) in Parma. The 31-year-old, once arrested, and after the investigations by the Carabinieri allowed them to collect evidence against the arrestee, was served with a detention order issued against him by the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Milan. The man was therefore transported to the San Vittore Prison in Milan.

A city increasingly more dangerous

Milan is increasingly the realm of decay and crime. From New Year’s Eve to today, there has been a succession of violence and acts of vandalism not only directed at citizens and tourists, but also at employees who in their workplaces have to deal with aggressive gangs of young men, both Italian and foreign. On New Year’s Eve in Piazza Duomo, several girls were surrounded and groped by some 50 men in a pack who, after having torn off their clothes, began to touch them all over, including and especially, in their genital areas. After some 20 searches, two second-generation Italian men have been arrested. But the investigations continue to try to identify other molesters from that night.

Crimes and degradation in Milan

On the evening of January 2, it was the area of the Central Train Station that was the scene of a violent fight that occurred between foreign citizens hitting each other in the head with bottles, causing panic among passersby. The two combatants, both illegally in the country, were a 22-year-old Egyptian and a 30-year-old Moroccan, who began with a big argument, throwing punches and bottles. The two non-EU foreigners ended up in the hospital.

Even Bocconi University had to take action to protect male and female students. Since the municipality is doing nothing to safeguard its citizens, the university has organized an evening “escort” service by foot every 30 minutes, from 6pm-12:30am from the administration building on via Gobbi to the Spadolini Dubini and Isonzo Residences on via Pompeo Leoni and Viale Toscana and in the opposite direction, to counter attacks, verbal harassment, beatings, and pursuit for purpose of robbery. The escort for undergraduates will be guaranteed every day from Monday to Saturday.

Italy’s least safe city

As if that were not enough, on 14 January, police headquarters reported seven more robberies, one that was attempted the previous day, Thursday the 13th. The perpetrators of these crimes were yet again foreigners, specifically two Chileans, a Dominican, a Romainian, two Algerians, a Libyan, and three other North Africans. With the exception of the Romanian, the others all had previous criminal records and all were illegally in our country. And all are between the ages of 18 and 30. The incidents of criminality in Milan are now the order of the day. Il Sole 24 Ore (The Sun 24 hours/News) indicated in its report that Milan is the least safe city in Italy. The crimes reported in the metropolitan area are 4,866.3 for every 100,000 residents, a record number when compared to that of any other Italian province.

Among the incidents of criminality noted in recent days is also one that dates back to 11 December that injured a disabled boy. In that case, the 25-year-old, confined to a wheelchair, was approached by two Moroccan robbers, one 21 and the other 37 years of age, who threatened him to make him hand over his cell phone. Another terrible incident of violence in Milan was perpetrated against a plainclothes policeman, who was surrounded and beaten by a gang of about ten young men on the night between Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th of January in Viale Coni Zugna, as he was conducting an inspection. Once rescued and taken to the hospital, the 61-year-old local police officer was given a provisional prognosis of five days.

Whose fault according to Mayor Sala

Also in Milan, at Rozzano, two groups of Moroccans faced off against each other with clubs and sticks. During the heated quarrel, a machete also came out. One of the protagonists of the fight was left in agony in a pool of blood on the asphalt. Transported urgently to the hospital, his condition was judged critical by the doctors due to the gravity of the wounds sustained from the machete.

On the other hand, an Atm bus driver, who had refused to allow a couple of kids away from the shelter to board, wound up with a fractured jaw. Once his shift was over, the driver returned to the depot and found himself confronted by two young men. After attacking him verbally, they punched him in the face, in the right cheekbone, cracking his jawbone. In this escalation of crimes and violence, the mayor, Beppe Sala, blames the lack of safety on everybody except himself and his faithful security advisor, Marco Granelli. For the First Citizen, the blame is on the minister, the chief of police, the prefect. After all, as he noted, safety “is not a matter that can be resolved once and for all or by shouting at the Wild West every time there is a problem”. At least in the Wild West, there was a sheriff who enforced the law.

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