“Radical” Preaching in the Great Mosque of Beauvais

Last week I posted a translated article about the Great Mosque of Beauvais, which has been closed by the French authorities due to the “radical” preaching of one of its imams.

As Michael Copeland has frequently pointed out, “radical” Islamic teachings simply reflect the rigorous application of mainstream Islamic doctrine as codified in the Sharia.

Below is a video report on the topic of the Beauvais mosque from a French TV news program. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Glorifying jihad, criticizing Christians, Jews and homosexuals.
00:04   That’s apparently commonplace in the Beauvais mosque. —Yes, the government has launched
00:08   the procedure to close this mosque in l’Oise which,
00:11   according to Gérald Darmanin, attacks Republican ideals
00:14   and France. Specifically, Europe 1 has had access to a document from the intelligence services
00:19   that sheds light on the tone of the preaching of the one Imam. Thibault, you live in Beauvais?
00:25   Yes, and the Imam had been put under surveillance by the intelligence services.
00:30   According to our information, police officers heard the man promoting Jihad.
00:34   That was in last April. He was speaking about the prophet Mohammed’s battle, saying, and I quote:
00:38   “They were not kids, they were men, heroes, always.”
00:43   According to this confidential document that we have obtained, we learn that this same Imam
00:47   was seen preaching in May. This time in front of a child, saying to him: “What are you afraid of?
00:53   Fact is, you have to be ready to die. That’s what scares the enemies of Islam.”
00:56   Since this morning, the mosque is locked and barricaded.
01:00   The windows are closed so that we can’t see inside.
01:03   Some Muslims came to see if the service would take place today, but they left in shock at the news.
01:09   He’s a good person for us, and we never heard him say what they said about him.
01:14   We have been happy with him ever since he arrived.
01:17   He has never been radical or anything like that.
01:20   Just because of the mistake of an Imam, whom we do not know, who is new and well,
01:25   the mosque that we’ve had for years gets closed down,
01:28   frankly it’s frustrating, y’know? It is frustrating.
01:31   This mosque may remain closed for six months. The association that manages it
01:35   now has ten days to present their defense to the prefecture.
01:38   Thibault reporting live from Beauvais.

10 thoughts on ““Radical” Preaching in the Great Mosque of Beauvais

  1. Europeans are infuriatingly pathetic. If I were not one of them, I would be cheering for their erasure from this earth. But this is our fate, our burden. We fight for the team we are born into. That doesn’t make them beyond harsh criticism.

    • Sometimes I think we actually deserve this crap. And when I see how my dear countrymen have behaved during the “pandemic”, I find it really hard to wish them a continued existence on this planet. I certainly don’t feel any great love for them, and have no wish to live among them anymore. I know some of them would gladly have me killed or placed in a concentration camp for refusing to be vaccinated. Never thought I would experience this.

  2. In preaching jihad, surely the Imam was preaching sedition. All over the west, the islamic invasion could have been averted had not the laws of the various lands been enforced and the offenders tried and deported. Unfortunately, the loud mouths of the left would not let this happen and have led us to this.

  3. Preach the Koran and you preach racism, rape, murder and paedophilia.
    Why is every mosque not razed? What is every Islamist not deported?

  4. This is nothing but a preamble of what is to come. The useful indoctrinated idiots can perish for all I care, the information of these savages has been there for all to see and take the proper action against it, but the left made tolerance bloody policy and here we are. Soon it will be us or them, thus as it always has been, thus as it will always be. I plan on being the Victor, I no longer care for those who remain silent and refuse to act in the face of these bloody evil savages and their western traitor class who wish our demise by replacing us with them so they think they can rule. The war that is coming will have no rules other than win by whatever means necessary. The days of the strong ruthless man is almost here.

      • Jan, I was extremely well trained by Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children to cause panic, fear and mass chaos. In the private sector I do it in 3rd world cesspools with pleasure, soon we will be doing it in our western countries with a GD vengeance. So if I were you, I would be training with any weapons you can get your hands on by whatever methods you can. Soon our lands will be the lands of Wolves, the sheep will be slaughtered by the millions, so get into the Wolf mindset, you will live a lot longer that way. So don’t worry about me sunshine, I have been long prepared for the coming fun and reindeer games.

      • No one, maybe the bloody turks will give it a go, but then that will bring the Russians in with a vengeance.

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