News From the UK

Our English correspondent Seneca III rings in the new year from a devastated Blighty.

News from the UK

by Seneca III

I awoke this morning with the strange feeling that yesterday was the end of an era and today the start of a new one. I cannot put my finger on a single reason, but so many things are resonating in the background that as a whole they constitute a sea change in the national psyche, a turning of the tide of national destruction.

A few examples in a nutshell: Thanks to the actions of the Princelings, Charles, Andrew and Harry Markle, and also the long polluted Honours system, the Monarchy as we have known it is on its last legs. When Her Majesty dies the long-lasting shape and functionality of British Royalty will die with her. What form it will take thereafter is currently impossible to determine, even if it continues to exist at all.

North of the border Sturgeon and her SNP (Scottish Nazi Party) crew have made such a mess of their own nest that it is beyond recovery. In Wales Drakeford (First Minister) and his Marxist-Socialist cohort have demonstrated that Labour, old or new, is not the answer to any of the problems that face us. Down South Johnson and Khan have demonstrated that London is no longer a British City and, sooner or later, will collapse into total anarchy as will many of our other large cities. The centre cannot hold.

Throughout this once green and pleasant land the new Horsemen of the Apocalypse — XR[1], IB[2], BLM, Antifa, Wokists and every flavour of deviant — ride out with impunity as simultaneously an invasive, feral horde paddles across the Channel in ever increasing numbers to impose a fiscal and physical burden that the system is already unable to sustain. On our near horizon a failing and flailing EU stumbles into a similar chaos, running around in circles and slavering as if a rabid dog on its last legs.

Change is upon us and there is nothing that we can do to stop it. Happy New Year, GoV’ers.

— Seneca III, on this Saturday the 1st of January in this the year of our Lord 2022.

1.   Extinction Rebellion
2.   Insulate Britain

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13 thoughts on “News From the UK

  1. Agree, it’s seemed that way for a while which is why I don’t see it as a refuge, safe place to live, any more. Trouble is all the English speaking countries are destroying themselves, some sort of collective suicide. They were beacons in the world and provided stability and enlightenment to many other countries and now have lost their way.

    • @ Sara

      Re: “Trouble is all the English speaking countries are destroying themselves, some sort of collective suicide. ”

      That’s a common view, but mistaken. Some very influential and wealthy people, namely the billionaire globalists and their allies, want you and yours to believe that the West and the Anglophone world are dying by their own respective hands in places like Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, but it isn’t suicide…. rather, it has been premeditated murder.

      A case in point, one amongst a great many which could be chosen….

      The World Economic Forum (WEF), which is a sort of club-house for the rich globalists and their allies, including head Dr. Klaus Schwab, have a program addressing the “young leaders of tomorrow” or some such. Can’t recall the precise name, but it has been around now for a while, and it has borne fruit – poisonous fruit – which is now found in places like New Zealand, where Prime Minister Jacintha Ardern is a graduate of the WEF program. The same Ms. Ardern who has ruled with an iron fist so forceful it would make Stalin or Hitler blush.

      Granted, the condition of the Anglophone democracies, a.k.a. the “Five Eyes” nations, is in part self-inflicted, but the patient is so ill precisely because the most-powerful, wealthy and influential members of her five nations have instead turned against the very nations which made their immense prosperity possible in the first place. The same applies in Europe with the EU. Ingratitude is indeed an ugly thing, is it not?

  2. Hope my daughter and grandchildren get out of London before the proverbial
    Merde hits the fan. 5 years? Quien sabe?

  3. methinks that we are being attacked from without and from within; from without by imported jihadis, and from within by imported vaccines, I mean therapeutic spike protein treatments.
    Well, you can have this planet. The crustal foundation is no longer stable with earthquakes occurring where there isn’t a known fault and deep ocean seismic events that will cause multiple tsunamis (Sandwich Islands). The weather can no longer be predicted and appears to have the destruction of life on the planet as its intended goal. Yes, the Elite will be lords over their ruins throwing their gold out in the streets as it won’t buy them bread to eat.
    I, and my family, will be home with our Lord and Saviour, and no, we won’t be watching the events down here as we will have much better things to do.

    • Your essential points are good but the earth’s crust has never been stable, we have never been able to predict the weather except within the narrowest of time periods, and the weather is without an innate purpose that has switched from sustaining life to destroying life . . . or to making automobiles more fuel efficient.

  4. What a great opportunity for some enterprising Americans and Europeans to sell arms to the native Brits. The ones that want to survive will buy, the ones that will perish will drink their tea and eat their bloody crumpets as the 3rd worlder orcs ravage and eliminate them. Soon there will be only killers and victims.

    • It’s interesting that you say this.

      I’ve long had the feeling that Europe is going to have another WWII/Holocaust -style event, but on an even grander scale.

      What I don’t know his whom the victims will be, and whom the perpetrators will be. That question still remains open.

      I still think that my ancestors made the right move getting out of Europe!

      • Mike, underneath years of PC indoctrination, made to feel guilty for being the most successful (Western Civilization), innovative and technological advanced in all human history, lies the DNA of conquer and kill all who vex us. All it takes is for these 3rd worlders to poke the bear one too many times and it will be off to the Medieval races on steroids where no 3rd worlder nor those who support, defend and finance them will live to regret their poor choices. What is coming is Biblical, as in Old Testament.

  5. With respect, the UK has been dead for donkey’s years.

    Way too many [negroes] allowed in. Way too many towellheads. Way too much scum. UK laws changed to help the scum get away with murder.

    Hell the BBC has a category of award for [negro] EPL players only and has done for years! What a [vulgar intensifier] disgrace. Half the UK football team are a pack of apes. The retards even made a monkey marathon runner from another country English and then gave it a knighthood!

    Think this just happened yesterday? What utter dross.

    Just take a look at Tommy Robinson’s trailer for his new film. The scum have been raping British girls and boys for 30 plus years with impugnity.

    So better to wake up now Seneca rather than not at all. Congrats!

    The UK is a cesspit of festering ignorant arrogant [epithets]. May it be suitably flushed asap.

    • Come on there dawg, the Saxon is just starting to awake and get angry, it is going to be so exciting when the final straw breaks the camels back and then let nature take it’s course.

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