New Year’s Message from Eric Zemmour

The following video is a New Year’s message from the French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour to the French people.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

I don’t particularly care for this video; the production is too slick for my taste.

Also, pay attention to the bust on the table next to Mr. Zemmour: it’s been digitally inserted. Watch the speaker’s shadow play across the table and the books right next to the bust, but the bust itself never shows them. My guess is that the real bust ended up being dimmed by the shadow, so the tech team inserted a digital replica of a brighter version.

Can anyone identify who it’s a bust of?

Video transcript:

00:00   My dear compatriots, I do not want to speak to you
00:04   in the usual clichéd language of New Year’s greetings.
00:08   The coming year will be a very important one, one that will remain engraved
00:12   forever in the history of France.
00:16   Later I promise you, our descendants will say about us:
00:20   “In 2022 they were brave, they were clear-sighted,
00:24   they were great, they were up to the mark, faithful to their nation,
00:28   they believed in themselves, they believed in France, they were bold,
00:32   intelligent, hard-working and ambitious, they were French.
00:36   They will say of us: “They came out of a nightmarish five-year presidency
00:40   without form or substance, with economic degradation,
00:44   an uncontrolled pandemic, invasive insecurity, delusional immigration,
00:48   and galloping Islamisation. Five years
00:52   of weakening their identity, and to the general surprise,
00:56   they have overcome the fatality. They refused to submit,
01:00   they seized their destiny with their bare hands, they overturned
01:04   political correctness and censorship, they convinced and they conquered;
01:08   they began the reconquest. They will say about us: “They were the generation
01:12   that refused the hypocritical game of professional politicians;
01:16   they had the courage to see the reality; they DARED to tell the truth,
01:20   armed with their history, their traditions, their culture,
01:24   their way of life, everything that made them proud; in 2022
01:28   they cancelled the apathy, erased the cowardice,
01:32   smashed mediocrity. They will say about us: “They were the generation
01:36   that returned to a unique nation the greatness
01:40   of her independence, the power of her trades, the dignity of her peasantry,
01:44   the genius of her handicraft, the splendour of her industry.
01:48   They were the free men of a free France.
01:52   2022 will be the year of the last chance. We cannot
01:56   give up, only WE can decide. I need you,
02:00   your optimism, your drive, your power of conviction.
02:04   On the evening of April 24, 2022
02:08   we will once again be this country, like no other, which prides itself
02:12   on belonging to no-one, on submitting to no-one,
02:16   on obeying only its own destiny. The road will be wide open before us.
02:20   We will only have to succeed, and we will do it, because we will have
02:24   the courage and the will. We already want it,
02:28   we have wanted it for sooo long, so
02:32   Let’s leave behind doubt and bitterness. Goodbye weakness,
02:36   resignation and submission. Goodbye Emmanuel Macron.
02:40   Bonjour la France. The reconquest begins tonight at midnight.
02:44   The future will be proud of us. Our children and grandchildren
02:48   will be proud of us. Happy New Year, from the bottom of my French heart.
02:52   Vive 2022, vive la République,
02:56   vive the reconquest, and above all: Vive la France.

10 thoughts on “New Year’s Message from Eric Zemmour

  1. I thought he said at the beginning that he wouldn’t speak in the usual “clichés”.

    He also forgot to say that the knob has been turned to 11 for the bollocks he is going to speak in 2022.

    He is now speech reading. Clearly, not written by himself. The puppeteer is obvious but still unseen.

    Lemme know when he pulls a rabbit out of his [nether orifice]. I bet that rabbit would be contrary to expectations—— white!

    What did Le Pen mutter for New Year in between quaffing expensive champagne and licking the caviar off her indelicate fingers?

      • hahahahaha!

        Lemme see now the same party keeps winning, the same party keeps losing and this year the splitting strategy has been moved up a notch.

        Same old same old.

        Highly technical stuff.

        But go ahead, lets see your explanation of the obvious.

    • This is all political theater, it doesn’t matter, once things go sideways, the military will take over and make all this null and void.

    • May be bloody you say? We I got news for you, it will turn very bloody soon, there is no way out of it now. So prepare because we will soon live in the western lands of killers and victims, don’t be the victim.

  2. He looks stressed-out. Still traumatized after the violent attack? And he seems to be lost and imbalanced in his new role. I guess the Soros-mafia set him up in order to take him down. France is over.

  3. It’s a bust of Napoleon as emperor with the sort of crown Caesar would wear. I do not like Zemmour, he doesn’t respect France as a sovereign nation. Why was that globalist appointed to run instead of LePen?

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