Italian Culture-Enrichers in Stir

I don’t suppose anyone is surprised that Italy’s prisons are packed with “New Italians”, especially the illegal ones.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Jails full of non-EU foreigners: One in three

January 2, 2022

Under-Secretary Molteni (Lega party): “Bankrupt management of immigration”

by Chiara Giannini

Thirty-two percent of the inmate population of Italy is composed of foreigners. This means that the number of non-EU citizens who committed crimes during 2021 was 1/3 of the total. According to the statistics issued by the Department for the Administration of Penitentiaries, as of 31 October 2021, there were 54,307 prisoners in Italian jails, of whom, 17,315 came from a foreign country. At the end of 2020, however, in the face of a larger prison population, foreigners accounted for 19,900, and at the end of 2019, accounted for 20,200. Even if, as reported in the Antigone Report, the presence of “foreign prisoners in the Italian prisons is still not uniform either at the regional level or at the level of individual penal institutes. In fact, in some institutes, regardless of their size, there was an elevated presence in absolute or percentage-wise terms, while in other jails, the presence of prisoners is reduced to a few units.” In certain prisons, the foreign presence is as much as 78%.

Examining the data, it is revealed that 80% of the crimes are committed by illegal foreigners, or by people who are in Italy without the right to be here. Considering that during the course of the year just concluded, 67,040 illegal foreigners landed in Italy, compared to 34,154 the previous year, and 11,471 in 2019, the trend could, however, vary greatly during the current year.

“That data pertaining to the arrivals is alarming,” explains Interior Under-Secretary Nicola Molteni to Il Giornale. “Of these 67,000, more than 40,000 arrived on small boats, rubber dinghies, or sailing ships, and about 10,000 via those NGOs going around the Mediterranean violating international conventions, laws, and regulatory provisions. The dramatic figure is the comparison in respect to previous years. This means that the policies of managing immigration post-Salvini, both at the national level and the supranational level, have been bankrupt.” And he continues, “At a time when illegal immigration is increasing and is out of control, obviously along with native criminality, which unfortunately exists, which the police forces are fighting in the front lines, there also arises criminality and delinquency not only regarding predatory crimes, but especially drug trafficking, drug dealing, and crimes linked to the Nigerians, who are imposing themselves in many parts of our country.”

As for (criminal) complaints, 70% of those are made against illegal foreigners, who constitute 10% of the non-EU foreigners present in (Italy). In short, those who don’t have papers in order then wind up living on the streets, given that their condition prevents them from finding a job, and, therefore, entering the world of organized crime or in delinquency. This raises the long-standing problem of repatriations, too few and poorly organized. From July 2020 to August 2021, there were only 4,321. The crimes by foreigners were mostly for drug dealing (20%), child prostitution (10%), negligent injuries (9%), homicides (8%), falsification of documents (8%), theft, and robbery (6% of the total). In addition, of 62 femicides occurring during the course of 2021, 27% were committed or alleged to be committed by an immigrant.

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  1. They came for “Better Life “ this savages, nobody knew that???!!, it will be continuing this madness till Europe became Africa and Middle East , Europeans are giving up own countries and whole continent, except East Europe

  2. It should be patently obvious to the most casual observer that the large number of illegal aliens in Italian gaols is simply due to Italian racism.
    The obvious solution is to release them without bail or bond and to drop charges against, like here in the USA.

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