Freedom is Slavery

The following video features the announcement by Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer that the “vaccination” against COVID-19 is being made mandatory for all citizens.

Since this video was recorded, the Austrian government was forced to postpone the rollout of the mandate until at least April. As I understand it, the delay was not in response to repeated demonstrations against the mandate by tens of thousands of citizens, but was prompted by technical difficulties. Evidently the electronic infrastructure is not yet in place that would track the vax status of all citizens, linked to their QR codes. I don’t think the government is backing away from the mandate, but simply postponing it for a brief period.

Note the doublethink evidenced by Mr. Nehammer’s words: “compulsory vaccination is understood as a clear signal that for all of us it is about the common freedom that must be preserved…”

Compulsion is freedom. What could be clearer?

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   The real question we must ask ourselves
00:05   is what can we do together now, what can we do together
00:09   to fight against a lockdown, yes allow me to
00:13   say the word, to actually fight against
00:17   a lockdown. Hence my appeal to all those
00:21   who are watching us, to all who will read their news later:
00:25   during this phase let us
00:29   help each other especially.
00:33   Let us together take the recommendations
00:37   of our health experts very seriously.
00:41   Let’s fight against the lockdown, and especially let’s fight against the Omicron
00:45   which is, because of its high infectiousness,
00:49   so dangerous, because it can attack the critical infrastructure.
00:53   We also know that with Omicron
00:57   vaccination protects, and also literally benefits us,
01:01   with impressive numbers, and I find
01:05   vaccination is always the bridge to leave this lockdown.
01:09   And this is also the offer of society to do so. The challenge will be
01:13   to conduct the dialogue in such a way that it does not
01:17   come across as “know-it-all”, that compulsory vaccination
01:21   is understood as a clear signal that for all of us
01:25   it is about the common freedom that must be preserved, and in this context
01:29   in my opinion compulsory vaccination is an essential
01:32   factor in being able to achieve this together.

5 thoughts on “Freedom is Slavery

    • maybe we should bring the “logic and rhetoric” classes back to schools, otherwise I don’t know how these people can speak like they do… George Orwell was obviously a prophet 🙂

  1. This is another mass murderer, these clowns are going to be torn to pieces by mobs seeking revenge. Killed in the streets
    there family’s burned alive and butchered!

    These people in these suits acting as rulers, are all going to be soon murdered, they have murdered our children and family’s, using communism.

    The mob is comin* to their door steps!

  2. Colonel Stauffenberg came within handshaking distance of Hitler.

    As far as I know there are some in the austrian parliament who are against the vaxx.

    And they come even closer to the Chancellor than Stauffenberg came to Hitler. (same applies to every country.)

    Just sayin…

    • I would be very surprised at this point if accidents don’t start happening, the people are starting to froth at the mouth so I expect direct action against our betters is coming quite soon.

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