Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball

French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron recently raised some eyebrows with his public remarks on the “vaccine” against COVID-19. In order to overcome the “vaccine hesitancy” of his subjects fellow citizens, Mr. Macron said that he wanted to “freak out” the unvaxed.

The Spanish news report below looks at the French president’s statements and compares them with what the other presidential candidates have to say about the vax.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Macron has been against the unvaccinated from the very beginning.
00:04   Vaccination is our safest resource.
00:07   It greatly reduces contagion. It divides by ten the number of serious cases.
00:13   That is why, one more time, I am calling on the five million unvaccinated.
00:18   Make this simple gesture for yourselves, for your fellow countrymen and for our country.
00:23   His exact words in a interview for Le Parisien, were as follows:
00:28   “I am not for freaking out the French people. I complain to the administration all day long
00:31   when it does that. Nevertheless, as for the unvaccinated, yes,
00:34   I do want to freak them out. And we will keep doing it to the end.
00:37   Well, eventually, he succeeded.
00:40   Last Sunday the National Assembly of France passed the vaccination certificate law,
00:45   with 215 votes in favor, 58 against, and 7 abstentions.
00:50   Which can be immediately implemented by the Government.
00:53   But what does this law involve? A negative Covid test will not suffice.
00:56   People will need to demonstrate they are in compliance with
00:59   the complete vaccination guidelines, in order to have access to public spaces.
01:03   This vaccination pass will be required to have access to restaurants, bars,
01:07   leisure activities such as theaters, cinemas, or even to take a bullet train.
01:12   That is, a negative PCR test or a negative antigen test will no longer be valid for access.
01:17   Several politicians wanted to express their take on this.
01:21   [Valérie] Pécresse, the right-wing presidential candidate,
01:24   criticized Macron’s communication methods, but she agrees with the pass.
01:27   It is not only about the vaccination certificate, which I am for, by the way,
01:32   it is also about all the regulations, which are subject to criticism.
01:35   The presidential candidate [Éric] Zemmour also wanted to express his opinion,
01:39   saying that the pass is not that useful, given that the vaccinated keep infecting others.
01:44   No, we cannot be safe, as you can see. The vaccine has been a failure; we have to acknowledge that.
01:49   [Jean-Luc] Mélenchon as well, a left-wing candidate,
01:52   and the RN president Marine Le Pen are against these measures.
01:55   The draft law passed thanks to the majority parties.
01:59   And thanks to some deputies from the Republican Party and the Socialist Party.
02:03   Macron’s pleas have come into the light. And citizens are indirectly forced to choose
02:07   between not having a life and getting vaccinated.
02:11   Does France really fight for people’s rights, as it has always claimed to do?

5 thoughts on “Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball


    My understanding is that the French word EMMERDER as used by Macron has to be translated into English with a result which our Gracious Host Mr May will not tolerate on this US website for reasons of delicacy.

    Hence the verb “to freak out” does not convey the original French. Because “to freak out” does not mention a bodily function and hence does not transport Macron’s aggression in French.

    That is because any phrase that touches or breaks a taboo is by nature more aggressive than one which does not. Here, the menacing tone adopted by Macron to the unjabbed is thus missing when we write “freak out”: that phrase dates back to 1960s hippies, I seem to recall.

    • I tell you, it was a Shel Silverstein reference! He’s the guy who wrote the song.

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