Baby It’s Cold Outside

A schoolchild in the Austrian state of Styria was required to take a test outside because he has a mask exemption. The incident occurred in western Styria, mind you, which is in the Alps, so it was probably fairly chilly when he took the test, given that it’s January. One wonders how his little fingers were able to hold the pencil while he wrote down the answers.

If we lived in a sane world, this would be considered child abuse, and the teacher and administrators would be spending time behind bars. But the world is quite insane, and these virtuous apparatchiks are no doubt simply doing their best to keep the rest of their pupils “safe”.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Kronen Zeitung:

No mask: elementary school pupil took test outdoors

The FPÖ draws attention to an allegedly grotesque incident in Voitsberg in western Styria: A nine-year-old elementary school pupil who had a medical certificate for a mask exemption had to take a knowledge test outdoors — at low temperatures and with the window to the classroom open. The school management was initially not available for a statement. The Styrian education department is investigating the incident.

According to FPÖ Federal Councilor Markus Leinfellner, the elementary school pupil is regularly tested, and since January 9 has had a doctor’s certificate, which provides for a mask exemption. Since that day, in line with the school director’s instructions, he has no longer been allowed to attend classroom lessons.

The nine-year-old wanted to take the science test on Tuesday “because of his meticulous learning”, as Leinfellner says — but he had to take it outdoors. Now the parents have removed the child from school and consulted a lawyer.

“Treated like a leper”

Leinfellner, who, according to his own statements, has repeatedly had differences of opinion with the school management in the past, speaks of a “scandal of a class of its own. It cannot be that a student is treated like a leper despite the presence of a medical certificate. We who are freedom-loving will confront the education minister and the Styrian education councilor with this case. It is by no means possible to go back to the agenda after this incident.”

Education directorate examines the incident

The administration of the elementary school has not yet been reached for a statement. Concerning the incident, the Styrian Education Directorate said to the Krone: “We recently heard of the incident. We are currently checking the circumstances under which this photo was taken. One thing is certain: legally you are not allowed to take a test outdoors. We are investigating the allegations very carefully. There have already been initial telephone conversations with the school administration.”

On Friday there will be an on-site investigation by the school quality manager, who will speak to the principal and two class teachers. “If there is misconduct, there will definitely be consequences under service law.” It is also being checked whether the mask exemption certificate presented is at all valid.

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  1. Talk about insanity! This is an excellent example of it.

    I have been retired for several years now, but if I had children today I would be home schooling them.

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