Yet Another Islamic Terror Attack in Mali

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this French-language article from the state-owned Malian daily L’Essor:

Mali: Multiple condemnations after terrorist attack between Songho and Bandiagara

Between fear and indignation, the condemnations come in a flurry after the armed attack perpetrated against a truck en route to the fair at Bandiagara on Friday, December 3, 2021.

Unidentified armed bandits attacked and burned a truck transporting fairgoers, reported a government statement, which established that 31 people died, 17 were wounded, and the truck was incinerated.

The government presents its “saddest condolences to the bereaved families and reassures the public that all measures will be taken to arrest and punish the perpetrators of this ignoble and tragic act,” the statement says.

This tragedy has brought reactions from several parties across the national political spectrum. Rally for Mali (RPM) condemned the “cowardly and barbaric attack against civilians”. The Weaver Party, “bows before the memory of the innocents, and wishes a prompt recovery to the wounded.”

In the same vein, Parena (Party for National Rebirth) “energetically condemns this appalling massacre and asks the authorities to search, by every means, for the barbarians and their accomplices who committed this monstrous crime, to bring them to justice.” The party also expresses its “compassion and presents its condolences to the grieving families of the victims.”

Other parties have reacted, such as the Adema-PASI (African Party for Solidarity and Justice), which condemns with firmness “this barbaric attack,” while saluting the “promptness with which medical aid and the military were deployed.”

For its part, Codem (Convergence for the Development of Mali) condemns a “cowardly and barbaric attack and presents its condolences to the families of the victims and the entire Mali nation in this painful circumstance.”

In a statement published on Saturday December 4, the special representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Mali, El-Ghassim Wane, condemns with firmness “an ignoble attack”. The head of the Minusma also presents his “condolences to the bereaved families and wishes a prompt recovery to the injured, as well to the government and the entire Malian people”.

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  1. May they destroy as many of themselves as possible and depart this world as quickly as possible.


    Honestly, who gives a rats for these 3rd world vermin? I wont read the bollocks. Don’t let the propaganda touch you.

    The more filth kill other filth the better off we all will be.

    Redflags signalling an article is not to be read- Any country populated by apes, the UN, the World Bank, etc.

    How can these scum be called terrorists when the population are all terrorists? Who calls who a terrorist and on what basis? There is no difference. Just filth on filth

  2. To the Dawg: I don’t see how you can lump simple African villagers to ISIS or al Qaeda -affiliated terrorists. Black Africans have been just as victimized by jihadist violence-to say nothing of the historical trans-Saharan slave traffic-as anyone. I translated that article because I think their lives were important. It is sad to see an anonymous commenter relate the innocent victims to apes and vermin.

    Do yourself a favor and remain anonymous.

    • Gary, Bloody Africa is always is what it always has been, a bloody tribalistic Continent that will never change. The Africans since they threw out whitey are about to scream bloody murder when the red chinks take control and rape Africa of everything worth any value including it’s wild life.

      • So now Chinese people are “Chinks”? C’mon man.

        You know, there are a lot of stereotypes going around about how all white people are racists. Comments like yours only perpetuate that stereotype.

        • Stereotypes exist for a bloody reason, experience. The race card has expired and has done nothing but start to make whitey angry, and as history has shown time immortal, it is never a good idea to make the white man angry, for we burn down entire countries.
          Unlike you my dear friend Gary, I spent over half my life in 3rd world countries doing God’s work. When the academic world comes up against the brutal, harsh and bloody real world, folks like you are horrified at the results. The red chinks are our enemy, get used to it and what we call them is brutally honest instead of the PC crap we have had to put up with.
          Your translations are spot on by the way.

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