Up to my Eyeballs

I went to the retinal specialist’s office this afternoon to get a periodic injection in my left eye to treat wet macular degeneration. I’ve now recovered to the point that I’m able to sit in front of the screen and do things, but even so, posting for the rest of the evening may be relatively light.

The good news is that the condition in my eye is now well-stabilized, which means I don’t have to get the needle as often. It also means that using my eyes is becoming less exhausting. So, all in all, I feel pretty good right now.

13 thoughts on “Up to my Eyeballs

  1. Baron: very happy to hear that this is under control. Of all that’s wrong with the modern world, the improvements in treating wet macular degeneration are a bright spot.

  2. Well done and all the best!

    I hope this isn’t an indirect ode to the Freemasons! Just kidding!

    Now you will know that those really are chocolate chips on those cookies – not cockroaches at all.

    The Christmas ham will look better, the Christmas turkey will look better, and hell you might even find that you look better in the mirror!

    God has given you a Merry Christmas Baron. Enjoy

    • Freemasons, eh? The “Eye in the Pyramid”, as seen on US banknotes and seized on by conspiracy theorists everywhere: Illuminati, Rosicrucians etc. are all suspect.

      Pleased it went well, Baron.

  3. Hello Baron, where you also treated like a piece of refuse?

    I visited my doctor and it wentlike this:

    Nurse: Vaxx card.
    I: unjabbed.
    Nurse: You have to wear a FPP2 mask and you have to take a seat in this tiny room. You are not allowed to enter the standard waiting room.

    Later with my doctor
    I: Now I know how tyranny comes into existence.
    Doctor: You made a choice and now you pay for it.

    (Remember: the vaxx is not law. You have a choice.)

    • No, they’re not doing that sort of thing (yet) around here. Nobody asks me about my vaccination status except my primary care physician, and that’s just for informational purposes. She asks me if I’m going to get the vax, and I say no, and that’s it.

  4. Might wanna get some cheap blue blocking glasses if you gotta lot of screen time uvex model # s1933x or anytime after dark with all these bright blue lights LED etc . Soothing they can be ..Alexander winch talks about this in a video I seen ..Merry CHRISTmas oops the C word Godspeed

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