The Mysterious Death of Dr. Andreas Noack

A year ago I posted several times about a German doctor named Andreas Noack, who was raided by the police in Bavaria during the middle of his livestream:

That was before the “vaccines” against COVID-19 had been released, so the police raid couldn’t have been due to his work on the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. However, by the time he died two weeks ago, he had since done extensive work on the vax, including the revelations described in the summary below.

A couple of weeks ago it was reported that Dr. Noack had died suddenly. Some reports suggest that he was murdered using a directed energy weapon. It’s being referred to as a “death ray”, which guarantees that it will be dismissed by many people, who won’t bother to read it because they think it’s tinfoil hat stuff.

I had heard about Dr. Noack’s sudden death, but I hadn’t posted about it because almost every link sent to me was for BitChute. I can’t watch BitChute videos because of my bandwidth problems — they play for a couple of seconds, and then pause indefinitely, eventually playing another couple of seconds. It’s maddening to watch videos under those circumstances, so I don’t even try. For ease of play, YouTube is the best platform, but obviously it has been cleansed of anything truly useful about the coronavirus or the vax. I can sometimes watch Rumble videos, but usually not. 3speak is reliably good, so when Vlad mirrors a video there, I can watch it.

The above is why I’ve been slow in posting about Dr. Noack’s death. I don’t know if he was in fact murdered, and if he was, I don’t whether it was because of his latest video reports about the vax.

Fortunately, a reader who prefers to remain anonymous has collected a batch of useful material, which he summarizes below:

I saw this material a couple of days ago. First, an article containing the video and subsequent events.

Here is a summary of what this gentleman had to say:

A German chemist, Dr. Andreas Noack, an expert in graphene structures (a.k.a. monolayer carbon or monolayer graphite) said the shots have graphene hydroxide, not graphene oxide as previously claimed. He said graphene hydroxide is a nano-scale razor blade. The material is not degradable, so it never goes away. It stays in the body, cutting it and doing damage unless it can be flushed out.

He said this explains the athletes dying on the field after being vaccinated, since their blood will be flowing faster potentially causing sudden damage. He said it also explains why some pass out and die shortly after getting the vaccine. He said it is a game of Russian roulette, where if a vaccine hits a vein, it will get in the blood stream and can cut someone up quite quickly.

He said there is no reason for graphene hydroxide to be in the vaccine, that it is biowarfare. He said the structures are 50 nm long and 0.1 nm thick. He said of course it’s a razor, every chemist knows it is. He said the leading German carbon specialist Dr. Harmut von Kienle was his mentor and there is no one with his expertise. He said he wrote his thesis in this field and started his company in this field.

17:00 minute mark:

“This is a razor, this is a means to kill… As a chemist, I say these are razor blades.”

This is the BitChute video (with English translation) posted on Nov 26.

This is the BitChute video (without English translation) posted on Nov 25.

The original video he posted was on Nov 23, according to his widow in this BitChute video she posted on Nov 27.

Here is a Nov 30YouTube copy of this Nov 27 video.

On Nov 29th this YouTube video was posted where his widow shares more details on his death.

In the first video she calls his death brutal. In the second she explains that he became inexplicably and rapidly sick hours after posting his video warning on the vaccines and finally succumbed and died three days later on November 26, 2021. She describes the reaction and death as being poison-like, but she does not believe it was poison, because she had eaten the same things as he.

These are two post-mortem Telegram channels created about him and his findings:

Those were reported here.

This news article contains a good summary:

On November 18, 2020, well-known German chemist and one of the EU’s top graphene experts, Dr Andreas Noack was arrested by an armed police unit in the middle of his YouTube livestream.

On November 26th, 2021, just hours after publishing this latest video about graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide, he died suddenly.

In this video, he reveals that that Dr. Pablo Campra from the University of Almeria had recently done a Micro-Raman spectroscopy study of the vaccine and had discovered that the graphene detected in the vaxx was not graphene oxide (GO) but graphene hydroxide (GHO), which is an extremely stable molecule that is not biodegradable, so it basically stays in your system forever.

This is very bad news for vaccine recipients, because he describes graphene hydroxide molecules as “the sharpest imaginable objects because they are only one atom layer thick…a huge molecule which is extremely sharp.”

Here is some additional info that may be of interest:

Nov 21, 2020, three days after the raid reported by GoV, he started his English-speaking channel United Piranhas with a very interesting scientific analysis of volcano eruptions, tides, etc. posted that same day on the channel here.

Although he never said the earth was flat nor mentioned such an absurd theory, YouTube flagged that discussion as false information claiming the earth is flat.

On Dec 4, 2020 Dr. Andreas publicized the opening of his English speaking channel, United Piranhas.

There was a flurry of posts, but they ended on Jan 3, 2021. Some of his posts were political or philosophical and some were more scientific. But the raid certainly did not convince him to back down, and I’m sure he remained on the authorities’ radar.

Here are a couple articles on the presence of graphene oxide chemicals being in the vaccines:

Those links were posted under the BitChute video whose link I gave above.

Miss Piggy reviewed some of the material on Dr. Noack, and had this to say about it:

My personal opinion is that even if it was a “death ray” they should have called it something else, because when people read “death ray” it mentally gets shoved into the conspiracy drawer — automatically. People trying to get news out about his discovery should concentrate on the video he made BEFORE his mysterious death. Coupling that information with the claim that his death was from a “death ray” pretty much cancels it out.

There’s just something fishy about this entire story. I can’t put my finger on it, but something doesn’t sit right with me. I’m waiting for more information.

Also, Diana West sends these links to BitChute videos about Dr. Noack:

She includes this link to the Telegram channel of Dr. Noack’s wife or partner.

Bear in mind that I can’t see anything on BitChute or Telegram, so I don’t have an opinion on the credibility of most of this information.

I offer it here in the interest of furthering the free flow of information, especially since nothing along these lines is allowed to appear on YouTube and other Big Tech sites.

Readers are invited to investigate it, follow additional leads, and draw their own conclusions. You are welcome to leave your concurrence or refutations in the comments.

25 thoughts on “The Mysterious Death of Dr. Andreas Noack

    • Almost all video files are too large for me to download, for the same reason: bandwidth issues. It can take several hours to download 50MB, and it probably won’t happen without failures and retries. Most videos are far larger than that.

      This is one reason I prefer text. Another is that I’m good at speed-reading. I can watch a YouTube video that plays for 30 minutes, but if I get the same thing in text, I can read it in five minutes. That’s why I prefer text, in most cases.

      • I love to read the text as reading and writing are essential elements of my work, but I like video for context.

        Odyssey is out Baron?

        I have played around with all kinds of browsers. I use different browsers for different things. Different browsers – particularly the unsupported variety I use for personal stuff because no one hacks them any more. But they don’t play videos – including the ones you usually upload.

        You may want to play around with browsers because I have found that some videos play in some browsers and others do not.

        As to Mr Noack, its a sad story.

        The lesson to learn is that if you have key info get a group of like minded people around you and use in home video of your every move. Then, if necessary, we all have a record of how, when and why someone was removed. If you have bucks add a microwave analyser so that any unusual frequencies can be monitored and then depending on the wave the origin can be sourced.

        Razorblades. Now that sounds like an infinitely suitably slow method to obtain recompense from Schwab et al.

      • It is precisely the advantage of a download manager that it can resume interrupted downloads automatically and/or take more than one route to download partial files and put them together correctly again, thus freeing you entirely from the need for any interaction until it’s done. Or the other way around, a program without this feature isn’t worth bothering. However, there should be no need for spending any money at all since there exists plenty of freeware. Without having looked in the open source community, a short selection is presented here:

        I wholeheartedly agree on the video vs. text efficiency part. Young people are increasingly losing it, but this is another topic.

    • I use Firefox “bitchute downloader” add-on and it works just fine.

      Most of the time bitchute works fine for me, but some videos do that slow download stuff, that’s when I use it.

    • I used IDM-Lite(which is the free version) to download the English-Sub version of Dr. Noack’s video. It was 30.5mb
      I was using an old phone with sd.
      My mother, she needed to see that her theory was vindicated.
      Thank you.
      I stumbled across this site because I wanted to find out, if the SS was back at it again. Now I worry what will happen in my own country. But I still haven’t found anything on how the virus itself effects different Blood Types, Rh+, Rh-, CCR5 Delta32’s, I know how the virus symptoms varied from people. But I know of one person who was a CCR5, had bad phenomena, edema, a heart attack, and finally a stroke. Wish I knew if they ever fully recover and, the extents of damage done. It is heard to know what to expect is the future without that data.

  1. so we are to die the death of a thousand cuts, from microscopic knives made of graphene hydroxide. What a nice way to be rid of the surplus population now that most all menial tasks can be performed by computers or robots who don’t need to be fed or paid. I don’t know about the paid, robots could go on strike, maybe?
    Cute. You can have this earth with its crustal deformations and earthquakes increasing daily. I will opt for the New Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Heaven even if it means a concentration camp for now.


      A historically Chinese method of execution “Death by 1000 cuts” or the Lingering Death.

      Also, I think there are some papers out there on aspirating the injection providing evidence it may mitigate other risks with the vaccine doing what it is supposed to do but in the wrong parts of the body – doing a lot of damage. If the injection gets into the bloodstream, cells in you vascular system may become the donor cells initiating an inflammatory response and sacrificing some of those cells.

    • I hope we can get there even without the concetration camp experience, but in any way: See you when we get there! 🙂

  2. Genocide, pure Genocide putting something like bio weapon to this experimental [ordure] !!, having young kids!! It’s just awful, feel sorry for His pregnant wife..

  3. On her Telegram page she has a video that on the cover photo shows he got the AstraZeneca Covid shot.

    It appears she might be suspecting the vaccine did him in. Under the photo of his vaccine record she wrote “Murder… Dr Andreas Noack is DEAD!”

    By the way Anthem, thanks for the tip on IDM. was handy but it is now blocked in the U.S. for people who don’t have VPN or disable their location. You can download videos using VLC player but it often breaks and it requires a lot of steps.

      • My impression is that he got the vaccine before the researchers in Spain published their findings. He then read their findings, understood the potential harm and was very upset, then made this video.

        He probably thought it was safe when he got it, if my understanding of her post is accurate, that he did get it, as one would be highly pressured to do in Germany to function in society.

    • That guy took the jab?

      Then that would mean his missus did too – or most likely did! And so the kid is screwed as well.

      The man therefore had no common sense. Killed himself and his own family yet claimed to be the single expert in Europe. What a moron.

      There are so many clowns in the tent that it is difficult to detect the clowns from the audience. Who is laughing at who? And they charge you to watch!

      • That’s my impression. See my other reply to this post.

        He’s obviously a very smart person. He posted the video as soon as he learned about the discovery of the graphene content in the vaccines by the researchers in Spain. He obviously already received the vaccine sometime earlier, undoubtedly before he realized that potential harm. That is if I understand her somewhat cryptic post. Maybe I’m reading more into it than I should and he didn’t even get the vaccine.


  4. DEW [direct energy ] weapons are old news. DARPA, CIA, FBI Big Pharma have more ways to kill you with no evidence than a Cheetah has spots. But there is a Trial coming from which no man will be allowed to decline to appear. The depths of evil will be exposed for all to see and justice will be served. If I did not believe this, I would have ended my life long ago

  5. “There’s just something fishy about this entire story. I can’t put my finger on it, but something doesn’t sit right with me.”

    I am a strong believer into “faith based healing”, if you will: I think that health is a “mind game” of sorts, people would recover from deadly conditions, while others would die for no reason whatsoever… Even the “vaccine enhanced” Marek’s disease, some say, is not so deadly if the chickens are OK and in good “mental condition”. But if you scare those infected chickens, the disease erupts with a deadly force.

    The idea of microscopic razors that will kill you by thousand cuts… Could be true, what do I know? But even like that, my take on this is basically that they do want to scare the public to death, sometime in the future. Because fear is a real killer.

    If all the religious texts speak the truth, that this world is governed by the spirits, and that if one has faith enough, one can do pretty much anything, including flying like a superman or moving mountains by mere power of thought…

    …then the Devil will as sure as Hell try to scare you to death and steal your faith!

    Could this be the “fishy” part? That we are dealing with some more fear based propaganda, this time aimed at the “antivaxxers”?

    Going from vaccines to energy weapons in a blink of an eye is “suspicious” to say the least. And I also know that DEW are real, just as stealthy assasins with poisonous darts or “plutonium poisons”…

    • we have enough information to form a hypothesis.

      fiberglass and asbestos cause cancer due to the physical abrasion to pulmonary epithelium.

      this nano carbon structure if contained and concentrated within the deltoid muscle will surely perform the same way.

      can we expect to see large numbers of unexplained cancers of the shoulder and arm?

  6. Back when I had satellite internet – slow, slow, slow and hard limits on total data – I used a couple of downloaders. I don’t remember what they are now, but you could schedule one of them.

    The satellite company would relax the total bandwidth constraints in the early morning hours (3 to 5 AM, or something like that), which was usually enough to download a couple of interesting videos.

    Though I do not miss those days. Even DSL was better than that! But I do love my broadband

    A couple of friends have good experience with unlimited 4G and permanent hot spot. One has to have an outdoor antenna to get any real access.

  7. Today is the 7th of December 2021. Does anyone know about this case, as today. It is very strange that there’s no some statement from German police.
    If he is dead, when and where was the funeral?
    There are a lot of questions if you are using your healthy mind.

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