It’s Time to Quarantine the Vaxed!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Top French infectiologist calls for lockdown for all vaccinated

The well-known French infectious disease specialist Perronne explains: Vaccinated people, and not the unvaccinated, are the real danger — drugs are the much more effective and effective approach.

Professor Christian Perronne, one of the most renowned French experts on infectious diseases and a long-standing government advisor, has long been a dedicated skeptic of Covid 19 vaccination policy — and not just in his home country. With a view to the situation in Israel and Great Britain, Perronne has now publicly called for people vaccinated against Covid-19 to be quarantined and isolated from society; in fact, this would be a “lockdown for vaccinated people”. The provocative demand is a reversal of the previous narrative: not unvaccinated, but vaccinated are dangerous for others. Especially in Israel and Great Britain, where the world’s largest vaccination programs are running, you can also see the worst Covid cases among vaccinated people in hospitals.

Perronne had already said the same thing in more detail — and even more explicitly — in August: In the history of infection medicine, “it has never happened that a state or politician has recommended systematic vaccinations for billions of people around the world against a disease whose mortality rate is now at 0.05%. That is a very low death rate! And they scare everyone with a new so-called ‘Delta variant’ is coming from India, but in reality all these variants are less and less dangerous, and we now know that [with] this so-called ‘vaccine’, in the population, which is by and large vaccinated, it is precisely within these people that the variants arise.”

There are therapies that work!

Perronne literally continued at the time: “So I don’t understand why the politicians and the various authorities in the various countries are calling for mass vaccinations, given that the disease is so mild. And we know that over 90% of cases occur in the very old. And we can treat them: we have therapies. There are hundreds of publications showing that early treatments work: there’s hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D, and so on — it works! There are publications! So all these products, so-called ‘vaccines’, are useless because we can control an epidemic very well.”

Perronne points to this alternative approach of keeping the so-called pandemic in check with medication — for intervening with acute therapy as well as prophylaxis — with the example of India: “Almost one and a half billion people live there in many different states. In the states where people were treated with ivermectin, zinc, doxycycline, and vitamin D, the epidemic stayed at a very low level: it passed pretty quickly. But in the states where they banned those antibiotic and antiviral treatments that act on the virus, and [where] they got the ‘vaccine’ and also remdesivir (coming from France and Belgium because remdesivir was so toxic and ineffective: the French and Belgians sent huge amounts of remdesivir to the Indian population!), in those areas of India where they used ‘vaccines’ and remdesivir, the epidemic came back, with new deaths. This is proof that early treatment can be successful and the epidemic will be over very quickly.”

Unfortunately, it is to be feared that the words of this real expert are ignored because — like so many other representatives of the “dissenting votes” in this Corona crisis — he is excluded from mainstream media as well as the prevailing lobby policy, which exclusively follow the vaccination agenda in the interests of Big Pharma, avoid alternatives and keep it quiet.

8 thoughts on “It’s Time to Quarantine the Vaxed!

  1. You can see the worst covid cases among the vaccinated. Not really. That’s because they are not, for the most part, covid cases. They are vaccine ill and they are being passed off as covid, so that the Medical Inquisition can cover their [tushes], and let the vaccines off the hook. Quite a few nurses and others around the world have blown the whistle here, at risk to their jobs, that’s exactly what’s going on. If they are covid cases, evidence it. Namely show they actually have the FLU-PNEUMONIA. Show evidence of fluid on the lungs, you know the flu. So they test positive for the virus on a useless test, so what? Family and victims alike for the most part are easily conned because people are so clueless and so trusting of these gangsters. Sometimes the vaccines though can lead to flu via harm to the immune system and cardio-respiratory system, flu and pneumonia as opportunistic infections. This is acknowledged even by the orthodoxy, in the VAERS database, the adverse events associated with these covid vaccines. Left hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

    This is a complete repeat of the AIDS fiasco. People getting sick and dying from AIDS drugs, blamed on HIV, so the Medical Inquisition can cover their [tushes] and continue to push the HIV meds. These AIDS drugs, especially the RTIs, cause immune deficiency. So there you go. A stand-out figure in this murderous scam (and on a worldwide scale) was Anthony Fauci. It was a proving ground for the Covid Inquisition.

  2. I guess it time for Germans purebloods to ask their jabbed friends if they can have their stuff when they die…

  3. Where I live in the Blue Gulag Hell Hole of New York, the local health agencies are going wild with the injections.

    Not just for Fauci Flu- but for regular flu which now seems to be a “new” problem. Heck, they even have a name for it’ the Twindemic.”

    Isn’t it weird how the regular flu kind of just disappeared in the last couple of years and was replaced by a disease that has the exact same symptoms but a different name?

    The wonders of science never cease to amaze me!

  4. A friend of mine from Zimbabwe was dying from AIDS in the early 2000.
    He was a bit of a Playboy.
    They gave him six month, he was a walking Skeleton a feather could have bowled over.
    Since he had nothing to lose any longer he went to an alternative Doctor.
    To make a long Story short.
    He lives now in the UK, is married to a beautiful lady and has two healthy daughters that are almost adults.

  5. I have seen quite a lot of cases when vaccinated people did not only catch Covid-19 themselves, but also infected their non-vaccinated family members or other people.

    This is only natural. First, all coronaviruses mutate very actively, and vaccines that were effective against one variant may be useless against another. Or they may even worsen its effects. Second, it is impossible to develop safe and effective vaccines within such short time. Third, when people get vaccinated so often, it weakens their natural immunity mechanisms.

    • A close relative (more than 85 years old,twice jabbed) had COVID and I was in quarantine some time ago.
      My PCR test was negative.
      I ask myself if I had COVID without feeling it and without showing it in the PCR test.

  6. Lets Quarantine Biden and his entire cabinet until 2024 then we do the same with the whole United Nations and WHO and Dr Fauci can be left by himself ina dark windowless room

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