Germany’s Brain Drain

Almost a million skilled workers leave Germany every year. Yet the population of the country is increasing, thanks to mass immigration. How many of the New Germans are “skilled”, in any meaningful sense of the word?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Epoch Times:

Crisis on the job market — up to 900,000 skilled workers leave the country every year

The Federal Employment Agency warns of an unprecedented labor shortage in Germany due to demographic change. “There will be a clear cut in the labor market,” said BA board member Daniel Terzenbach to Zeit-Online. Up to 900,000 skilled workers could be leaving Germany every year.

In addition to Germans, there are many foreigners among them who Germany cannot hold onto because their home countries such as Poland, Bulgaria or Romania are also organizing targeted repatriation campaigns. In future, the gaps in the labor market can only be filled through immigration. “We need a targeted immigration policy,” said Terzenbach. “That is why we have to search all over the world.”

Germany is entering into real competition with China, Japan and the Anglo-Saxon countries, which have decades of experience with controlled immigration. In order to keep up, Terzenbach calls for a social change. “We need a real welcoming culture in Germany, otherwise we will lose this competition,” said the BA board. “A culture of acceptance like the one we currently have will no longer be enough to keep people in the future.”

There must be a real will in society as a whole that foreigners are welcome, “because only that contributes to the prosperity of all.” The coming months may be difficult because the corona pandemic continues to shape what is happening on the labor market. “Corona has driven a wedge into the labor market. On the one hand, there is a lack of skilled workers, for example in nursing or IT, on the other hand, a million people have been without a job for more than a year,” said Terzenbach.

It will not be possible to qualify everyone in such a way that they can easily find work again. “That is the bitter truth. We will always have a certain base of people who will not be able to keep up with the high speed of a digital society and ever-higher demands on all professions in the future.” Terzenbach therefore considers a social labor market for the long-term unemployed to be justified.

Afterword from the translator:

I wonder why most skilled workers avoid the colorful Republic with its incredibly high taxes and duties, bureaucracy and maneuvering? And those who arrive in Germany are anything but “skilled workers”. However, further immigration can also be justified with the flexible term “skilled workers”.

The simple truth is that those who are qualified or have money emigrate, and those who are not very qualified — except in cultural enrichment — and have no money… immigrate.

I wonder when that pitcher breaks?

16 thoughts on “Germany’s Brain Drain

  1. Germany has enjoyed high growth because of the impositions it has been allowed to put on others.
    High growth has not translated into wealth. And therein lies the problem.

    Trump did one thing right, he converted the economy into a supply based one and he put [epithets] like the Germans to the wall with tariffs. Supply side economics means more of everything and competition spurs lower prices which then allow you to export more of everything while your own country grows rich making more – getting better wages and exporting more.

    Anyone can do it. It just takes balls and a big [fornicate] YOU to all globalist enterprises like the WTO, the World Bank, TheFed, The Monarchy, The UK and the scum sucking chinks.

  2. Just depends upon what skills are in shortage. Germany has a serious shortage of ethnic German rapists and drug dealers. Thankfully, Merkel with the blessing of her fellow elites wisely chose to start allowing the professional rapists and drug dealers from various orcistans to move to Germany and fill those vacancies. Already, Germany has far exceeded ethnically homogeneous societies like Japan and China when it comes to successfully filling vacant rapist, welfare bum, and drug dealer positions.

    • And fire-bombing churches. Don’t forget that one. Although France seems to be beating Germany in that particular culture-enriching skill.

      • The bloody muslims are doing it in Germany as well, you just don’t hear about it in the news due to security concerns, whatever the hell that means these days. They are worried the average German will say enough is enough and start burning mosques in retaliation.

  3. Here is a similar story from Britain: there is currently c. 100,000 worker shortage in care homes and the NHS, and this number is expected to increase to 250,000 in April, when the injection mandates take effect. But the solution is simple! Just import 250,000 people from somewhere else… I mean, why not?

    “The British government announces, hoping nobody will notice, a quarter of a million new immigrants” –

    This can be explained in only two ways: Either people are like cattle, and cow is a cow, and NHS worker is an NHS worker, whatever – export them, import them…

    …or “the great replacement” is real.

    Revelation 8:4 “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

    …and let them eat cake!

  4. I haven’t seen the term used in awhile but I think Germany’s next logical step is to Shanghai foreigners.

    • “Shanghai foreigners”

      Yes, that’s a good one.

      “You know work for Germany. Come with us.”

  5. It stuns me that countries like Germany and so many others in a similar position don’t even think to consider encouraging and supporting their own native population to want to and to be comfortably able to have healthy happy children themselves.

    Making it not just socially acceptable again for young Women but really respected and appreciated. Even if it means some short term financial stress for govt tax collectors it should surely be the answer for a govt thinking long term and who has it’s own peoples best interests at heart.

    Clearly they don’t. Open door immigration, a shortcut to increasing the populations and to solve stagnant GDP growth.
    Why the preference for the 3rd world however is an entirely separate issue. It’s not solving anything whatsoever at either end of these illegal..? journeys. You wouldn’t think it was illegal, but it’s far worse. It’s Criminal and outright Treasonous.
    Liberal democracies and regularly changing govts have little incentive to think even one generation ahead.

    Yet someone clearly has..!!

    • And you might notice it isn’t even all the Third World; just the most dysfunctional and incompatible parts of it. Maghrebian orcs, Afghani, and Middle Eastern orclings are the preferred Third Worlders in Germanistan. The one common denominator is that none of them are Christian.

      Kind of ironic, that the Democrats here in the States have tried to copy Merkel’s playbook but with predictable incompetence. By importing hordes of illegal Latinx they have sought to gain electoral dominance (and drive down labor costs for traitorous RINOs) only to watch in horror as Latinos start voting their cultural, religious, and economic interests instead!

      • that is true, Moon. I have highly qualified and civilised moroccan friends who easily make their livelihood within their country, and live even more comfily as their european homologues. Nobody here I know has maids or
        gardeners. They do!

        • Those very same Morroccans friends of yours would slit your throat if they deemed it necessary and not lose a night’s sleep over it. They will always be for their tribe over ours, always.

          • under the surface they shelter a violence that I do miss with my compatriots. A self acclaimed parking guard in a public space waved us into a slot and asked an absurd amount in return. My friend beat the ( faeces) out of him right away.
            Here at home, I would not count on any friends action in defense of me or himself.

          • Herb, where I come from, if a 3rd worlder tries something with anyone, everyone jumps in, friend or not. We have a tendency to get real tribal here.

    • A letter to a UK paper. “Why should the Sunaks, the Patels, the Javids, the Kemals care what happens to British householders and taxpayers? They’ve squeezed what THEY wanted out of Britain. It was just a stop on the way to THEIR destinations. If it happens to be the HOMELAND of sixty seven million others…. TOO BAD, folks. You should have known better.” No harmony or progress here. More like insane out of control people pleasing drunks giving it all the way. Revolting really.

  6. The more these traitors let the 3rd world invade, it inevitably Balkanizes us and then massive bloodshed will follow, what these traitors haven’t figured out and they won’t, is that they will perish once the fun and reindeer games begin.

  7. Generally there’s no real shortage, never has been. The huge immigration industry managing institutions and government sidesteps the locals, puts them last. This is visible in almost all of the Western countries. The pandemic has provided an opportunity for a new push to put down the locals. Part of the Great Reset. Search online and, besides the banks, large corporations, schools etc. you’ll find agencies solely dedicated (and receiving govt funding) to not only promote importation but to give migrants ‘a head start’. Self effacing culture? Extermination by govt decree? You got it.

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