A Visit to the Corona ICU

The following report from Germany highlights the all-out push by the media to promote the vax. Everyone must get the vax! If you don’t, you might die!

This post from the Corona Blog discusses an article that appeared in the tabloid Bild. The full original article is included at the bottom of the post.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation:

Intensive care patient to Bild: “I thought the virus can’t do anything to me” — we uncover Bild’s lies

Just in time for autumn, the media are in panic mode — this time tragic stories and dramatic images will be used to urge the “unvaccinated” to be vaccinated. Of the alleged 2,934 “Corona intensive care patients”, only 785 cases are demonstrably unvaccinated patients who have Corona symptoms. That is only 26.8% of the figure of 2,934 given in the article. The article twists the facts, although it has long been known that statements like these are only one thing: populist and false.

We know all too well the media coverage and scare tactics of the past few months. We all certainly remember the early days of this “pandemic”, the image headlined here “Shocking pictures from Italy — Army transported Corona dead”. Well — the scare tactics have been maintained (sometimes more, sometimes less) since then. The Tagesschau wrote just a day ago “Corona in Germany — incidence has reached its highest level again” (and that despite a vaccination rate among adults of over 80%). Also this time the picture is part of the party and keeps the panic high. The cover story on Sunday is “Bild visit to the Corona intensive care unit — ‘I thought the virus can’t do anything to me”. It’s about Tobias Buß, who at the age of only 40 is so seriously ill with Corona that the doctors have put him into an artificial coma. He woke up a week ago and is already fit enough to receive Bild reporters and advertise the vaccination for the Sunday edition. Buß says: “Everyone should get vaccinated. Immediately.”

It’s time to put the article through its paces. So — let’s do it. The fact check of the picture article — exclusively on the Corona Blog.

The hard facts — lies for the panic

Let’s start with the (few) hard facts in the article that we can verify. The following sentence may be found in the article:

Tobias Buß and the terminally ill in the neighboring bed are two of the current 2,934 mostly unvaccinated Corona patients in Germany’s intensive care units (as of Saturday, 6 p.m.).

That is exactly our topic — we have only dealt with these numbers in detail. If you look at the DIVI [Deutschen Interdisziplinären Vereinigung für Intensiv- und Notfallmedizin, German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine] daily report from Saturday (November 13th, 2021), it is confirmed there that at 12:15 p.m. there were a total of 2,941 “Corona patients” in Germany’s intensive care beds — maybe it was 7 less at 6:00 p.m., wanting to do so, we’re not arguing here — so the number itself fits. But what about the statement “largely unvaccinated”?

Well, that’s probably the author’s interpretation. The DIVI does not publish the vaccination status of the “Corona patients” listed there, and we first compared the data from the RKI [Robert Koch Institute] with those from the DIVI, with the result that 54% of the “Corona intensive care patients” are not in intensive care because of Corona, but only with a positive PCR test. In other words: over half of the so-called “Corona intensive care patients” do not even have one of the typical Corona (or flu) symptoms, such as:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Loss of taste
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomit
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • A runny nose
  • Nausea

If we take this 54% out of the intensive care bed information, we find that 1,585 of the (alleged) 2,934 “Corona intensive care patients” do not even have a runny nose or are “tired”. You are in the intensive care unit for completely different reasons (e.g. car accident, surgery, cancer, …) and only have a “positive PCR test” (with an unknown CT value).

In other words: Of the alleged 2,934 “Corona intensive care patients”, only 1,349 remain — who have at least one Corona symptom.

This to the alleged “Corona patients”

It goes on — with the statement “mostly vaccinated”. Here we soberly state that the RKI does not know the vaccination status of all of these “1,349 symptomatic Corona intensive care patients”, but only of 81%. In other words: for 256 of the 1,349 “Corona intensive care patients”, the vaccination status is not even known.

So there were only 1,093 Corona intensive care patients about whom we can make a statement on their vaccination status.

Let’s get to the “largely unvaccinated” issue. According to the current weekly report, 28.1% of the symptomatic Corona intensive care patients with known vaccination status are vaccinated (across all age groups). In other words: of the 1,093 Corona intensive care patients that we can only look at, 308 are vaccinated.

In other words: Of the alleged 2,934 “Corona intensive care patients”, only 785 cases are demonstrably unvaccinated patients who have Corona symptoms. That is only 26.8% of the figure of 2,934 given in the picture. The picture twists the facts, although it has long been known that statements like these are only one thing: populist and false.

Who is actually lying in the intensive care bed?

Let’s take a second look at Tobias Buß, who at the age of 40 made it onto the front page of Bild and an intensive care bed. You can only guess about the cover picture, the nightgown and the blanket cover something very important: Tobias Buß’s stomach. It was not until June 15, 2020 that he started working for Jens Eichenfeller’s LVM insurance agency after an internship. There you can find him in numerous pictures: [images]


It is not difficult to see: Tobias Buß is very overweight. Of course, that does not mean that it is “his own fault” — but it is unbelievable how currently “unvaccinated” people are defamed (and one even wants to exclude them from hospital treatment or demand additional KK [health insurance] contributions), whereas our politicians see things like obesity or smoking as completely normal and socially acceptable. And the community out of solidarity should then pay for their (demonstrably higher) treatment costs? Gladly — but then the community must also grant each individual an individual vaccination decision.

By the way: According to the Tagesschau, 120,000 people die every year in Germany as a result of tobacco consumption (we reported) — in comparison, the “Corona dead” are a drop in the ocean. It doesn’t even take medication or vaccination to solve the problem. But, well, the “healthy person” doesn’t have a lobby.

Let’s take a look at the reporter’s team picture. The author of the article is Hartmut Wagner — you can find him on Twitter, for example, his motto there:

“Always looking for a story”

Well, he can tell stories without a doubt! By the way, you are welcome to send him feedback on the article: Email address: hartmut.wagner11@protonmail.com

In addition to the actual “journalist”, there is at least a second visitor with Tobias Buß in the intensive care unit: The photographer Jörg Halisch.

The question arises: Why can (at least) two men be commissioned by Bild to go to an “intensive care room” at the Giessen University Clinic and interview or photograph a “near-death” Corona patient there? The whole thing is all the more absurd, as it violates the hospital’s official rules. To wit: with “normal citizens” only one visitor per patient is allowed — not so if a “propaganda team” wants the picture in the intensive care unit. An exception is then often made for that. In other words, if a child is in intensive care after a car accident, for example, the parents are not allowed to visit them at the same time. If a “Corona intensive care patient” wakes up from a coma, a Bild journalist with the corresponding photographer is being allowed directly into the intensive care room. Wrong world? But we already know this from Jan Josef Liefers, of his experiences in the ICU, Ventilated were all overweight.

Part of the responsibility for this is undoubtedly Dr. Khodr Tello, who says in the Bild article:

That would not have happened with a vaccination.

— Dr. Khodr Tello, Giessen University Clinic

Perhaps one should ask him why such exceptions were made for a team of journalists and whether he can confirm the figures given in the Bild article? You can reach him at: khodr.tello@innere.med.uni-giessen.de

Conclusion — it can be done better

Let us come to a brief conclusion: Of the alleged “2,934 mostly unvaccinated Corona patients”, at the end of the day only 785 real (symptomatic) Corona patients remain who are unvaccinated. The Corona intensive care patient is at least highly obese — we can’t say anything about his other lifestyle choices (e.g. does he smoke?) — maybe Hartmut Wagner should have researched in this direction. The fact that “exception rules” are made for a “Bild scandal report team” for a visit to a hospital no longer really surprises anyone — especially when they report in the interests of the government.

Conclusion: The article is mostly wrong. The figures mentioned are supposed to (presumably deliberately) misrepresent the situation in the intensive care units, and if you always address the “many previous illnesses” in the case of “vaccinated Corona deaths”, the question of previous illnesses or lifestyle for “unvaccinated Corona patients” is simply ignored. Bild — surely you can do better than that.

Below is the complete text of the referenced article from Bild:

Bild Visit to the Corona Intensive Care Unit

“I thought the virus can’t do anything to me”

Tobias Buß (40) is on the Corona ward of the Giessen University Clinic (Hesse). He’s got a bubbling oxygen tube in his nose and has gotten through the worst. But three weeks ago Corona almost cost him his life! Buß wasn’t vaccinated. The family man and insurance specialist had to go into an artificial coma in the intensive care unit and hung on the heart-lung machine (ECMO) for four days — the very last resort in the fight against the killer virus.

How close it was is shown by a look at the bed next to him. There, too: an unvaccinated Corona patient (38). He is still in a coma and has been on the heart-lung machine for four weeks. And the doctors say: “Unfortunately he won’t be able to make it.” Tobias Buß and the terminally ill person in the neighboring bed are two of currently 2,941 mostly unvaccinated Corona patients in Germany’s intensive care units (as of Saturday). In the meantime, Buss can speak again. His dramatic appeal from the hospital bed: “Everyone should get vaccinated. Immediately. It is extremely stupid not to do it.”

When Bild visited him in the intensive care unit on Sunday, he was annoyed: “I have a guilty conscience because I am staying in bed here as an unvaccinated person.” and no anti-vaxxer (“I have all the usual vaccinations”).

But then why didn’t he get the jab against Corona? “Somehow, I thought the virus couldn’t do anything to me. I put off vaccinating.” Some of his friends criticized him for this. But there was no argument. “The fact is, my wife, my daughter and I caught the virus somewhere. But only I got seriously ill.” On the afternoon of October 23, he was hunkered down on the couch at home. “I was scared, couldn’t breathe, was tortured like a fish out of water.”

His wife dialed 911. The family man was ventilated. When that was no longer enough, he got the heart-lung machine. We pumped blood out of his body, oxygenated it, and pumped it back again. “His condition was acutely life-threatening,” says Vice Clinic Director Dr. Khodr Tello (39). “His chance of survival was between 30 and 50 percent. That would not have happened with a vaccination.”

The doctor shows Bild am Sonntag the x-rays of his patient. You can see on it: Corona covered his lungs like a white veil.

Tobias Buß woke up from his coma a week ago. But he still has no strength to get up. “At first I just lay there and concentrated on breathing. A while later I sat up on the edge of the bed. More was not possible yet.” On Thursday he phoned his wife again for the first time: “That was very emotional. I told her that it was a tight squeeze, that I love her so much and look forward to seeing her.” Buß is going to rehab for four weeks soon. That will show whether he is getting really fit again or whether he is permanently suffering from Long Covid disease. Only one thing is already certain for him: as soon as he can get himself vaccinated, he wants to do it.

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  1. “I thought the virus can’t do anything to me”

    This line has been run through and through Czech mainstream media as well: Every day, some “antivaxxer” spoke to the nation through the media “I didn’t believe covid is real but now I know! Get Vaccinated, people, it’s real!”

    The Czech Army also made a “big media stunt” transporting 10 corona patients from overwhelmed hospitals in Moravia to Prague!

    The media is being controlled centrally, I have no doubt about that.

  2. I have heard from a doctor at a big hospital- never will you read or hear it in the media – that 80% of all ICU interns are a) polymorbid- suffering from various other deseases- b) obese and c) with foreign background – which as you might guess excludes Swiss, Norwegians, Portugese, Canadians etc.

  3. Im going to give the person who wrote this report 10 points for…………….. stupidity!

    Who the hell at this point in time expects to read anything resembling the truth in the MSM, let alone Der Bild and especially anything Wuflu related?

    There are NO truths unless you know them to be so. That people are so effing stupid as to read the garbage put forward by the media is beyond reason.

    To waste time on critiquing it is simply insane!

  4. I have one question – or two:

    1) Would the case been so bleak if they had used the knowledge of the two retirement homes in Yepes/Spain regarding treatment of COVID19 patients?
    (For those that dont know: Those two retirement homes had 4 Corona death and then used a protocol of Anti-histamins and Fluvoxamins and some other stuff and then they no longer had any COVID19 deaths.)

    2) Why didnt they use Ivermectin?
    I found a story where it literally saved a life.

    And at american partisan someone described how he beat COVID19

    • High doses of Vit D and added zinc once a week has kept the chink flu away for me, everybody has had around me so I must be doing something right.

  5. **Only one thing is already certain for him: as soon as he can get himself vaccinated, he wants to do it.’**

    But he’s already had Covid-19 and so has natural immunity! Getting vaxxed under these circumstances is unsafe!

    • No, according to german rules he is only vaccinated for 6 months. Afterwards he is unvaccinated again.
      Only if he now takes a jab he counts as vaccinated – until they decide that you need a booster shot too to be vaccinated.
      Oops, sorry, thats what the government said.
      Booster, baby, booster!

    • Yes, it makes no sense.

      This is basically the Cult of the Vax.

      Oh Pfizer, thou art in my arm…

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