Vax Death in Berlin-Mitte?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from RTL TV:

High school graduate dies on school trip — connection with Corona vaccination is being checked

Public prosecutor orders autopsy

A 19-year-old schoolboy died on a study trip to Berlin. Now the public prosecutor’s office has ordered an autopsy for the high school graduate. The reason: The young man might have died as a result of a Corona vaccination.

Suspected death as a result of a Corona vaccination

The 19-year-old died on October 28th. He was found dead in his bed in a hostel in Berlin-Mitte. The student had previously felt sick. “The student didn’t feel well, and that’s why he didn’t go on the excursions,” said Martin Steltner, a press spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office. According to him, there is a suspicion that the high school graduate may have died as a result of a Corona vaccination. This should now be clarified by a forensic medical examination.

Classmates leave Berlin early

The deceased pupil was supposed to do his Abitur [qualifying exams for university] at the vocational school in the spring. His classmates were brought home early after the tragic incident. “It was clear to us that we would take the students back by bus in order to be able to better guarantee the supervision,” explained Ottmar Frick, the deputy headmaster.

Result of the autopsy probably only in “two to three months”

According to the prosecutor, several weeks will pass before the result of the autopsy of the student is available. “Experience shows that this takes two to three months,” explained Steltner. During the autopsy, a toxicological examination must first be carried out and then a written report must be prepared.

Afterword from the translator:

This is how this is going to play out in the end. In two to three months most people will not be able to remember the case anyway; the result of the autopsy is then a side note. Presumably it could also mean that the young man suffered from a previous illness that was not known during his lifetime, and that he prematurely sealed his death.

What do you think? Am I too cynical?

5 thoughts on “Vax Death in Berlin-Mitte?

  1. I know the result.

    He died of excessive oxygen inhalation. Too much O2 is not a good thing. Just ask all of those who also took the oxygen booster made by Fizzer, Astra Oxygenator, or More – duh-na.

    More CO2 in the air equals more oxygen! Didn’t you realise that? If you cant get enough carbon through breathing it is supplied by the oxygen booster noted above via its graphene quotient.

    Graphene is made from carbon. Ever heard of it? Its the mark of the beast – 6 6 6. How so?

    Carbon has 6 protons, 6 electrons and what is its atomic number?


    But neither the carbon, nor the clotting nor the 50% instant reduction of his white blood cells had anything to do with his death.

    Climate change cobbers.

    • Doesn’t Al Gore have a hockey stick graph overlay that exactly match the jump in deaths for vaccine related causes since its release?

  2. I don’t think you are cynical enough.

    “It’s just one of those tragedies…”

    In my humble opinion we are approaching a point when people realize it really is the vaxx, and once this realisation sets into the mainstream – people will lose it. Maybe as soon as this christmass. The word is getting out there, the “coincidences” are simply becoming too many for the mainstream media to cover up. In fact, the “vaccine mandates” that are popping up now might be a sign that the vaccine people ( are already losing it, and go all in, because they have very short time left before the truth comes to light.

    • That data has been out there since the Princess cruise liner incident. It is much clearer now.

      Vac is bad. Benign neglect is the way to go.

  3. Two to three months? Oh, I forgot, they need 90% of the allotted time to craft the false narrative.

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