Time to Panic About the Regularly Scheduled Corona Variant

Early last summer I predicted that a new Corona “variant” would appear around Thanksgiving, prompting a new surge of restrictions, lockdowns, etc., and inevitably another “vaccine”.

The reason for the timing was twofold, at least in the USA. First of all, the new restrictions needed to be postponed until after the gubernatorial and municipal elections, because widespread discontent created by the new anti-COVID measures would disadvantage incumbents in Democrat-held cities.

The second — and more important — reason is that there was a lull in Corona infections over the summer, bit a surge was to be expected in the late fall, just as there was with the seasonal flu before the flu disappeared, as people move indoors for the winter months. Under those circumstances, the increasing number of cases, accompanied by the alarming graphs with rising red lines, can be employed to present gullible viewers with evidence that the dreaded Corona is raging through the population again. Contagion hysteria can be whipped up to accompany the rollout of the new mutation, so that when the new “vaccine” becomes available, people will beg to be jabbed with it.

Well, the new variant has arrived, right on schedule. It allegedly originated in South Africa. Travel restrictions have been imposed in major countries. Fear porn is being ginned up in the media. And Pfizer says that it will have a vaccine ready in about a hundred days, which — surprise! — will coincide with the arrival of spring, when the number of cases can be expected to drop with the end of flu Corona season, and the vax will get the credit.

So everybody gets vaxed, the rules are relaxed, and then this time next year the next variant magically appears, so that the same scam can be repeated indefinitely until the time is ripe for the Great Reset to be unveiled.

At the time the article below was written, the only label for new variant was the cumbersome “Mutant B.1.1.529”. Today, however, the boffins officially christened it “Omicron”, which will roll off the tongue nicely during the coming propaganda push. Omicron is resistant to all existing vaccines, so I presume that obedient citizens will have their “fully vaccinated” status revoked and be placed under onerous restrictions until the new needles are ready for everybody’s arms.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from :
German-language news portal Report24. Note: this was written before travel restrictions began:

The alleged danger of the South African mutant — travel routes open as always

Civil defense has known a clear protocol for dangerous epidemics for decades: close travel routes. In the case of the alleged Corona pandemic, this happened neither in the spring of 2020, nor is it happening now, when a terribly dangerous mutation from South Africa is allegedly threatening the world. As mainstream media roared the red alert, planes from South Africa landed all over the world . The media pandemic is apparently going on happily. And the numbers from South Africa are — to put it politely — “strange”.

A comment by Willi Huber

Personal acquaintances of the author report from South Africa that the virus is virtually non-existent there. Only about 5% of the population has been vaccinated. The self-perception does not quite match the perception of others. According to official data, 23.8 percent of the approximately 60 million South Africans are said to have been vaccinated. In total, around 90,000 deaths from or with Covid-19 have been recorded. To what extent the data can be trusted is unclear, because the country is likely to far surpass even Austria in terms of corruption.

Lauterbach flashes red, Soros media see the “world in fear”

In South Africa, from November 22 to 23, 18,586 new “cases” were suddenly reported in the international systems. Such a rapid increase is unlikely to be right, especially because the numbers were put into perspective on the following days. Quite coincidentally, these shock numbers came at the same time as international reports about a new virus mutant with the provisional name “Mutant B.1.1.529”. Corona crybaby Karl Lauterbach “warns”, the Handelsblatt (member of the George Soros media synchronization club “Project Syndicate”) sees “The World in Fear”. Interestingly, it is always the same players who first scream “fire” and generate drama.

However, despite all the fear and panic, what once again does not happen is the unwinding of the normal civil defense protocols. Closing all travel routes to the affected areas. If it were indeed a dangerous virus, law enforcement agencies would have to take action now. Because that is a deliberate threat to the public. The Handelsblatt explains in a relaxed manner:

Lufthansa is maintaining the flight connections to South Africa for the time being. “We are implementing the requirements and will continue to fly, also to bring people home and transport freight,” said a company spokesman. Lufthansa is closely monitoring the situation and complying with all legal requirements and rules.

Fifteen minutes ago , the news came that the German government wants to at least restrict travel routes. However, only from “Sunday night”. Until then, you can “spread” diligently.

The Federal Ministry of Health announced that the country will be considered a virus variant area from Saturday night. “As a result, airlines are only allowed to carry German citizens to Germany.” In addition, all those who have entered would have to be in quarantine for 14 days — even if they are fully vaccinated.

And although Lauterbach and the system media already know exactly how dangerous the new mutation is, the World Health Organization (WHO) is only now starting its investigations and has not yet published a specific statement on the danger.

An exciting detail is part of the storytelling: “It must be determined whether it makes vaccines ineffective or not,” the Handelsblatt quoted British Transport Minister Grant Shapps as saying. Perhaps B.1.1.529 is also just the excuse that the vaccines no longer have any protective effect worth mentioning and that the hospitals and cemeteries are filling up with “completely” vaccinated people.

RKI does not yet mention B.1.1.529

The RKI [Robert Koch Institute] provides information on this page about “worrying” virus variants. B.1.1.529 does not even appear there. But that doesn’t matter, because “experts” like Lauterbach certainly know better and, above all, in advance.

Current information on B.1.1.529 from a mainstream perspective can be found on the BBC website. There you can read about numerous mutations which also affect the “spike proteins”. So far it has been explained to the public that these proteins can hardly or not mutate and that the vaccines would therefore be effective for all variants. What is missing when considering the mutant is the unanimous opinion of virology that viruses may become more contagious over time and with many mutations, but become more and more mild.

Unusual accumulation of mutations in variant

The BBC reports on an “unusual accumulation of mutations” in the variant — which will certainly also fuel the so-called “conspiracy theories”. Has another laboratory version been released here? On the other hand, the mainstream is currently again trying very hard to discredit the Wuhan laboratory theory. Numerous reports in the last few days claim an origin in a meat market in Wuhan (bat theory). What the BBC also explains: The new virus variant is said to have already spread across South Africa. However, panic is not (yet) being stirred up there, experts from South Africa explain that nothing is known about whether B.1.1.529 would be more contagious than Delta, for example.

One thing is clear — if the message comes that B.1.1.529 has been detected in the water of sewage treatment plants, then 99.9% can be assumed to be a media duck: Corona viruses found in the water of the sewage treatment plant? When everything smells like fraud.

An afterword from the translator:

Botswana says the new variant was discovered inside the bodies of fully vaccinated people.

I have to say that corrupt regimes in Africa want to exploit the EU even more, so the alleged Corona infections, deaths and the danger of the mutant are so exaggerated that millions of euros land in the dictators’ foreign accounts. And whoever says that South Africa is a democracy with a flawless democrats also believes that Stalin was a human rights activist.

14 thoughts on “Time to Panic About the Regularly Scheduled Corona Variant

  1. “Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.”
    Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD, independent virologist and vaccine expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundaton.

    If Geert is (and has been) right, they are basically making the seasonal flu worse by the vaccination. While normal “flu variants” evolve to be less dangerous, this time the flu is under evolutionary pressure to become “stronger”. Thanks, Branch Covidians!

    There is a “new variant” of the flu every year. That is why flu vaccines never really worked. But on top of that, there was a great correlation between the Covid Hospitalisation and the “flu vaccine”, which makes me think that they really set your immune system to deal with one variant, but at the same time make it less capable to deal with the other variants.

    Many unvaccinated people I know ended up in hospital this fall with a pneumonia blamed on “Covid”. But all have survived. Makes me think whether the unvaccinated actually fought off the pneumonia, while getting it from “symptom free vaccine recipients”.

  2. Yes. OK, I agree.

    I think we all agree that we are being scammed by the various tentacles of the elitist establishment. How are we going to roll it all back?

    • Everyone knows the answer but it can’t be said out loud.

      A better question to ask is “Which mouse is going to volunteer to be the first to try to bell the cat”? Being the first is never good for one’s health. First on the beaches at Tarawa or Normandy, first out of the trenches at the Somme, or in the first ranks at Gettysburg or Antietam meant slim chances of survival. Yet, someone, somewhere, will have to be first and take the fight to these evil slavers and their enablers even at risk of falling in the battle for no effect except by their example the rest might find their courage to follow.

  3. We all know and expected this charade.

    For those who believe that society hasn’t been undermined then please keep rubbing your rabbits foot and meeting with the lady in hooped earings and bandana.

    Pneumonia isn’t Covid, and Covid isn’t pneumonia. Anyone that has truly had pneumonia as I have understands how bad it is. I am an ex pro athlete and it has taken years to recover 70% of my previous lung capacity.

    I don’t believe that covid exists. When I read of the supposed symptoms I just giggle – chills, headaches, blah blah. Are you for real? Do you consider that serious?

    Serious is losing 40% of your Vo2 and then engaging in the fight to regain as much as you can though your lungs are scarred.

    I detest reading about [epithets of limited intelligence] that have never endured anything more than a cold and who think they have had covid because of a PCR test and some cough or throat problems.

    The so called new variants of the flu are basically CRAP! Barnswallow, have you ever heard of Dr Michael Yeadon? If not, I suggest you look him up.

    As the ex ceo of Pfizer research, you may learn something from him. Essentially, no virus mutates into a WORSE virus. With each mutation they get weaker. On that basis, do you think that the flu variants are stronger or weaker each year? FFS!

    Grow a brain!

    All the great stuff posted here and you are still talking the crap the cabal have put in your brain.

    • I don’t know why are you so angry at me, shouting I should grow a brain?

      All I did was to quote Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, and correlated his claim with my seeing the statistics in early 2020, which showed strong correlation between “covid deaths” and “flu vaccination rates” in places like Northern Italy or Spain, etc…

      And, I know at least three people who ended up in hospital “with pneumonia blamed on Covid” just this fall.

      “Pneumonia is usually caused by infection with viruses or bacteria, and less commonly by other microorganisms.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pneumonia

      I can’t say whether no virus mutates into a stronger virus, but I do say that there are some high powered doctors who warned against making the virus stronger by these vaccines. That’s all. What I found interesting is that all three of my friends, who ended up in hospital, were unvaccinated vocal “antivaxxers”. Which in turn makes me thing they got it from the “vaxxed symptomless spreaders”.

      If Covid really is a bio-weapon, do you think you understand it? Because I am just trying to put clues together.

    • …and – there seems to be a precedent, making virus stronger by vaccination: The Marek’s Disease in chicken has been fine tuned by vaccines to become more deadly.

      “Because vaccination does not prevent infection with the virus, Marek’s is still transmissible from vaccinated flocks to other birds, including the wild bird population. The first Marek’s disease vaccine was introduced in 1970. The disease would cause mild paralysis, with the only identifiable lesions being in neural tissue. Mortality of chickens infected with Marek’s disease was quite low. Current strains of Marek virus, decades after the first vaccine was introduced, cause lymphoma formation throughout the chicken’s body and mortality rates have reached 100% in unvaccinated chickens.”


  4. That is something that vexes me too.
    In a pandemic you batten down the hatches, e.g. close the borders. Tight, very tight. At gunpoint.

    And Ms Rackete and her Mediterraneum asylum seekers shuttle service would have been told to stop doing it or a) the ship would be impounded or b) if they dare travel to Africa and return or pick up people from Africa their ship will be sunk.

  5. As you can see there is no end to what we all suffer.
    For the time there is no omicron variant here.
    So far we had nearly 20000 dead from covid-19?Nothing is clear.
    Nobody believes them anymore.
    I am not vaccinated and i am free to go only to buy food or medicines.

    The news is from a Greek site.

    Frank Ulrich Montgomery is the President of the World Medical Association (WMA), Chairman of the Standing Committee of European Physicians since 2019 and his speech has great weight.

    Montgomery published his fears today in the newspapers of the German media group Funke. He stressed the importance of “not giving the virus a chance” to mutate further. To achieve this, it may be necessary to continue to “vaccinate the world for years to come.”

    The Ebola virus, whose horrific effects on humans could be combined with a new covid strain just as Montgomery warns as president of the WMA, was first discovered in 1976 in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The deadliest outbreak to date was in West Africa between 2014 and 2016, with more than 11,000 casualties. The disease caused by the virus causes severe fever and internal bleeding, with an average mortality rate of about 50%, according to the World Health Organization. Some of the known Ebola strains, however, have led to the death of a frightening 90% of the infected patients. We are talking about a virus that surpasses anything else we have encountered in recent decades.

    When asked about the situation in his home country, Germany, Montgomery warned that the number of Covid cases was likely to double in the next ten days. He also called for tougher measures in the country, calling on authorities to close all Christmas markets and ban festive events as well as fireworks. And, if the fourth wave of Covid is still not stopped, business closures and lockdowns nationwide may be necessary, according to science forecast. Any measures taken now will have tangible results in just two weeks and, along with the vaccination campaign, the delay could be as long as six weeks, he noted.

    The gloomy forecasts become harsher after the discovery of the new Omicron strain in South Africa. On Friday, the World Health Organization officially declared Omicron a “worrying variant.” While scientists are still studying the new strain, fears have already been expressed that the heavily mutated variant of Covid could be more contagious than its predecessors.

    The first part, unfortunately, from Montgomery’s predictions, seems to be confirmed. If the latter is confirmed, then we will be talking about an unprecedented global crisis that will turn everything around the world.

    • “Frank Ulrich Montgomery is the President of the World Medical Association (WMA), Chairman of the Standing Committee of European Physicians since 2019 and his speech has great weight.”

      Considering the cr@p spewed by such “experts” these last two years, no, his speech carries zero weight with rational people, except as a warning against medical tyranny.

  6. Omicron + B.11.529 = The Moronic B29, and from it they’re dropping a bomb to nuke the free world.

    • You expect too much from historically illiterate buffoons, of whom less than one in one hundred knows what a B-29 is or what it has to do with an atomic bomb.

      • Some of us do, Moon.

        I came across an intersting item in an aviation magazine recently: although the B-29 was the world’s largest operational bomber when it fully entered service in 1944, the bomb bay was not large enough to carry the atom bombs. In case they could not be modified soon enough for the attacks on Japan, and against the wishes of the USAAF general in charge, RAF Lancaster crews in the UK, in conditions of great secrecy, trained for the mission (the Lancaster was smaller, but had a higher capacity; designed for a load of 14,000 lbs, Lancasters carried specialised bombs and aerial mines- for the “Dambuster” raids- of around 20,000 lbs).

        In the event, the modifications to the B-29s were completed in time. British bomber pilot and war hero, Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC, who was highly regarded by his American colleagues here, was invited to be an official observer at the Nagasaki bombing.

        Moved by his observation of the effects of what we would now call PTSD on aircrew, Cheshire founded the “Cheshire Homes” charity; he married Sue Ryder, who carried out humanitarian work, initially in Poland under the noses of the Soviet “liberators”, later here, then founded a charity dedicated to the care of sufferers from neurological conditions; I have the honour of being a volunteer in a Sue Ryder shop, which brings me a little closer to these heroic people.

        • Mark Felton has two videos about this on YouTube. One is titled the British Atomic Bomb and the other the Third Atomic Bomb. Both worth watching.

        • I had a chance to meet Paul Tibbets years ago at a talk and book signing for his autobiography. He was pretty gruff and no-nonsense. I shared a few words with him and expressed my gratitude for what he had done, since my grandfather was a Marine and but for the timely end of the war I might not be here today. Truly, the men of that generation (and women) were special; tough and stoic, and we are the worse for their passing.

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