The Latest Coronadoom from Germany

Hellequin GB has translated an article from Die Welt about the latest fear porn being propagated by German health authorities about the Wuhan Coronavirus.

The translator includes this information on Leonardo Conti of the Third Reich as a parallel to what is happening now:

Leonardo Conti was the Reich Health Leader in Nazi Germany. The killing of many Germans who were of “unsound mind” is attributed to his leadership
He was a staunch promoter of a public medical administration strongly controlled by the Nazi state. Under his leadership, local health offices were further expanded to allow for a genetic control and selection of the population in order to remove “weak” elements for the improvement of the German race, a doctrine known as eugenics.
The various programmes were the basis for “racial hygiene” a lethal part of the Nazi philosophy.

Accordingly, he was co-responsible for the forced sterilization program, the racially motivated forced pregnancy interruptions, and ultimately the Action T4 program.
It is also undisputed that Conti participated in human experiments.

The Nazi involuntary euthanasia program involved the planned murder of mentally and physically impaired patients and started in September 1939 when the policy was approved by Hitler in a personal decree. He approved the euthanasia of a young disabled boy, Gerhard Kretschmar, at the request of his father, but approval was quickly extended to other disabled children, and then disabled adults. The approval of three doctors was needed for killing of any individual to proceed. The killings were conducted in many hospitals and asylums such as Hadamar Euthanasia Centre by a variety of methods, including enforced starvation, injection of lethal drugs, and gassing using carbon monoxide. Patients were carefully deceived to believe that they were simply taking a shower so as to entice them into the gas chamber, then locked in and asphyxiated through carbon monoxide poisoning. Although public protests led by Bishop Galen and others forced the policy to be officially suspended in 1941, it continued unofficially until the end of the war.

Conti being presented with a report on the Katyn massacre discovered by the Germans in 1943
The program constituted the basis for the later programme of mass murder known as the Holocaust of Jews, Poles, Gypsies as well as other Slavs, and Russian POWs in camps such as Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Chelmno, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Majdanek. Gassing with Zyklon B was used mainly at Auschwitz and Majdanek with over 1 million victims, and Carbon monoxide at Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec and Chelmno, the main extermination camps. Such mass murder followed the earlier murders through gunfire by the Einsatzgruppen death squads. Many of the SS staff involved in the later murders developed their lethal methods during the Action T4 programme, overseen by Conti. Victims were deceived in the same way as in Action T4, using very elaborate means to convince them that no harm was intended to them.

Conti was also involved in the forensic investigation into the Katyn massacre, and received a detailed report, known as the Katyn Commission on the discovery from an international team of experts.

RKI refers to the Robert Koch Institute, the German equivalent of the CDC:

RKI boss Wieler: We shouldn’t give them a chance to avoid the vaccination with free tests

Dramatic appeal from Lothar Wieler: The RKI President describes how many people will soon die of Corona and how high the number of unreported cases could be. “The prognoses are super gloomy.” He also brings an unconventional idea into play.

As President of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler usually explains the current pandemic situation in a matter-of-fact, calm manner in talk shows, press conferences and similar roundtables. On Wednesday evening, a more emotional side of the 60-year-old could be seen. Wieler was a guest at an online discussion event with Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU). And got straight to the point. Before that, at the federal press conference, he had expressed himself “somewhat more cautiously” — but it was clear that of the more than 52,000 new infections reported on Wednesday morning, around 400 cases would be fatal that day . Wieler comes to this conclusion because the rate of reports about the deceased is now around 0.8 percent. So eight out of 1,000 infected people did not survive the disease. “That means that of these 52,000 (infected daily) there — and there is nothing left to be changed — 400 will die.”

This number does not even include a factor that Wieler had previously warned: “These 52,000 hide at least twice or three times as many (newly infected). We have to keep that in mind.”

1,200 Corona dead per day

According to his calculation, if the rate of new infections were to remain the same, up to 1,200 people may die from infection with the virus in a few weeks instead of 400.

“What is important to me — everyone who listens now has to understand very clearly: There is nothing more that can be changed. We can’t change that anymore. These people are infected. Stricter measures can only prevent the numbers from continuing to grow at this level. It’s a bucket of water that has been poured out; you can’t get it back in,” said Wieler.

“I hope that a lot will be done. What helps is that there will be fewer in the future. But all of them — 400 of them will die in the next few weeks — nobody can change anything anymore. Not with the best medical care. The child fell into the well… We can only look ahead and hope that everything will get better. “

“As you can see, the prognoses are extremely bleak. You are really gloomy”

The situation in the hospitals is also getting worse and worse, according to Wieler. “We have never been as worried as we are now,” said the RKI boss. The number of seriously ill Covid patients is increasing, and people who have had a stroke and other seriously ill people have to search for a free intensive care bed for up to two hours in some places. “The healthcare is already no longer proceeding in accordance with the rules in all federal states.” And that will increase. “As you can see, the prognoses are extremely bleak. They are really dark,” said Wieler. “There is an emergency in our country. If you don’t see that, you’re making a very big mistake.”

The RKI made very clear recommendations for action at an early stage and warned that the fourth wave could clearly surpass all previous ones if no “population-related measures” were taken and the vaccination rate did not increase significantly.

In fact, the modeled scenarios have now arrived.

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  1. To him saying spillt water cant be put back into a bucket.
    Does this guy even know how to clean his own house?
    If you spill water you just take a mop or a piece of cloth and catch the water in the fabric and then you put the cloth above the bucket and begin to wring it.


    If I ever ascend to the position of Supreme Ruler of the World, people like him will be demoted to be assistants to people who know how to clean a house.

  2. Most could be saved by Ivermectin. My Ivermectin came from Germany……….. Why don’t the people insist on having it while protesting in the street? Ask for something specific which would put govt on the spot and have to explain why they won’t let people have it and live.? At the moment the protest is easy to ignore because protesters don’t want the vaccine to save them in the eyes of govt so are considered fools

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