Taking the Fifth

Last Friday’s Farmville Herald included a notice that the Richmond Symphony Orchestra would be performing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on November 12 at Longwood University. Farmville is not all that far from me, so I was tentatively planning to attend, even if they did make me wear a mask.

Until I read the second paragraph, that is: “As part of Longwood’s arrangement with the RSO, proof of COVID-19 vaccination and a photo ID will be required at the door.” Also: “All attendees must wear a face covering.” Just to make sure they’re really, REALLY safe.

Well, I guess the only fifth I’ll be seeing that Friday will be one of Jameson’s.

This is the first occasion on which my activities will have been restricted by my unvaxed status, but I’m certain it won’t be my last. I’ll post about future ones as they come up, at least until they become so routine as not to be worth mentioning. Writing about such an extreme affront helps me experience my outrage fully and hardens my resolve not to roll up my sleeve and allow that needle in my arm.

I comfort myself with the thought I most likely wouldn’t have enjoyed the performance, anyway: based on the photo of the orchestra, at least 98% of the musicians are white, which would surely trigger me.

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  1. Well, Baron, I can tell you that awhile ago I had the same experience in my neighboring little Westchester city where there is a wonderful old theater that has live musical events.

    The theater was beautifully refurbished about 20 years ago and the acoustics are marvelous. I have gone to many concerts there featuring every kind of music and dance.

    Of course the theater was closed down during the height of the Scamdemic and it re-opened back in the early spring. Because this is the NY gulag, they have to make sure that it’s REALLY safe for anything be open, especially an indoor venue like this.

    I started seeing the ads for musical events as I am on the mailing list and the first thing I looked for was their “safety rules” or the Fauci Flu. Sure enough, PROOF OF VACCINATION, ID AND MUZZLE MASKS will be required for entrance.

    Shortly after that, I was walking around town and walked pas the theater. There were signs plastered all over the entrance windows attesting to the new vax rules.

    As the magnificent Dr. McCullough explains, if we Purebloods have not gotten the CCP Flu by now, we probably won’t be getting it. We are probably immune for one reason or another, plus, most importantly, WE HAVE REACHED HERD IMMUNITY.

    Why is it that NOT ONE public health official in position of authority will admit this fact?

    As far as my local theater, I’m with you. I can listen to the most beautiful music in the world in the comfort of my home – for free. I would not consider for one minute getting the injection so that I could have the “privilege” of sitting in a room with a bunch of brainwashed, virtue signaling Marxists trying to enjoy the show.

    I hope they go out of business and maybe learn a lesson.

  2. A fifth of Jameson’s? No thanks, make mine Sapphire, that is how I prefer to be-gin the evening.

    • Why the photo ID? To check your face against a photo array of proscribed art patrons? And “All attendees must wear a face covering.” So upon attending, you must remove your mask for the facial ID check. Hope your unmasking doesn’t provoke a coughing fit.

  3. Good for you, Baron!

    The Dr. Fauci’s of the world are the biggest pain in the behind that I have beheld in many years.

    Enjoy your Jameson’s!

    • This one isn’t a fifth or a fourth but a 1st from Tchaikovsky.
      Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto nr. 1 – Sofia Vasheruk (piano)


      Being that Tchaikovsky was gay, Russian, white, and happened to compose some of the most beautiful classical music written, the hierarchy of victimhood and intersectionality ought to make their heads explode trying to work out if he should be listened to or banned. The pianist, Sofia Vasheruk is also Russian, and as beautiful to listen to as she is to look at. Enough reason to ban this video because of the danger of turning a gay man straight.

        • She was born in Moscow but its possible she is from a Ukrainian family. Ordinarily a russian female would have a surname ending in “ova”, “aya”, or “eva”.

          • Yes. I admit I’m basing my intuition on John Demjanjuk, the Ukrainian-American whose case was championed by Patrick Buchanan.

            Another indicator of a Ukrainian surname is the “-enko” ending, e.g. Konstantin Chernenko.

  4. Baron,

    I turned down Handel’s Messiah because it’s a Free Fire Zone… no concealed carry allowed.

    Take the Jameson’s and turn up the volume at home.

    Jack Lawson

  5. A “fifth” was a fifth of a US gallon was it not? I always liked the sound of it. Sadly, I believe that spirits in the USA are now sold in 70 cl bottles like everywhere else. I suppose it makes it easier to export and import booze, but I still don’t like it.

    • 1-liter bottles are common now. The fifth is still here, but it has become 750ml, which is very close to the original size (3785 ml = 1 gallon).

      • Baron:

        In Europe, wine is sold in 75 cl bottles, spirits in 70 cl or 1 litre. It seems to me a fifth of a US gallon equals 75.7 cl, so you are being shortchanged of a nip. Jamesons is very good though. I am quite partial to Irish whiskey myself.

        Cheers anyway!

        • Yes, the 750ml size is slightly smaller than a fifth. And I doubt they reduced the price when they switched from the old size to the new one!

  6. Well, I don’t drink so the joke initially went over my head.

    I have been pondering lately how awful it will be to be ‘banned’ from going into certain theatre, and music venues. There is also the travel angle.

    I wonder if eventually I will become desperate enough to pay the underground mafia for a ‘certificate’, or ‘passport’.

    • Someday soon, a fake certificate or the lack of certificate altogether will be one of the ways in which the sheeple are separated from the wolves.

  7. Baron my good man! Get yourself a good handle of Jim Black Label for God’s sake! Filtered bog water is blasphemy! 😉

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