Swiss Restaurant Bucks the Vax Pass

The following news video from Switzerland reports on a restaurant owner who is refusing to enforce the government’s edict requiring vaccine passports for indoor dining.

The news outlet 20 Minuten interviewed passers-by to ask their opinion about the issue, and all of those excerpted in the report opposed the actions of the restauranteur and supported the vax passport policy. There’s no way to tell, of course, whether these compliant drones are representative of all the people who were interviewed.

It’s also worth noting the response of a man who said: “Showing a certificate is not a big deal. You also have to show a ticket when you take a train.”

When you hand over your ticket on the train, it doesn’t certify that you have allowed yourself to be stuck with a needle that injected an experimental mRNA medical treatment into your body.

That’s a false equivalence.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   This restaurant owner refuses to enforce the certificate requirement.
00:05   Owner Patrik Aufdenblatten doesn’t want to police his guests.
00:10   In the Wallierkanne everyone is served, even without a certificate.
00:18   In regard to these certificates, there are several reasons.
00:23   First of all, it’s unlawful in my opinion.
00:27   The law wants to dictate to us the entire time, it shouldn’t be able to do that.
00:31   We don’t discriminate in our restaurant. This certificate is dividing society
00:36   into those who are vaccinated, and those who aren’t. Besides that,
00:39   I don’t even have the right to ask about a person’s health.
00:43   He sees a discrepancy in the measures.
00:47   Today we had four older guests and I know one of them was unvaccinated.
00:55   Should I say to them, “I’m sorry, I won’t serve you.
01:01   You aren’t allowed in.”?
01:05   So then when they have lunch together at their place, something doesn’t add up for me.
01:12   Everyone should be able to decided for themselves whether they want it [the vaccine] or not,
01:15   There shouldn’t be pressure, in my opinion. That won’t take you where you want to go.
01:22   The fines for restaurant owners like Mr. Aufdenblatten can reach 10,000 francs. [$10,925]
01:27   It’s a high price to pay, definitely, but I can’t always say, “yes and amen”
01:36   and do what is demanded of me. —What do people think?
01:45   I don’t think it’s right, because when the law requires
01:49   Covid certificates, then it should apply to all.
01:53   Not this restaurant requires it and this restaurant doesn’t. —That’s the rule and it should be
01:57   like that for everyone. We’re very lucky here in Switzerland that at outside tables, no one is
02:02   required to show a certificate. Those who aren’t vaccinated can still have a coffee or a nice
02:07   something else outside. However, inside it should be the same everywhere.
02:12   I think it’s out of line when people go out to eat
02:21   and don’t have to show a certificate.
02:29   Showing a certificate is not a big deal. You also have to show a ticket when you take a train.

9 thoughts on “Swiss Restaurant Bucks the Vax Pass

  1. Swiss are passive Nazis, like Canadians, always supporting state policy no matter how draconian. They think it gives them safety. Once you realize this, you never try to argue for ‘freedom’ & Human Rights with Swiss or Cdns…

    • I think currently you cant argue with the majority of the people.

      They are all just foolowing orders.

      And I remember some of my relatives, friends and colleagues who were such critical thinkers in the past.
      Dont trust xy!
      Be careful, they dont have your best interest at heart! etc

      Now they all are:
      Trust the politicians. They dont lie!

      • The so called majority don’t matter, they are sheep and when the strongmen arise, they will follow them without complaint and with great enthusiasm.

  2. The Swiss, like Canadians, love complying with gov’t restrictions, directives, mandates b/c they think it gives them safety & order. It gives neither, & will only leave them stripped of freedom & courage.

  3. I applaud the owner. He is a rare breed.
    Perhaps what we are seeing all over is that people are learning to be helpless, learning to let ‘government’ or ‘authority’ make the decisions. After all it is much easier to believe what the ‘experts’ say, they have the training, the knowledge, the experience to know what is the right thing to do. For example, about Austria, one says ‘ordnumg muss sein’, ie., there must be order. You can see it in the beautiful country with it’s charming villages and well kept houses, etc. I am beginning to believe that it comes with a big price, however, that being the need, the requirement to go along with the herd, to not rock the boat by, for example, hanging out washing in a too visible place or airing the linen in full view of the street or heaven forfend not recycling. I suspect most europeans have been well trained from childhood to accept authority without much question. After all, Father knows best so just be quiet and do what he says.

  4. Some interesting comments all on the same theme but seemingly forgetting the most important element.
    There is NO order in allowing African and middle eastern scum into your communities.
    That’s the trick.
    The govt has spent years sucking you in that they have your best interests at heart and now you refuse to see that you have been fooled.

    When they have tricked you so deeply, they know they can do whatever they like while the fools sit back and rationalise the new impositions until such time as you either wake up or it is too late.

    I have no desire to ever return to Europe. The people are fools, the place over run by the turd world. The beautiful buildings and art have no connection to the sad excuses for humanity that now dwell there.

    • It never ceases to amaze me that they do follow any govt directive without complaint, but on the flip side of the coin, when the strongmen of nationalism arise, they will follow him as well.

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