Self-Defenestration in Zalaegerszeg

Our Hungarian correspondent László has translated two somewhat contradictory articles about the suicide of a Corona patient in a Hungarian hospital. He includes this explanatory introduction:

A man jumped out of the window in a Hungarian hospital and died, after he was admitted to the Covid-pulmonology department.

I translated two articles because they seem to provide different mosaics of the truth. The two pieces of news are contradictory, because one of them claims that the victim learned that he had Coronavirus shortly after he was admitted to the Corona department (and that is why he committed suicide), while the other one claims that he had known about his Corona infection for two weeks. [However, given the unreliable and deceptive nature of Corona tests it is not even sure that he really had Covid, I think.]

So all I know for sure is the fact that he jumped out of the window shortly after he arrived in the hospital — his motive is unclear. But if I wanted to rush to a judgement I would say it is probably “murder by Corona psy-op”; and (I am guessing here), he may have been scared to death because he might have known that patients often do not come out alive once they are treated by the infamous official “Corona protocol” in a hospital.

It is a developing story, but I will not wait with the translations, because I expect only obfuscation and deception; plus there is a police investigation in progress, and until it is finished I expect no further information at all.

The first article is from the Hungarian news portal

A young man in Zalaegerszeg committed suicide in a hospital after learning he had coronavirus

November 19, 2021

He jumped out of the window.

A young man committed suicide on Thursday afternoon in the county hospital.

According to information from, the man in his thirties, a resident of Zalaegerszeg, who was admitted to the hospital’s Covid-pulmonology department, threw himself from the third floor of the building and died.

It is alleged that the patient panicked when he learned of his Covid infection; attempts were made to stop him, but without success. We have asked the hospital for information on the incident and will update our report as soon as we receive it.

It has been confirmed that the circumstances of the tragedy are being investigated by the police in an administrative procedure.

The second article is from the news portal, which is referenced in the first report:

Patient fell out of a window and died in Zalaegerszeg (updated)

November 19, 2021

The young man from Zalaegerszeg, who committed suicide in the county hospital on Thursday afternoon under unclear circumstances, was ill for two weeks at home with a coronavirus infection.

His partner told our editorial office that her boyfriend, who would have turned 30 in a month, had previously worked for a few years in the ambulance service, then changed jobs and earned his living as a truck driver.

He had no vaccination against Covid. He fell ill two weeks ago and was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. He was given medication and cared for at home, but his condition deteriorated to such an extent that an ambulance was called early Thursday afternoon. He was taken to the county hospital and twenty minutes later fell out of a third floor window of the covid pulmonology unit. His partner expressed the belief that her boyfriend may have been in a disturbed state of consciousness due to severe respiratory failure, lack of oxygen, and that this is why the tragedy occurred, because she could not attribute it to any other cause.

We have requested information from the hospital about what happened, and will update our report as soon as we receive it. It has been confirmed that the circumstances of the tragedy are being investigated by the police in an administrative procedure.

4 thoughts on “Self-Defenestration in Zalaegerszeg

  1. Hm. Orban was just reported to have said that Hungarians have two choices, to get the shot or to die.

  2. Yes. And ordinary people take it very personally over here, because it sounds like the open threat of a highway robber “your money or your life”.

    But I think it is deliberate: it is part of the script that seeks to influence mass behavior by words and actions that gradually become ruder and ruder.

    However, it was not Orbán who said it: it was the puppet that resembles Orbán. It was the overlords of Mr. Schwab constantly murmuring orders through the hollow shell that looks like the person that was once Orbán.

  3. However, it was not Orbán who said it: it was the puppet that resembles Orbán

    That is what I have said: what happened to Orbán? I find it so unbelievable someone with his background would become so dictaturial. Pushing the fear porn of do it or die…Seriously? when the survival rate is over 99.5 per cent. AND considering that since early summer I think it was, Hungary stopped any incoming border controls. No proof of negative test needed, nothing No border guards at all. Even today anyone from the covid hell that is austria can enter freely bringing the virus with them, potentially. So why is he so now ugly about vacced vs unvacced. What has changed? What is really going on in the background? As you allude, who is pulling his strings? Truly disturbing.

  4. Many people are asking this question about Orbán. “How could this happen?” This is the question a betrayed person asks. But it is not really Orbán who betrayed us: it is rather the whole world together with Orbán. So how could it happen:

    I guess some of the answer is hidden here — Orbán was a “young global leader”:

    And in the meantime, a global Corona-coup d’état has taken place — and God only knows how long ‘they’ had been working on it in the background — it is only the spectacular end game today.

    Now the nation states are gone, independent national leaders are gone, the laws are gone, the way things used to work is gone, old survival strategies are gone. It is not general lawlessness (yet), but norms and laws have been highjacked — no wonder ‘they’ call it the New Normal. The Hungarian Constitutional Court has REJECTED, on ridiculous grounds, the complaints filed by tens of thousand of people requesting the court to state the unconstitutionality of the Corona-measures. So the law as such is gone.

    Now globalist psychopaths are in charge in the world and everyone else obeys them or is annihilated; therefore the good Orbán, or the person we believed to be Orbán, is also gone as an (somewhat) independent political actor — if he was ever one. He simply, like every other PM, must support the evil ways of the globalist mafia or ‘they’ will get rid of him and pull a ‘colour revolution’ as a bonus.

    What we believe to be real today is only the Potemkin village of the old world; under the surface there is a PROFOUNDLY different world, profoundly tyrannical, with much more suffering — the beast has been born but people refuse to look at it. But this change will manifest sooner or later in the material world, which will be terribly shocking for many, including me, I am afraid.

    Yet many Hungarians have not yet woken up: when they finally realize that they were betrayed by Orbán all hell will break lose here, or the country will simply be occupied by foreign powers as a result of mass-disappointment in politics.

    What is even more interesting, and is seemingly in contradiction with the above, is that in the moments of shock these Hugarians will never understand that Orbán as a person has NOT actually intended to betray them — it is we the people who were mistaken when we overestimated the power and independence of Orbán when in reality he was just an elected politician of a country that has a GDP smaller than the amount H. Biden spends on hookers. (And of course most people had had no idea that democracy was always just a circus, a show.)

    If Orbán wanted to badly betray us he could have chosen much much worse methods, like open the borders for Islamic invasion. Somehow he is still allowed to play the good policeman or controlled opposition of Communism by the PTB — whilest in fact the Corona measures are deeply commie. Or I would rather say it is the way of Socialism here, the more gradual form of Communism, that Orbán has chosen to walk.

    That said, believe it or not, Orbán is actually still trying to manage the country the best way he can, to some extent, for the benefit of the people, even now that he is a Corona-puppet and a mere regional manager of the One World Government. But there is not much he can do other than sell us to the globalist banksters a bit more slowly than the commies would do. A good example of that is the RELENTLESS climate change propaganda that has erupted here a year ago: it is just a matter of time that this subversion effectively turn us Hungarians into a globalist ‘smart city’ beehive as the brainwashed youngsters grow up. But it is not the immediate end of the world — so it is obvious that he is trying to gain time for us. He often says a Hungarian proverb: “The one who gains time gains life” — meaning that when you are overpowered you have to use tools that temporarily stop the enemy, in order to gain some tactical advantage due to the changing circumstances. All in all, Orbán has sold us. But tell me world leaders who have not sold their countries during the Corona-psyop: almost all of them are dead. Even the most humanist Buddhist Bhutan is gone: they are 90% jabbed… Is Bolsonaro the last real statesman? Who knows, he can be orbaned or trumped any moment…

    George Soros said two years ago something like this: “we have much time but Orbán has only four years. We do not have to think within the framework of election cycles.” Soros did not elaborate on the entity he called “we”. But he has shown on the example of then president Trump that he meant it.

    What people do not know about Orbán is that he is a hobby-politician. He is said in an intervew that he was THRILLED by politics — this love for politics is what motivated him so much that he has been in it for decades, he said. And indeed, even in times when he lost the elections he remained a very passionate politician.

    He could even be a statesman … if he still had a state. He could even be a good person — if EVERYONE in ANY positions in any systems today would not have to commit evil deeds being a cog in the clockwork of the Great Fascist Reset.

    We, Hungarians had some brief period of relative liberty, up to now, after the Soviet Union collapsed, as the globalists were collecting momentum for their next assault on humanity and they let their cattle out on the meadows a bit because they lost their grip on them. The Orbán we wanted to believe in was a product of that era and belonged to that world — that which is over now. So yeah, the Orbán-show is over and freedom is gone. Never trust a government and never believe a politician — he is there because he tells people what they want to hear.

    That’s it, in a nutshell.

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