Poland in the Spotlight

The latest migration crisis in Europe is focused on the border between Belarus and Poland. Belarus, under President Alexander Lukashenko, has enabled a flood of “refugees” from the Middle East to his country and then helped them swarm the border with Poland. The culture-enrichers are, of course, using Poland as a means of transiting to Germany, which is their intended destination.

Below are two clips concerning Poland and the migration crisis. The first is a crude propaganda video from Belarusian state TV that demonizes the Poles in a way that has not been in fashion in the West since before 1945.

Green Infidel, who translated the video from the Polish subtitles, includes this explanatory note:

The clip is from a regular show by Grigoriy Azarenok, a well-known propagandist on Belarus state TV. Previously, he was notorious for describing oppositionists in Belarus in dehumanising terms, such as: “vile reptiles”, “abominations of the human race”, “inhuman”, “parasites and idlers”, “macaques”, “rats”, “jellyfish” and “corpse-looking witches”.

Now, during the current border crisis, Azarenok has turned his attention to Poles, likewise using dehumanising language.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The second video features a speech concerning the situation in Poland given by Dr. Gottfried Curio, a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), on the floor of the Bundestag.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript#1:

00:00   The Pole is the most horrible,
00:03   the most negative figure both in Russian and Belarusian literature.
00:07   Now, this gang is a headache for the whole European continent.
00:10   “The worthless Pole, or the faithful Russian?” asked Pushkin.
00:13   And the great Ukrainian Taras Shevchenko
00:16   didn’t hold back, and said: “The worthless Pole — worse than…
00:20   then, a word, which describes prostitutes and other Morawieckis [Polish PM].
00:24   Contempt for everything and everyone, arrogance,
00:27   unbelievable stupidity, arrogance, slyness, hypocrisy
00:30   Only such Poles are in stories. “I don’t understand their snake language
00:34   they all mutter… what do they mutter? God gave them such a language, for their lies”
00:39   But Belarusians were under the bad influence of Poland more than others.
00:42   And look, what these monsters now do. For you, the words of Kolasa will have a new meaning:
00:47   “Oh well, gentlemen, nothing will happen. They destroy the country, issues everywhere.
00:51   Because you’re too hot! And your interest is not to be a “Zdziek” [insult for “Pole”] in the “Kresy”
00:54   [Eastern borderlands of Poland]. An insensitive “Zdziek” under the sun!”
00:57   And then, our famous poet says prophetically:
01:00   “You won’t build a state like that. It will be a state without Warsaw.”

Video transcript #2:

00:12   Ms. President, ladies and gentlemen, we’re witnessing the revelation
00:16   of German migration policy and the main culprit is quickly acting a bit like the AfD.
00:21   We state that immigration is not a human right. That illegal border crossing is a criminal act.
00:26   The defense against illegal migration is a governmental duty.
00:30   The German government blatantly violates this duty, while Poland protects itself,
00:34   Germany and the entire EU. The protection of external borders is a necessary precondition
00:41   for the free movement of persons within the EU. Poland acts in our interest, because
00:44   these migrants are on their journey through safe countries. They apparently aren’t seeking
00:48   protection. They seek direct passage to cashing in on the land of milk and honey: Germany.
00:52   Anyone screaming at the Polish border, “Germany!” isn’t seeking asylum.
00:56   Poland doesn’t need bogus claims like those about Frontex, but rather real effective
01:02   support against the attackers throwing stones and tearing down border installations.
01:06   The borders are full of holes like Swiss cheese, but Germany wants to take away
01:10   the remaining cheese and leave only the holes. Poland wants to plug the holes.
01:14   Not Brussels. Not NATO. Not Merkel. Only Poland is defending Germany!
01:18   For this, we owe Poland our full support, ladies and gentlemen.
01:22   Now the CDU wants to act like a gardener with his old slogans,
01:26   “to regulate migration” and “control new pull factors”. How about preventing old pull factors?
01:31   Excessive social benefits for migrants, open borders, deportations that never take place,
01:36   for which the Union (CDU) together with the SPD are responsible.
01:40   By “order” they mean enumerating the chaos. By “regulate” they mean drifting further into
01:44   the abyss. These aren’t the people who want to solve the problems of the worldwide
01:48   illegal migration to Germany. No! They are the ones that created them all in the first place!
01:52   No one needs the hypocrisy found the Union’s [CDU] proposal!
01:56   [You say] Stop Lukashenko! Why not try stopping these criminal attackers?
02:00   They aren’t poor migrants who don’t know what is happening to them, nor are they being exploited
02:04   for some reason; they’re doing exactly what they themselves want. These perpetrators
02:08   have brought themselves into this situation in order to blackmail Germany
02:12   into their all-included accommodation. Germany is the problem! Because Germany refuses to
02:16   say, “We won’t take you in. We won’t pay everything for you.” That’s the only reason
02:20   we have such problems. Lukashenko is the alibi for your own failure.
02:26   The permeability of the Belarus border has made it a transit country for migration,
02:30   for soldiers of fortune, but that’s exactly what the global migration pact initiated.
02:33   That you approved. Pure resettlement. At any price.
02:37   Mission Lifeline, which transports illegal immigrants across the Mediterranean,
02:41   now blatantly call themselves “Population Replacement Team”. So, we need to help Poland
02:45   effectively secure the common external borders. That’s how to order and regulate.
02:51   However, Mr. [co-leader of the Greens Robert] Habeck wants to
02:54   instead bring people in and thus further fuel illegal migration. He said patriotism
02:57   makes him puke and he never could identify with whatever Germany is.
03:00   Having him as a minister would be a disgrace for Germany, ladies and gentlemen!
03:04   Even if Merkel thinks “we did it”, a repeat of 2015 is about to take place before our eyes!
03:10   The worst catastrophe of the twenty-first century is happening again. We say:
03:14   This mustn’t happen again! Let’s preserve the rule of law. Let’s preserve Germany,
03:18   ladies and gentlemen.

28 thoughts on “Poland in the Spotlight

  1. The Polish government has brought this plague upon itself by wholeheartedly supporting the US and EU-sponsored attempt to topple Lukashenko and to impose a pro-Western (i.e. woke) regime on the Belarusian people. Lukashenko, who has no nuclear arms or anything to defend his country against the Western offensive used this unconventional means of warfare.

    Let us hope that Poland (and Lithuania) will learn their lesson and will leave Belarus alone.

    • I read a lot of Belarus oppositionists now… And trust me, they’re anything but woke.

      In fact, they give very valuable accounts of what’s going on at the border, and the vast majority support the Polish government’s actions in this regard.

      They don’t want the migrants in Belarus, or going through Belarus – in contrast to the dictator in Minsk, who seeks to plunge Europe into immigration chaos and profit from it.

      • He seeks to be left alone.

        I have been to Belarus many times and know a little about the country. The oppositionists are a tiny minority guided by the US, EU and international figures like Soros, who want to turn Belarus into another Ukraine, a poodle of the Western elites. The elites in question do not really care if the oppositionists are woke or not, they want another banana republic between Europe and Russia. In Ukraine, the Western-sponsored government subscribes to an ultranationalist and even neo-Nazi ideology, and the West tolerates it because this ideology is rabidly anti-Russian.

        Lukashenko does not want his country to plunge into darkness like Ukraine did. He wants independence and a quiet life.

        • If he “seeks to be left alone”, why did he commit air piracy on an EU aircraft by forcing it to land in Minsk? (The event which started the current crisis)

        • I had no beef with Lukashenko either…

          Visited Hrodna, Lida, Baranovichi and other places on a tour of Western Belarus 4 years ago… (Going through the Kuznica-Bruzgi border crossing, which is seeing the worst stuff now).

          Thought Belarus was very clean, and relatively wealthy. I also thought that after last year’s election, the West wanted Belarus to become their poor fiefdom so shouldn’t go in that direction.

          But for what Lukashenko has now unleashed on Podlasie – a beautiful, unspoilt, traditional and unique part of Poland – he deserves the very worst…

          • How else in your opinion can Belarus defend its independence from the US, EU and the Soros gang? It is a small weak country that has no other weapon.

    • There, both sides are disgusting. On the one hand, there are a potato dictator, on the other, there are Western puppets who will destroy the country, the economy and send Belarusians as slaves to the fields of the Polish lords.
      How the Ukrainians were sent to work after the Maidan.

      It’s just that Belarusians are much calmer people than Ukrainians. They think “why do we need this?”

      • “Polish lords” were executed in 1940 at Katyń by the Soviet Army by the shoots in their heads. The rest of them had been buried down somewhere in Siberia where they were forcefully resettled from Poland by the Soviet authorities. That is the reason why there are no “Polish lords” in nowadays Poland and as a country Poland belongs to the group of countries with the lowest Gini Coefficient (Poland – 29,7, USA – 39,1). That means Poland belongs to the group of countries with the lowest incom/wealth inequality.
        Belarussian workers have been working in Poland for some time now. During the first half of 2021 Poland had officialy registered some 16,500 migrant workers from Belarussia. Many of them being highly skilled IT specialists.

        • “Lord” – this is how Google-translate translated the Polish word “pan” – the owner in the historical memory of Belarusians and Ukrainians.

      • You’ve put your finger right on it! But I do find the EU side more disgusting than the potato dictator.

      • My Ukrainian friends tell me, that the economy got destroyed by the corrupt president who built an amazing palace before fleeing to Russia, corrupt oligarchs (Russia-linked) taking everything, and then the invasions of Crimea, and Donbass by the “Green men”.

        Then the Ukrainians emigrated to Poland in their millions, and have achieved the impossible – to be much more anti-Russian than even the Polish…

  2. AFD. It’s the only party who can rescue Germany and Europe, otherwise game over , and dr. Curio is right Poland is protecting Germany before another disaster will happen, this idiots in Bundestag looks like bunch of useless clowns , what happened to this country I just can’t understand..

    • It seems the main ones who want to continue the “Willkommenskultur” are the Greens…

      But why did so many in Germany vote for them?

      • Excellent question ! Does hi know an answer ?
        Regards from Poland..
        21 Podhale Riffles Batalion ..6-th Wing.. 7 people under my command..( Polish National Guard)
        Currently on duty Polish-Belarus Border ..

  3. Any comments ?
    After 1 year in Communist prison i was release and kicked out ..Thanks to President Regan i was on Amnesty International list and receive Immigration Visa for Canada..
    I have had some opportunity to chose USA as my new home..
    Unfortunately i made wrong decision ,i regret until today disregarding fact to have American ” green card” since 1989..
    Until today i heard in Canada and USA about me being ” Easter European commie”
    But not to many wants to know my over 1100 years historical heritage as a Pole..
    All what define us in ” american: and ” western” eyes is a 50 years time period of Communism impose on us by USA ,England in Yalta after Second World War..
    We where sold by American and Brits to Soviet Russia..like a pile of patatos..
    Yes…by you Americans !..
    I don’t care you American, Brits ,what label you will attache to me in your Jews own media who shape and spill a poison of anty-polonism on American streets and American and British minds..
    I/M a POLE.and Catholicism and my Faith in God define me who i/m…and i will die as a free Polish Man..
    Countless 1100 years Graveyards of my Ancestors and blood they share for , so i can have now, my Homeland and speak my own language is a our Eternal Bond and place in History of Humanity..
    Poland thru last 1500 years time window become European Graveyards of Empires..
    German Holly Empire.
    Teutonic Knights Empire
    Scandinavian Empire
    Prussian Empire
    Russian Empire
    Habsburg Empire
    Soviet Empire
    III Reich German Empire
    and curent IV Reich German-EU Empire..
    They are all gone ..
    But we Poles still are in the Middle of Europe..European Bastion only left..
    Pureblood , Homogeneous White European Nation..a Gondor of hope for Europe..

    • A very proud nation with a very proud past.

      I am all for you defending your borders and retaining your white homogeneous background.

      If it helps, you would never have succeeded in America with your poor English! hehehehehe

      • I admire Poles for being tough on abortion, migration and the rest of that stuff. I respect their conservative Catholicism (very different from the libertarian version of the same religion peddled by the pseudo-Pope Francis).

        But why do you need to interfere with internal affairs of Belarus? It is a much saner and happier country than most EU ones. Or do you want to annex it?

        Be realistic! Your real enemies sit in Brussels and Washington and not in Minsk. Not even in Moscow. Even the Vatican, under the current progressive pope, poses a greater threat to Poland (and to the whole of Christendom) than Lukashenko, Putin or even comrade Xi.

        • Indeed..Our enemies are like always in the past in Berin and Moscow..
          Washington ? You know who rule and control Washington :-))
          We have no quarrels with ” belarus”..
          Before Americans and Brits sold and betrayed us to Communist Kabala in Yalta 1945 ,it was our Polish territories and people living there our own Brothers and Sisters..
          They were by force turn into ” belarusan”..

          It is what Soviet Russia is afraid of ..to get ourselves united again and comeback on our ancestral land..
          This is a part of reason what happening right now there..
          Lukaschenko is just another Soviet Russian installed patsy..
          Like Kuczma or Yuszchenkomin Ukraibe or Ivanishvili ,Garibashvili Georgia or Igor Dodon in Republic of Moldova..

        • Yes ..we Poles chosen Culture of Love and Life over the Culture of Dead ..
          Anyone can do it..You can chose Life or Dead in your Life..As a Father , Husband or Mother ,Wife..so simple..

        • Maybe because Belarusian people have a similar situation now, to Polish people in the 1980s. And Polish people love to show solidarity…

          And maybe because Belarus committed an act of air piracy to force an EU plane to land in Minsk, and arrest one of our Belarus friends and freedom-lovers

      • ..” you would never have succeeded in America with your poor English! ”
        I did..Instead to speculate on my life achievement, ask me about ..But you know better my Life there ,than myself..
        You just made fool of yourself..
        I guss this is your personal permanent future and condition..

    • Spirit od Children of God..Place in us personally by Himself..
      You have it as well. Look deep inside of you and will find it..
      If you recognize in me ,it must be already in you and have a conciseness of his existence …Regards. Stay Strong and fear none one..Hi is always with you..

  4. Poland’s leaders and the Polish people themselves must decide whom they will serve, that’s the bottom line in all of this.

    The Poles on one hand are members of NATO and of the European Union, both of which serve globalist masters, rather than the people and nations they are alleged to serve and defend.

    On the other hand, Poland is part of the Visegrad Four alliance of nations, along with Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. An alliance for mutual assistance and mutual defense, as well as economic cooperation.

    And the Poles have their ages-old identity as a distinct nation, people and culture. Poland, like the other Visegrad nations, has endured the tyranny of Islam, fascism and communism, to name just a few of the dangers she has suffered and yet survived. Not many years ago, Warsaw’s streets were filled with a million people, Christians showing their pride and unity as a Christian people in the face of an increasingly secular Europe.

    Should someone keep an eye on Moscow? Yes, by all means, but their problems only begin and not end there. The Poles may believe that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) still protects them from communist Russia, but this isn’t 1960 and the danger isn’t necessarily in front of Poland in the East, but behind her, in the West.

    NATO was formed, we are told, to defend Europe from external threats, but as the hordes of de facto Islamic and other invaders from the Middle East and North Africa have swarmed into eastern and southern Europe, what has NATO HQ in Brussels done?

    Nothing productive and useful, as far as one can see from this vantage point. Last I checked a while back, they were holding maneuvers up by Norway in anticipation of a Russian invasion or some such nonsensical waste of taxpayer money. National security theater, right down the line.

    Native Europeans are being killed and assaulted in the streets of their own homelands, but what does NATO do? Polish its artillery pieces and hold parades with their tanks.

    I don’t think defense against imaginary invaders is what the member nation’s people had in mind when sending their hard-earned money to help fund the alliance, do you?
    But thanks to the fact that NATO is now under globalist control, the alliance is only free to serve the billionaire oligarchs, and not the people themselves.

    The European Union is also a globalist entity, and therefore is against nations like Poland trying to take a stand against “immigration” and “refugees” entering their nation. The mandarins in the EU HQ don’t lie having their authority challenged, and have applied a lot of pressure to the holdouts in the Visegrad Four. It would not be at all surprising at some point in the future to see that the “border crisis” with Belarus had EU fingerprints on it, especially guys like George Soros as well.

    And if the Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians expect to keep their identities – their nationality, culture, language and traditions intact, let alone their Christianity – they’d better face the fact that Brussels is defiantly secular and post-modernist, and has values utterly at odds with their own.

    • ” Bruxells” is nothing else than German IV Reich political tool..
      No need to pay attention to it..Master is in Berlin ..

    • Western democracy is dead, those military folks you don’t like to much will be the force you will need to Purge these 3rd world vermin invading our shores, they will also rule in short order. You in any western European country are not going to vote your way out of this mess any longer.

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