Migrants in France Offer Their Opinions on the Great Replacement

The popular French commentator Eric Zemmour has stirred up a lot of controversy in France by running for president and doing surprisingly well in the opinion polls. Unlike most talking heads in French politics, Mr. Zemmour is unabashed in his discussion of the Great Replacement, the process — which is now well-advanced — by which the autochthonous French are being supplanted by migrants from North Africa and the Middle East.

In the following street interviews, French culture-enrichers volunteer their opinions on Eric Zemmour and the Great Replacement.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We’re gonna kill him and cut off his head. —Eric Zemmour. Son of a bitch, Zemmour.
00:03   He’s a racist. There’s a war between Zemmour and us. We’re gonna f*** your mother.
00:08   French, no. Arab. —How much did you pay to get treated here? I did not pay, because
00:12   I have no money. —Of course we’re going to replace them. —Is there a problem with immigration
00:16   in France? At the moment, I think so, yes. —There are many races. An African quarter.
00:20   There’s the Arab quarter and the Asian [quarter] You see. —There’s no race. That’s why
00:26   I love France. —It’s the fruit of colonization here. —I’m extreme left, and I’m pro-immigration.
00:31   The replacement will be everywhere. —France is s***, my brother.
00:35   What do you think of the story of the Great Replacement? —No doubt, it is attainable.
00:39   The whites have sold their property —I have a lot of money anyway. [Arabic]
00:43   I would say there’s not a problem with immigration, but there’s a problem with Islam.
00:47   Do racist sentiments against whites exist? —Not in this lifetime. —We’re doing a report on Aulnay.
00:52   Will you answer some questions? —I don’t give a s***. —It’s to give you a voice.
00:57   I detest Eric Zemmour. If you want to know what I think, I hate him. OK?

14 thoughts on “Migrants in France Offer Their Opinions on the Great Replacement

    But muslims are peaceful!
    Surely those youth must have been misled!
    It can only be those pesky Nazis!
    They are behind it!
    We need more money in the fight against Nazis!

    With every day the masks slips off more and more.
    Unfortunately it is still too slow.

  2. And so it happens- France, Europe, America and the West go out not with a bang but a whimper.

    The Marxist cabal that seems to be running the world these days seem to have some direct connection to Satan the Prince of Darkness. He is their lord and master as far as I can tell. There is nothing good about any of them- just look at the execrable Bidenistas who are taking a wrecking ball to the US with unrelenting fury.

    Their mutual goal is the complete destruction of freedom and the free people of the West as soon as possible.

    Their tools: the Chi Com Fauci Flu, the never ending influx of filthy vermin savages from every s**t hole on earth, the undermining of election integrity in the US, the weaponization of the InJustice Department and the Intelligence Community against its citizens, the list goes on.

    President Trump was able to accomplish miracles during his time in office and I believe he can do it again if given the chance. My sincere hope is for Divine Intervention to save us. I have never prayed so much in my life. Faith not fear.

    May G-d have mercy on us.

    • I disagree.
      BLM / Antifa started their behaviour under his presidency and what did he do?
      Did he declare BLM / Antifa to be terrorist organizations?
      Did he drain the swamp, e.g. put Hilary before a military court?
      No, he wasnt even able to put Jane “Traitor” Fonda in a courtroom.

      Sorry, but Trump was just there to deceive us, controlled opposition. To allow us a glimpse of freedom and then brutally snatch it away.

      • I don’t know where you were during the four glorious years of the Trump administration, but seem to have missed his many accomplishments that he was able to achieve almost single-handedly including making us energy independent, lowering taxes, getting the economy booming, halting a great deal of illegal immigration, appointing numerous judges to the various courts, etc. etc.

        Maybe you are disappointed because you were expecting some kind of superman who could bend steel with his bare hands, leap over buildings with a single bound or use his x-ray vision. In any event, he was outnumbered with few friends in Congress and high places. He did a great job.

        You really care about Jane Freakin’ Fonda?

        • In regard to Jane TRAITOR Fonda:

          She is connected but politically she has nearly no power.
          But if even she is untouchable then it clearly that Trump was just a showman.
          Or as Shakespeare put it: Full of Fury, signifying nothing.

  3. ..”The Marxist cabal that seems to be running the world these days seem to have some direct connection to Satan the Prince of Darkness. “..
    :-)) 2016 ..if you miss THAT ceremony and announcement of his coming..
    All Cabala was there to grate theirs Master…..Merkel,Macron,Putin ,Cameron..


      • Gathering for Worshipping their God..
        Merkel,Macron,Draghi,Rute and all Spinelli Kabala was there.at this Ceremony..
        Old Kult .and real.. Learn more about..than you will know what’s happening and why in your neighbourhood today and allover the World

  4. The Communists grand plan is to use the uncontrolled immigration to wreck Europe and America. Then they will step in and take over. Russia will take Europe and China the rest of Asia. It might not be in your lifetime but it will happen if the elected Communist leaders are allowed to continue to destroy their nations by the use of Muslim invaders.

    Americans are well armed and if pushed by their Communist government will fight that government and anyone else who threatens their liberties.

    But the Europeans. Disarmed after WWII they will not easily defeat their Islamic replacement. It may take the New America to lend lease arms once again to Europe.

    In each case to surrender to Islam is to die. Only those who fight their oppressors have a chance of staying alive.

    • Pssst, the East has miles of bunkers filled with weapons, just find out where one is and get what you need.

    • Pssst, these 3rd worlder vermin and their leftist enablers are not going to survive the coming Balkans on steroids.

  5. In observing years of pictures and video of the replacement population, I see majority of males, not many females, which are put to the front only. So, as China has discovered that a mostly male generation is not successful in that country’s goals, sending many overseas to do Belt and Road work in Asia and Africa — does the GlobalCap/Davos/Satan’s sons think 2 more generations of low IQ, illiterate, inter bred males will be adequate, obedient slaves? And as their basic emotion seems to be angry violence, how are they to be controlled to benefit the rulers?
    Just asking….

    And like others here, am often imploring God to save the planet from the Evil one and his followers.

  6. These 3rd worlders really have no idea what is in store for them. Once the militaries of western Europe take over, the military will begin the Great Purge, none of these 3rd world vermin will survive nor will the globullist.

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