Ho! Ho! Ho!

This is Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

Governor Brown recently dropped all reading, writing and math proficiency standards for graduation from high school because such requirements were unfair to “people of color”. Expecting non-whites and non-Orientals to pass tests is evidently racist.

Governor Brown also required that masks continue be worn indoors and out, regardless of whether the wearer has been “vaccinated”.

The governor’s tweet of her latest fashion statement is here.

Wearing a face mask has been shown to significantly reduce oxygen intake. Do you think oxygen deprivation has contributed to Governor Brown’s present condition? If so, I don’t see how this new mask can avoid making it worse — it looks like the nose dome with the deer in it is a fully sealed plastic shell. How does she manage to get any oxygen at all? Does it diffuse through the floral arrangement?

If she survives wearing it throughout the festive season, it will be interesting to see what design she comes up with for her Easter mask.

Hat tips: both WRSA and Conservative Tree House.

13 thoughts on “Ho! Ho! Ho!

  1. This is a very beautiful mask!
    I think the natives of Australia, the Amazon and Africa would have appreciated it!

    • Hypocrisy alert!

      We can accuse her of cultural approbiation.
      Lets see how her own lefty friends rip her apart over this.

  2. I can’t determine what that thing is supposed to be. Is it supposed to be a giant Wuhan virus? A clown mask? Or, most likely, an alien brainsucker in the process of starving to death?

    If she can publicly relieve flatulence loudly, long, and in a manner impossible to ignore then she would make perfect pResidential material when Brandon is put out to pasture. Clearly the lack of functioning brain cells combined with dictatorial tendencies catapult her to the front of the donkey cart.

  3. Sure this is not the picture of a clown?

    Oregon is unlucky. Cue the Robert A. Heinlein quote.

  4. Oregon governor Kate Brown is wearing a strange mask hi buddy I know you are a great artist

    did you make that colorful mask and put it on her mouth or did she wear it on her own because I know that sometimes Western stateswomen
    do very strange feats to get elected

  5. To paraphrase Einstien, “there is no scientific unit of measure for that level of stupidity.”

  6. “Wearing a face mask has been shown to significantly reduce oxygen intake….”

    A few months ago, I wore a half mask FFP3 (HEPA) respirator for 18 hours straight, traveling from Germany to the U.S. I periodically measured my blood oxygen level with a pulse oximeter: there was no change. But the real test is that I sat next to a pair of young Mormon missionaries for ten hours and managed to be cordial. 🙂 For light to moderate exercise, at least, such respirators have never been an issue.

    Unvented, one-use N95+ fabric masks, however, start making me asthmatic within an hour.

    • and I experienced a touch of heart stress during climbing a ladder while running Cat 6 data cable in a hospital. The floor nurse would not allow any other mask. I had to quit a well-paying job because of the workplace restrictions. Grrr.

  7. All snow domes are made in China. She has “China” stuck on her face. Idiot. The Chinese make junk for naive westerners to buy in order to enrich Chinese billionaires. Stop feeding the enemy.

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