Death to the Unvaxed!

Relatively early on in the “pandemic”, when the “vaccine” was still just a glint in Dr. Fauci’s eye, astute commentators predicted that once the vax became available, a system of medical apartheid would be instituted in which people who consented to be injected with the experimental mRNA treatment would be allowed to reclaim some of their “freedoms”, while those who declined to be jabbed would be shunned, discriminated against, quarantined, locked down, segregated, and otherwise have their rights restricted.

The COVID Cassandras were right. The unvaxed are becoming second-class citizens to varying degrees all over the world.

The following video and article report on an extreme case of discrimination against the “vaccine hesitant”: an unjabbed man in Germany who breaks his leg and develops hypothermia is denied medical treatment, and even food, in the hospital, and eventually dies as a result.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from PolitikStube:

If it’s true, it’s a scandal

The man stumbled in his small business on Tuesday night (around 2am) and suffered a fracture of the femur. It wasn’t until around 8am that employees found him freezing and in pain and brought him to a city clinic in Karlsruhe. He caught pneumonia due to the fracture of the femur.

The man was not vaccinated and was treated accordingly. He is said to have not had any food, apart from a yogurt, no drinks, no medication such as painkillers or IVs, a mattress instead of a sick bed, and the mobile phone and charger were taken away on top of that. On Friday, a family member sneaked into the hospital and made the short video recording. The man died on Friday afternoon/evening.

The family is ready to go public, has some evidence (recorded phone calls).

If what happened in the clinic turns out to be true and no medical care was provided, it is a scandal.

Video transcript:

00:00   So, about the video from Karlsruhe,
00:05   from a clinic in Karlsruhe.
00:08   I spoke this morning with the family over the phone,
00:11   Also today, Sunday morning,
00:14   and now to what had happened here,
00:18   and I hope that this will be shared WIDELY.
00:22   I contacted Boris Reitschuster, Ken Jebsen and all,
00:26   yeah — propagators —
00:30   The family is prepared to go public with this,
00:35   and also to initiate legal action.
00:39   So about the incident: the man, at two o’clock in the morning,
00:44   stumbled while he was on his small business premises,
00:49   fell and broke his femur.
00:54   Because he then lay there with pain and couldn’t move.
00:58   he was only found by his staff at 8am,
01:04   and since he was lying on the stone floor, he was completely chilled through as a result.
01:08   Then they called the ambulance and he was taken to hospital,
01:14   and was immediately brought into the Corona ward
01:17   because he was chilled to the bone
01:21   and his body was totally hypothermic,
01:24   and as you can imagine, the whole thing degenerated
01:28   into pneumonia.
01:32   And it was on Tuesday that he was brought to hospital
01:36   and the clinic then insisted
01:40   on a Corona vaccination;
01:43   he could not be treated without a Corona vaccination,
01:46   and they actually did NOTHING.
01:50   They put him into a room without a bed, just a mattress on the floor.
01:54   In the Karlsruhe Clinic.
01:58   And the family had a big problem finding out
02:02   what had happened and was happening. They were not allowed in because of being unvaccinated
02:06   Fortunately for him, he had his cell phone with him,
02:10   and could call on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday,
02:14   and told his family over and over that they were not treating him.
02:19   They’re ice-cold and letting me die here. I begged for food and drink;
02:23   they’re not giving me anything. On Wednesday they gave him one yogurt.
02:29   They gave him no medication, no painkillers or anything.
02:33   They just left him lying in there.
02:37   And on Thursday was he able to make one last phone call,
02:41   and after he hung up,
02:46   the clinic called the family and told them,
02:50   his condition is so bad, we have to put him in an artificial coma now.
02:54   He is no longer responsive.
02:57   And the wife responded that this is impossible, since she just got of the phone with him.
03:02   He has his cell phone and he’s “OK”, he’s conscious.
03:07   He is in his right mind and only complains that he is not getting any medical assistance.
03:11   He’s not getting anything to eat or to drink. The clinic then searched the room
03:16   and confiscated the cell phone and the charger.
03:21   After that he could no longer be reached.
03:24   Then on Friday morning someone from the family
03:29   sneaked into the clinic, and he was able to locate the room and record this brief video
03:36   about the way his relative was lying there on the mattress on the floor
03:41   and wasn’t responding any longer.
03:44   but as you can see from the footage, NO IVs, no nothing;
03:48   they just left him wretchedly lying there.
03:53   He wasn’t treated, and then he passed away Friday afternoon in the early evening,
03:59   from pneumonia,
04:03   and the cause of death, respectively,
04:06   whether he’s been counted as a Covid death or not is still open.
04:12   We don’t know that yet. This is a scandal beyond compare.
04:19   The family is prepared to go public with this. There is also some recorded evidence.
04:24   The phone calls from the clinic were recorded
04:28   after his [the deceased’s] second call,
04:33   for evidence, as proof of what was happening there,
04:36   and that they simply let him there to wretchedly DIE.
04:40   It’s a drama like no other.
04:43   So I hope it gets distributed to the right places.
04:46   I also sent this to several lawyers already.
04:50   This MUST be made public.
04:53   So this is where we are, and that is neither fake nor a joke;
04:58   it’s deadly serious, what has happened there.
05:01   So, in the Karlsruhe Clinic, it’s unbelievable,
05:06   Unbelievable; God have mercy on you if you break your foot and have to go to the hospital
05:12   and you’re not vaccinated. It all fits nicely together,
05:16   as we have seen, the Chamber of Physicians inciting doctors
05:19   to treat the unvaccinated only between 7am and 7:10am,
05:26   and from 8am onward, vaccinated patients only.
05:31   They all play along; all of them play along.
05:35   It is inhumane, what is happening now.
05:39   Therefore this message needs to go to the right place.
05:42   I hope this reaches Boris Reitschuster.
05:47   I’ve got all phone numbers for the family to be able to contact them.
05:52   We can’t leave it like that —
05:56   Definitely.

9 thoughts on “Death to the Unvaxed!

  1. I’ll head for the Walden Pond before living among hiveborg dullards in an open air gulag with a long leash.
    The bags are readied and picked up some new footwear.
    They can have their stale reheated third rate CCCP redux.

  2. Majority strictly in it for their 3-5 million retirement horde. No way do they respect the outdated Hippocratic oath. Kept, corporate “doctors”, Not quite all, a tiny fraction believe in good, and act. FLCCC, AAPS, ETC. primarily. There are a few more, independent ones, too. The majority’s filthy underwire is on display. This is so bleak, so sobering, because it is well established as truth, in America, now it is here for the world to see, globally, so far at least in Germany
    I offer latest evidence, for America, just out, one of many >
    Just out also, more on the fraud, and war on humanity by another well known scholar MD, and heroin >
    I offer this for a likely building bombshell revelation, also. I think this is s biggy part 1 don’t miss any of these > Panic, Politics & Profit: Sneak Peek at Glenn’s Most ‘Dangerous’ Chalkboard | Glenn TV | Ep 152 BlazeTV
    Again to help see the big picture, there is this > Fireside Chat With Dr Peter Canaday 7 Nov 2021 November 13th, 2021
    There are many more top sourced unquestionable absolute truth sources. The world is in a very dangerous time, the stakes are you and I, all of us. May God help us, as all that is in the Bible is going to have to be our spines, HIS WORD!

    • Given the special circumstance, among too many other nations, and lo, even America herself, a serious and not to be forgot series of ethical medical failures, violations, here are some pointed additions to the above story of unimaginable unforgivable EVIL at Karlsruhe, Deutschland!
      Why Did So Many Doctors Become Nazis?
      In the answer, and its consequences, a bioethicist finds moral lessons for today’s professional healer

      As I was growing up a young man, I saw the tattooed serial numbers on the arms of the people I was lifeguarding, now at the other end, I see this, video, this story. I just saw a new internet friend’s brother die, in America, due to sars, given the usual hospital-government ordered death med.-remdesivir. We are in the grip of an unseen predatory dark abyss, with the stench of evil death, all around.

      Be safe, I’m not sure the enemy will yield.

  3. Update to the Karlsruhe Hospital Saga –

    The “Städtisches Klinikum” expressly rejects the allegations and makes it clear that the vaccination status of patients is fundamentally of no relevance for the specific therapy and treatment decision in individual cases.
    After examination, we will comment on this further.
    Until then, we ask you to refrain from further distribution of the video in order to protect the patient’s personal rights.

    [ A bit late talking about the man’s “Rights”, don’t you think? Because he’s already LATE, thanks to “modern” Pharma/Medicine standards ]

  4. On the plus side, if some the more interesting theories are correct, in a few years the holdouts will be asking the jabbed if we can have their stuff when they die.

  5. Germany is a woke captive nation of the anti-christian American ruling class. The doctrinal warfare perped by the American CIA to convince the now 4th generation of post war Germans of collective guilt for Nazi war crimes is the antecedent perspective for the collective guilt attributed to the unvaxxed.

  6. Not sure where the story will go but I think the vials labeled small pox and vaccinia at a Merck lab close to Philadelphia is either a hoax OR something leading to another argument for a vax mandate and vax passport. I say a hoax because only one lab at the CDC and one in Russia have allowed doses of the virus. Otherwise, I think it is the other or in line with what I have seen, people in power have been doing a lot of stupid things.

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