Death by Vax: A Numbers Game

Based on the latest statistics from Bavaria, the experimental mRNA treatment for the Wuhan Coronavirus is not doing a very good job of protecting recipients from catching the disease (and dying of it).

As more time goes by, and the effectiveness of the “vaccine” wanes even further, it’s likely that the proportion of deaths among the fully jabbed will increase even further. In parallel with that we can expect an intensified push for people to get the “booster”, including a redefinition of “vaccinated” status to reflect only those who have received the number of jabs deemed by the government to be necessary.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Epoch Times:

Many Corona deaths in Bavaria were of fully vaccinated people

Almost 30 percent of the Corona deaths from Bavaria in October were of fully vaccinated people.

Among the rapidly increasing number of Corona deaths in Bavaria is a comparatively high proportion of those who have been completely vaccinated. According to data from the State Office for Health and Food (LGL), the rate in the four weeks from October 4 to 31 was just under 30 percent.

108 of the 372 fatalities counted in total had received both vaccinations, as the Erlangen authority announced at the request from the dpa [Deutsche Presse-Agentur, German news agency]. In the first week of November, the proportion was slightly lower at a good 26 percent — 23 of the 88 Corona deaths were fully vaccinated.

In the past few weeks, the hospitals also reported an increase in the number of fully vaccinated intensive care patients. The LGL emphasized, however, that the numbers should be interpreted with caution: Corona fatalities include anyone who was infected with the virus, but that does not mean that Corona is also necessarily the cause of death. The majority of Corona deaths are of those 80 and older, and accordingly many also suffered from other diseases. However, according to the LGL, it is not possible to evaluate the deaths after previous illnesses.

The LGL also pointed out that the elderly in particular had been vaccinated early in the year. This increases the risk of decreasing immunity. That makes booster vaccinations particularly important.

Very current figures on the proportion of fully vaccinated among the Corona deaths in the second week of November were not yet available on Sunday. It is clear, however, that the number of deaths in Bavaria is rising just as quickly as the number of those who tested positive. According to the Corona portal of Munich’s Ludwig Maximilians University, 309 deaths have been reported in the Free State in the past seven days, which is more than double the number in mid-October.

Afterword from the translator:

Was it really only 30 percent? 108 of the dead were fully vaccinated. Out of the remaining 264, how many dead were vaccinated only once? But I guess a satisfactory answer to this question would be counterproductive to the Narrative.

2 thoughts on “Death by Vax: A Numbers Game

  1. I suppose that the Elite who imagine themselves to be in control of Earth’s affairs really want morgue out of life than they have been getting.

  2. Very similar statistics coming out of Czech hospitals, the “unvaccinated” are getting Covid twice as much as the “vaccinated”, although the same data (which I now searched for 5 minutes but could not find them again, thanks Google!) – it basically says that the vaccinated are twice as likely to die if hospitalised with covid. But overall, the statistics looks like the covid vaccines are some kind of “weak vaccines”.

    The real question, however, is whether the “vaccinated” are not coming down with some other illnesses? Vanden Bossche (vaccine scientist) said that the vaccines work: But they don’t work against “variants”, which they will inevitably produce, by increasing evolutionary pressures.

    Many people I know are getting the “Flu” these days, and the PCR tests say it’s not Covid. So far it looks like Vanden Bossche was right: The vaccinated might be already dealing with some other variant that is not discoverable by the current PCR tests.

    … Over a year ago, when this whole thing started, there was some bulletproof statistics showing that the places which were hit the hardest by the Covid Flu, had the highest numbers of people vaccinated against the Flu: Suggesting that the flu vaccine shot may in fact reduce one’s capability to fight off coronaviruses. And this is what might be happening: The vaccinated are not getting “Covid” as much, but they might be getting something else entirely:

    Deaths are going up above and beyond the “Covid deaths increase”. That’s where we are at now.

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