Austria Banishes the Unclean

Freddie Sayers is a British journalist and the Executive Editor of UnHerd. The following video featuring him was recorded in Austria after the mandatory lockdown for the unvaxed was announced, but before the government decided to mandate the COVID “vaccine” for everyone.

In his on-the-street interviews, Mr. Sayers discovers that middle-class and upper-middle-class Viennese citizens are keen to tighten the screws on citizens who refuse the jab. Blue-collar workers, however, are less enthusiastic. In a consensus society like Austria’s, overt resistance against the zeitgeist is difficult, but working-class citizens seem to be moving in that direction.

In one interview you’ll notice that a member of the governing class decries the political exploitation by the “far right” of the lockdown measure. This is a frequent refrain from the Left: conservatives are not allowed to “politicize” a contentious issue to gain partisan advantage. The Left, however, can politicize anything it wants. In fact, it does nothing else: everything is politicized, and with a leftist slant. One presumes that the gentleman being interviewed is unable to perceive such politicization, since that is the water the ruling class swims in.

Hat tip: Bastet.

13 thoughts on “Austria Banishes the Unclean

  1. I don’t believe a lot that I see online these days. Too many easily scripted lines delivered with appropriate clichés.

    Neither the Scots, the Irish, nor the Welsh have ever trusted the English. I don’t see any reason to begin now.

    Why is this “journalist” not interviewing muslime rape gang members in his own country, or perhaps interviewing footballers falling over in the Premier League. How about doing some research on why Gates was visiting Downing street and what was said? How about interviewing undertakers in the UK to get real post Quax death info?

    I could go on but you get the idea.

    • Do not see what ‘trust’ has to do with this. Are you saying these interviews are scripted? In any case you have some good ideas. Why not send your ideas to him. He is soliciting input for topics to cover. Go have a look .

  2. The Austrian Christmas markets used to be a sight to behold: The most beautiful in the World, in my opinion. Just like the Austrian ski resorts. Foreigners are often surprised how do the Austrians do that their tourist attractions are so nice and beautiful.

    Well… No more christamas markets for me. I can’t go to Austria, while here in the Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren, christmas markets have been banned altogether!

    Just like skiing. I used to buy season tickets for Austria every year. This will be my second winter which I am going to spend at home. I am ok though. I bought good cross country skis. I had a lot of money to spend, since I don’t buy the season tickets anymore.

  3. Considering the government propaganda I expect that you would get the same result regardless of country.

  4. The Bible says that the unclean should cover their faces
    Israel is locking down a lot more than Austria

  5. This video is one of the scariest I have ever seen! “No sympathy for the unvaccinated”- My God! Just wait till the SS Storm troopers come for THEM.

    I imagine if they did interviews like this in NY City the response would be similar depending on who they spoke to. I’m sure the Demo-Commie Libs on the Upper West Side and other wealthy enclaves would agree to just lock down the unclean/ unvaxxed forever.

    Thank God that in the US we have our precious 2nd Amendment. The ONLY thing that keeps the Bidenistas going full Australia on us is the fact that there are over 100 million potentially armed citizens.

    Once people have nothing left to lose, there isn’t much they won’t do.

    • One other thing about the video- not one of the fascist idiots that he interviewed seemed to know anything about the injections nor did Freddie get into the weeds with them which he should have done.

      Instead of asking the numbskulls about their political views, he should have asked them questions like:

      – do you know that you can still get the virus even if you are “vaccinated?”

      – do you know that the “vaccination” wears off after a few months?

      – do you know that you can still catch the virus even after getting your third shot/ booster?

      – how do you feel about the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who are flooding into Europe and your country who are not tested for anything including TB, the Plague, etc. let alone “vaccinated”?

      Never give a Marxist an opening to spew about politics rather than science and FACTS.

      • The illegals are flooding into my country now not by crossing the river Evros but through the Rodope mountains who separate Bulgaria from Greece,and our government gives them free health pass whithout examining them.
        BUT i am the enemy cause i do not agree to have the bloody vax.

  6. Africa variant right !! Very dangerous like EBOLA like this stupid German politicians said !!, what about this every day boats from Sub -Sahara savages arriving every day to Spain?? With out the vaccine or even checking them !!, everything is planned ahead of this globalists scums , this Sanchez should burn in hell for destroying beautiful Spain and culture stupid globalists puppets , your all burn in hell!! Justice is coming, for all European people..

    • If the European civilization is destroyed,an endless dark night will fall upon us.
      I pray to Jesus before i die to see the end of this nightmare.

  7. My recommendation to all who believe that their rights are being cancelled by God-less governments globally: affix a yellow Star of David to your clothing for all to see.

    The Trials at Nuremburg were supposed to have put an end to the atrocities of one Nazi regime; now we see heads of the hydra popping up all over the place.

    • They should also have to ring a handbell and shout “Unclean, unclean!”

      (I’m sure the Deacon knows this, but others may not; in medieval England, lepers had to do this.)

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