What Would Vladimir Ilyich Do?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about FedGov infiltration in advance of the “Justice for J6” rally in D.C. on September 18. As it happened, fortunately, not many people participated in the rally. Some of those who attended said it looked like the media, the feds, and the Capitol Police outnumbered the actual protestors.

Donald Trump helped discourage his supporters from showing up by telling them they were being set up, which of course they were. A hilarious photo of a group of look-alike “undercover” federal agents inspired hundreds of memes. With their shorts, their shades, their haircuts, and their identical watches, they looked like they had been 3D-printed using the same template.

This wasn’t the first time the feds have massively infiltrated a “deplorable” event in an attempt to set up the patriots, and it certainly won’t be the last. However, it’s encouraging that the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy seems to have wised up about what’s being done to them.

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The responses to my post on infiltrators prompted further thoughts on the topic. However, before I get to the meat of this essay, I’ll post a selection of the comments from that earlier post, followed by expanded versions of my replies.

Charley Waite said:

Reminds me of Gen Joseph Johnston facing the Union advance at Richmond. He retreated and retreated and retreated because the circumstances were not favorable until he found himself “at the gates of Richmond” about to lose. At what point does “cool heads” keep waiting until it’s almost too late?

Our problem is that we can’t assemble the troops into a force large enough for a general to command. Anything above squad size has been infiltrated.

Any operation that we plan is known in advance to the enemy. Every detail of strategy and tactics is passed back to Leviathan, which then marshals all its immense resources to counter us.

And Leviathan is very skilled at psychological warfare. That’s what we’re seeing now. The heavy-handed push for a forced vax is a deliberate psy-ops strategy designed to bring the patriots onto the field bearing arms, with every fifth man being a federal government plant.

Any general — if one ever arises — will have to take those facts into account. He will have to design his operation knowing that every detail of the plan will immediately be relayed to the leaders of the opposing force, which is much better funded and supplied and has been wargaming this situation for decades.

I have no idea how a successful operation might be organized under such conditions, but I do know that any plan that does not take the above into account is doomed to failure.

This hypothetical general has a handful of trusted subordinates that he knows are not enemy agents. Below that level in the chain of command, he is certain that he is riddled with informers. How does he deal with that fact?

I realize I’m being a broken record, but COUNTERINTELLIGENCE must be the primary focus. No large, concerted, coordinated action can be undertaken successfully without addressing this issue.

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Mens Bellator said:

If I might ask, because I see this advice a lot — that is, wait, it is not yet time for armed resistance — when will it be. It is like Picard and the Borg — they advance, we fall back. When will it be time? Will it be too late? At some point patriots will need to do things that make them look evil — they will have no choice.

The time for action is when the infiltrators have been identified and neutralized. By “neutralized” I don’t mean killed; I mean rendered harmless by feeding them nothing but innocuous information — or better yet disinformation — to be reported back to their superiors.

Until you neutralize the informers, planning meaningful action that has even a remote chance of success is simply impossible.

A corollary to all this is to stop using smart phones and similar devices for communications, except for sending false information as a diversion. Over the last few years it has become abundantly clear that all standard forms of electronic information are fully available to federal intelligence agencies. You might as well just phone it in to the FBI.

I consider cell phones to be baby monitors. If you have one, and the battery is in it, it can report your location and relay audio, even if it’s turned off. Those features are highly prized by the CCP. When Chinese dissidents meet, they not only turn their phones off and leave them in a separate room, they take the batteries out.

WRSA frequently posts links to detailed resources on the use of more traditional forms of communication, which may be cumbersome to use, but are far more secure.

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Night Driver said:

The Bundy Ranch stand-off is a situation which shows what happens when FREEFOR surprises FED/LEVIATHAN. NO ONE on the FED side expected the numbers of FREEFOR people that showed up. YES, they were infiltrated, but most of the infiltrators were eventually neutered.
LEVIATHAN was COMPLETELY taken aback at the numbers.

MANY of the FED troopies had never seen opposition and CERTAINLY were HIGHLY unfamiliar with the view from the OTHER end of the scope when FREEFOR folks zeroed in on them.

We need to keep FREEFOR actions to be a surprise every time. A surprise of SOME sort, whether of numbers, or character, or venue or design. GOTTA keep them on their toes.


The events at the Bundy Ranch took the feds by surprise. However, they learned their lesson that time, and planned the next one carefully. That’s why the Malheur Wildlife Refuge fiasco happened the way it did.

From the first-hand reporting at the time, I remember that the groups at the ranch knew they were infiltrated, and had sussed out at least some of the plants. The infiltration wasn’t thorough enough to allow the feds to control the situation.

By the time we got to January 6, 2021, however, the FBI had learned to play the patriot movement like a fiddle.

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After thinking about these issues for a while, I realize that I’ve been doing a disservice to all those groups who have dealt with the issue of infiltration shrewdly and effectively. I’m certain they’re out there.

Since I’m a lone operator, I don’t know any of them. I’m acquainted with a few patriots here and there, but I know nothing about their groups. And that’s the way it should be — I don’t want to know. If they’re any good at operational security, they’ll keep such information from me, which is what I prefer. That way, when the sunglassed operatives from the Bureau for the Protection of the Republic show up and drive the bamboo shoots under my fingernails, I won’t be able to tell them anything.

Moreover, if skilled patriot groups are thoughtful about what they do, they’re invisible. They blend into the background of the communities in which they live. They don’t show up at the Capitol and do stupid things. They just train quietly and methodically, preparing for the grim time they know will eventually come. Why would they expose themselves by saying, “Hey, Baron, you’re wrong — we’re not infiltrated by the feds.”?

So here’s to the pros, who know how to do the job right. Skol!

At the opposite end of the spectrum you can find the geniuses who hatched the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Based on multiple reports, more than half of the members of that group were FBI informants, including the planners who came up with the idea. So we’ve moved past the point of “entrapment” to a situation where the State devises and plans ridiculous operations and recruits foolish and gullible people to join in, all in aid of a media photo-op where the “domestic terrorists” are ceremonially busted.

In other words, the infiltration of patriot groups is segueing into the production of false-flag incidents.

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In my responses to the comments on my earlier post, I addressed the arguments that made analogies to a military operation.

We need to step back and look at the meta-situation: the current conflict is NOT analogous to a military operation. If the patriots make strategic plans as if they were engaged in a military operation, they will surely fail.

The closest analogy that I can think of to what’s happening now is pre-revolutionary Russia, which is why I keep focusing on what the Bolsheviks did. When I analyze their strategies, I’m not in any way condoning their ideology or their methods. All anti-Czarist groups in early 20th-century Russia embraced violence as a central element of their ideology, which makes them distinct from 21st-century patriots in the country formerly known as the United States of America.

There are probably patriots who promote pre-emptive violence as a core doctrine, but I’m not one of them, and I assume most patriotic Americans share my aversion to it. We expect violence to eventually come our way; it seems all but inevitable at this point. But it isn’t an avowed imperative for us. We’re not plotting to toss a homemade bomb under the Czarina’s phaeton.

Nevertheless, looking at what the Bolsheviks did in advance of the Revolution is instructive. All of the anarchist and socialist revolutionary groups were infiltrated by the Okhrana, the Czar’s secret police. They were riddled with informants who passed information about their activities and planning back to headquarters in St. Petersburg. Revolutionaries were frequently arrested, tortured, imprisoned, exiled, and executed.

The Bolsheviks, despite their name (“Majority”), were a small group, and like all the others they were heavily infiltrated by the Okhrana. Yet in October of 1917 they mounted a successful revolution and overthrew the Provisional Government, which had been established after the Czar was driven out during the February Revolution. Given that they were operating under such severe constraints, how did they manage to do it?

One major reason was their leader, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, a.k.a. Lenin, who was a strategic and tactical genius. He was highly motivated, single-minded, and utterly ruthless. Those characteristics made him very effective at navigating the complex and chaotic landscape of wartime Russia. The Bolsheviks enjoyed the support of perhaps 10% of the populace in October of 1917, but within a year they were firmly established in power, and by 1922 they had achieved complete dominance of the Russian state (which had lost much of its peripheral territory [the “Near Abroad”] by then, but regained virtually all of it by 1940).

Lenin was aware that the Bolsheviks had been infiltrated by the Okhrana. Trusted comrades were assigned the task of identifying the informers and neutralizing them. They were killed if necessary, but the leadership preferred to use them as conduits of disinformation back to the Czarist state, or better yet, to “turn” them so that they could act as double agents. There are apocryphal reports that Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, a.k.a. Stalin, was an Okhrana agent who had been turned. That little detail of his CV reportedly explains, at least in part, the pattern of his later purges. The comrades who were airbrushed out of the notorious photo with him were said to be people who had firsthand knowledge of his status as a former agent of the Czar’s secret police.

It’s worth noting that the Okhrana was not dissolved after the Bolsheviks took power. The comrades in charge of the counterintelligence apparatus that had served Lenin so well simply incorporated the superstructure and personnel of the Czar’s secret police and made it part of the new Soviet secret police, the CHEKA, which later became the GPU, the OGPU, the NKVD, the MVD, and eventually the KGB. And it didn’t die when the Soviet Union collapsed — it exists even now as the FSB, and serves the Russian state, just as it always has. The acronyms come and go, but the Okhrana remains.

During the Cold War the KGB mounted some of the most ingenious and effective counterintelligence operations in history. It repeatedly ran rings around MI6 and the CIA. Its successors are still expert practitioners of the black art of disinformation, making Russia into a hall of mirrors in which political reality is often difficult to ascertain, at least for a non-Russian.

There is much more that could be written about the history of the Bolsheviks, how they managed to acquire and retain political power, but this essay is already too long. I’ll sum it all up with this simple advice: be as shrewd as a Bolshevik, but not as brutal.

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Finally, a brief personal note.

All the current indicators for the former USA point to dire times ahead in the not-so-distant future. New totalitarian ukases are issued just about every day by the federal government, the governors of the blue states, and the mayors of Democrat-controlled major cities (which is just about all of them; even Salt Lake City has a Democrat for a mayor). Given the unprecedented progressive spending initiatives — which are now stalled, but only temporarily — a descent into hyperinflationary dystopia seems all but inevitable. Those conditions, especially with the strictures imposed upon the unvaxed, will create millions of pissed-off armed citizens with nothing left to lose. At that point all bets are off.

I hate to say it, but I’m hoping that the existing system can somehow be held together with duct tape and baling wire. When the Boogaloo arrives in full force, my demographic — the over-70s — will be the hardest hit. People who require regular dialysis or daily insulin or new batteries for their pacemakers will be among the first casualties.

I’m fortunate to be in robust good health, EXCEPT for my eyes. Once I stop receiving periodic eye injections, I will descend into eventual blindness. I won’t be able to play the Winter War Finn or the French Resistance hero. I’ll be forced to depend on the kindness of strangers. Someone will have to lead me around and put a bowl of gruel into my hand. Or club me in the back of the head with a rifle butt, as the case may be.

So I’ll continue doing what I’m doing for as long as I can. But I’d really like to see the system keep limping along for a while, just so that I can see what happens in the end.

13 thoughts on “What Would Vladimir Ilyich Do?

  1. Agree with you about the likelihood of every militia group or patriot organization being infiltrated. I don’t think whatever is to come will be sorted out peacefully, and it would be wise to start thinking about one’s role in the eventual hostilities, which will be necessary to make America America again. Operations don’t necessarily have to involve large groups, which have insurmountable OPSEC liabilities. A single individual with some easily sourced equipment and consumables can shut down power, communication, and potable water to a good sized city; without using violence. When the other side has openly declared war upon us, one can use their imagination as to what a single marksman can accomplish. Of course the power of media and video can also work in our favor against a hostile regime, but first those who control the media have to be more afraid of us than of their government masters before that tool can be used.

      • I was thinking more of Lee Harvey Oswald or Gavrilo Princip.

        If there is to be targeted violence I believe the biggest bang for the buck is by targeting the architects of the destruction of our country and Western civilization. I don’t really like the idea of going after the poor soldier on the battlefield or the LEO who is just being forced to enforce unpopular orders under duress of job or pension. Better those who give the orders and make the policies. And those who protect them from the consequences of their policies.

        • He is a volunteer, he is taking the queens shilling, and if he doesn’t like it, he is free to resign.
          They do not.
          They like the money, and they like the jackbooting.
          No reluctance, no hesitation, no remorse and no mercy.
          We are going to have to go through the screws to get to them, and that mean breaking their will to fight. That means we must use their methods, no matter how distasteful or immoral.
          This is a fight to the death.
          So, isolate them, overmatch them, take them down, and take them out, ruthlessly. Take the leaders of the goons, take the civilian support staff, take the spawn of the screws, take the pack they belong to.
          There are no more innocents in this.
          If we are to survive this as humans, we will have to be inhuman and get medieval on these scum.
          If the scum are smart, they’ll resign. If not…well.
          The course ahead is clear. The inverse is death.
          Decide now.

  2. The key here is “full Bellies” – people will attach themselves to those who can feed them and their families, the Mensheviks ‘forgot’ this, the Bolsheviks mede promises (and tried very hard to keep them – Stalin in Tsaritsyn).

    Hungry people, and people who fear hunger, will do anything to ensure their food supply, and as one Soviet official famously said “Gentlemen, food is a veppon” (Maxim Litvinov)

    Socialism always brings hunger, and we are in the early days, but the shelves are beginning to empty, here in Israel, it is milk and (non-Flouridated) bottled water.

    Like Hoover and the ARA (see URL above) the best way to keep the USA stable is to make sure that the food keeps reaching the tables of the people, to keep pointing out to them that socialism and starvation walk hand in hand…..

    • People never seem to learn, no matter how many examples are given until the boot is on their throats.

  3. Yes,the health issues are a bummer for us. Supply chains are mildly disrupted now with the energy crisis enveloping Europe and China, but we can still get our meds and research is still going on. As western countries become more and more dysfunctional due to mass migration of dangerous morons this becomes less so. Critical workers will have to live at their workplace for systems to keep operating.

  4. Baron, I was always reminded when under fire, that those who take the high moral ground in war are often buried in it. I was successful because I was utterly ruthless and never took a prisoner, and I left calling cards as a message that death is near so flee while you can. Granted, in today’s current woke madness world makes that impossible for anyone in uniform today, hence why rebellion will be impossible to put down, for soldiers won’t shoot their own unless they will have to fear leaving their FOB for any reason.
    As MC said above, full bellies makes rebellion impossible until they try to grab everyone’s weapons then all bets are off. I frankly would not like to be the folks who are sent to do weapon confiscation for they will be short lived lives. The folks living in rural areas will do fine, it is the folks living in large cities who will be utterly screwed, especially if food, electricity, heat and water start becoming scarce or shut off completely, hence I call large cities death traps, especially as things go tribal in a hurry.
    As for the politicians who fall into line against their own people, once things go from bad to worse, their lives and the lives of their families won’t live long enough to regret their bad decisions. History tells us that times will get rough and political change is inevitable along with massive bloodshed. If you have not prepared by now, sorry, but you won’t survive the coming bad times.

  5. Not to ignore the seriousness of the potential for breakdown, and especially sympathetic to the Baron’s possible predicament (I’d likely not survive for long without professional healthcare and meds), I have to say that the photo above prompts me to a terrible pun (with apologies to Sondheim): Send in the Clones!

  6. I will make the recommendation that those emulating the attire of agents also include ear pieces. I think that would be a cherry on the top bit of mockery.

  7. Boys, it has long been known that if three people are in a room, one is an undercover pig, the other is a informer.
    So. The solution is clear. Particularly for informants.
    Five feet of rope, and a short drop.
    A pig isn’t anything special, folks. He ain’t sacred, he ain’t holy.
    He is a murderous totalitarian taking money for beating, killing, immolating, shooting, running down and torturing you, your children, your family and your dog.
    I’m so sorry, but the truth of it is out, now. The state, the police, are killing you for Marxism.
    They are serious about it, and they will never stop.
    There is only one way out of this; and it is not voting, talking, negotiating, reasoning and reconciliation.
    The last is a particularly vile lie cropping up as the narrative crumbles, and the communist scum hedge their bets.
    There can never be any reconciliation or accommodation. If these marxist vermin are left alive after this, they will keep coming at us; they will never stop, they cannot stop.
    Destruction is the corner stone of their death cult.
    There is only one solution, and it starts with the informers and fedbois.

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