Thursday’s Vax and Corona Roundup

So much material related to the Wuhan Coronavirus has landed on my desk in the past few days that I’ve decided to stick a metaphorical finger down my digital throat and regurgitate the whole noxious mess in a single post.

Below are five videos and three articles about the dreaded Corona and the miraculous “vaccine” that promises to cure it, but only if 100% of the population is injected with as many shots and boosters as it takes.

The first video features an interview with a microbiologist in Quebec about healthcare workers who refuse to be “vaccinated” (and are now being suspended).

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The second video discusses the number of Italian soldiers who have refused to be vaxed, and compares it with the navy, the air force, the police, and the Carabinieri.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

In the third video a magistrate in Rome named Angelo Giorgianni denounces the “Green Pass”, promises a “new Nuremberg” for those who are pushing the vax, and says he will resign from the judiciary rather than abandon his stance.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The fourth video features a young woman who attends university in Bologna. When she tried to enter a class without a “Green Pass” (the Italian vaccine passport), the professor insisted that she leave. When she refused, the professor cancelled the class.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The final video may not even be Corona-related, but I’m including it here, just in case.

Eva-Maria Holzleitner is an Austrian MP for the Social Democrats who collapsed on Tuesday as she spoke in Parliament in Vienna. She is known to be a staunch advocate for the experimental mRNA injections used to treat COVID-19. There’s no information about how long ago she was vaxed, or whether the jab had anything to do with her swoon. Nor is there any word on her current condition.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

All three articles were translated by Hellequin GB. The first is from PolitikStube, and concerns a new “no jab, no food” rule in the German state of Hesse:

Hesse also allows the “2G” rule in supermarkets

In Hesse, the state government is introducing the so-called 2G option for retail and supermarkets, the media reported on Wednesday. According to this, shops can determine who is allowed to shop with them: With the “2G” rule, this is only permitted to those who have been injected with a vaccine against COVID-19 or who are considered to have recovered from this disease. With the largely applicable “3G” rule, people who tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 are also allowed to do so.

According to the Frankfurter Rundschau, the “Corona Cabinet” in Hesse under Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) decided on Tuesday to extend the so-called 2G option model to the entire retail sector. “We are assuming that this option will only be used on a daily basis and that businesses for everyday needs will not make use of it,” Bouffier is quoted as saying. Without “2G”, the distance and mask requirements would continue to apply. According to the reports, the prime minister also campaigned for vaccinations.

Source: RT German

The second article is from the Swiss news portal It concerns one example of the widely-reported phenomenon of “black blood” found in some who have taken the jab:

Specialist suddenly finds the deceased with “viscous dark blue to black” blood. What is the reason?

It was revealed earlier this week that the death toll in September was higher than usual for this time of year. This can be seen across all age groups, according to the CBS. The fact that people died from the coronavirus is only part of the explanation. What other causes of excess mortality there may be are “not known”.

A message is currently circulating on social media from Edwin Spieard , a post-mortem specialist, who writes that he is seeing very little blood in the deceased more and more often. He says he has to retouch more and more to make these deceased socially acceptable.

“For six months I have been seeing deceased every week with this unpleasant discoloration on the face, shoulders and upper arms. The deceased is purple/blue in the face (cannot be suppressed) and blue/black on the neck and shoulders. The oxygen-poor blood that I take from the deceased is viscous and dark blue to black (not exaggerated),” explains Spieard.

He asks if other professionals can explain this and please tell him what the cause is. The message prompts many responses.

One caregiver says: “My partner died of acute cardiac death 4.5 days after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca. In fact, he had a purple/blue discoloration on his face. The frequency you are talking about raises questions to my mind. I think we need to get to the bottom of this. Much is hushed up, and there are doctors who look the other way and, as in my case, react negatively in advance.”

“I haven’t seen the discoloration you mention. However, I have seen several deceased with lots of water in their stomachs. What I find very worrying is the high number of deaths in recent months. So many more than in previous years,” writes one funeral director.

“It is our job to educate about the risks and side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine,” writes the clinical pathologist Indy Niedlich den Herder in an answer. She says she isn’t seeing what Spieard notices because too few autopsies are requested. So far she has not arrested anyone with the question “Please exclude death by vaccination.”

“I hereby request that an autopsy be performed, especially if a family member dies within six weeks of the vaccination. Only then can we say something about the possible cause,” she underlines. “However, there is reliable information from reputable pathologists in Germany with which they have very likely proven the connection between vaccination and death.”

The final article, from Report24, is a report on the cover-up of adverse “vaccine” reactions in the Netherlands:

Dutch registration office for vaccination damage calls in the International Criminal Court

At the end of August, an independent reporting center for vaccination damage and deaths in the context of Covid vaccinations was launched in the Netherlands (Report24 reported). The aim was to examine the incoming reports and compare them with the official figures in the Lareb database for side effects. It was clear early on: the independent reporting office received many times more reports than the official figures reflect. But the authorities don’t want to know anything about it.

From August 21 to October 8 (the end of data collection ) 2,204 deaths and 2,835 serious damage to health related to the Covid vaccines were recorded. After the evaluation, it was clear to the experts consulted by the Commission: the vaccines are not safe. The vaccinations must therefore be stopped immediately.

However, the government and authorities in the Netherlands are not taking note of the work of the Commission. The investigations of the reported cases were also made available to the so-called Lareb, which is officially responsible for recording side effects of the vaccination. Even there, however, according to the committee, no one wants to know about the indications of the disproportionate risks of the vaccine.

Therefore, the committee has now turned to the International Criminal Court with all the evidence and investigations into the reported deaths and serious damage to health. Correspondence with the authorities and the Lareb was also transmitted. The ICC confirmed the receipt on October 4: It now remains to be seen whether an investigation will be opened or whether the warnings of the committee’s experts will fall on deaf ears there, too.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   The author, Richard Marchand, is a microbiologist and infectious diseases specialist
00:03   at the Montreal Heart Institute. Hello, Dr. Marchand. —Hello!
00:07   It’s difficult to understand the resistance of some health care workers against being vaccinated.
00:13   They’re given protective equipment (PPE). I remember last spring we were short of equipment.
00:19   Could you tell us why a health care worker, who has been on the front lines,
00:24   depending on the environment, refuses to be vaccinated? With this rate of refusal of people
00:31   who don’t want to be vaccinated, health care workers are playing with their health, true or not?
00:35   Yes, it’s true that in my own hospital the refusal rate is 23%. —Why?! —Why?
00:41   It’s because there is always a risk. Taking it or not taking it.
00:45   Understanding that health care workers are exposed to what happened during COVID and
00:49   have seen that people get sick in a clinical crash.
00:54   Those people who have COVID and are going to die from it, do so around day eight or nine,
00:58   when the immune response kicks in. We know that the immune response is involved
01:04   in the disease process that kills, in the elderly and among others.
01:10   Young people in the healthcare world are wondering, if it’s the immune response that kills,
01:17   could the vaccine cause the same kind of immune response?
01:21   Or if even in a much weaker partial state, they question whether it could cause
01:26   the same kind of problems that the disease does and its natural immune response.
01:32   That’s the question they’re asking and I understand their questioning it,
01:36   because I’m telling you that we were not in a pandemic. We now have a hindsight of four months
01:41   and about ten to twelve days, since the mass vaccination began. So if we weren’t in a pandemic,
01:47   the government agencies would say that there isn’t enough long-term data on these vaccines.
01:53   They probably wouldn’t even be authorized at the moment, and the health workers know that.
01:58   This is the reason for the poor acceptance of the vaccine.
02:02   They are just a little concerned about the lack of hindsight that… the vaccination offers.
02:09   Are you telling me that they’ll be vaccinated later, should they wait to see? A little longer?
02:13   I think that’s what’s going on there in the majority of cases, yes. —Are you vaccinated? —No. —No?
02:20   Because it doesn’t work. For all sorts of reasons, and I won’t hide the fact
02:26   that I’m one of those who are waiting to see what will happen, especially in countries
02:32   that are more advanced in dosages. For fifteen years, I taught all the techniques used
02:39   in the manufacturing of vaccines, and there are a lot of questions that I don’t have answers to yet.
02:44   So, we aren’t questioning this because we are against vaccination, far from it.
02:49   It’s because we know those who have worked in that area of expertise and are aware
02:53   that in the past there have been some mistakes. In our opinion, this time it went extremely quickly,
03:00   because people wanted to see light at the end of the tunnel. We just don’t want it to be
03:04   an oncoming train instead. We’re all guessing, and I’m part of it, but I’m not going to hide.
03:11   While being “pro-vaccine”, I recognize that there’s a lack of enough hindsight
03:15   to try to understand what could happen. I’ll give you an example. We have already made
03:19   vaccines against yellow fever. If I vaccinate against Dengue fever #2, for example,
03:25   and you catch #3, you might not have exactly the right immune response.
03:29   You’ll be sicker than if you hadn’t been vaccinated. So we know that at times
03:33   vaccines can trigger bad immune responses. We’ve known this for years,
03:39   and that’s why we like to have a look back over an implementation period.

Video transcript #2:

00:01   Vaccination is compulsory for healthcare professionals, for teachers,
00:05   but not for law enforcement. Can someone explain to me why?
00:10   Law enforcement and the army were supposed to be among the first to be vaccinated.
00:15   Then, since Draghi became PM, the approach has changed.
00:19   Data that have been collected until yesterday surely reveal an underreported situation.
00:24   Because they exclusively indicate the number of law enforcement people
00:28   Who received at least one vaccine dose at the military medical centers,
00:33   disregarding the number of those who did so at the regional medical hubs.
00:38   According to these numbers, the most zealous are the Navy officers,
00:44   given that 35,009 out of 39,497 were vaccinated.
00:51   Then, as for Carabinieri, 94,014 out of 107,854 people were vaccinated,
00:57   so apparently 14,000 of them are still unvaccinated.
01:03   As for the Air Force, 33,581 people out of 39,848 were vaccinated.
01:11   Eventually, the last is the army, 67,694 people
01:16   in grey-green uniform out of 89,062 were vaccinated.
01:22   As for police, 82,000 officers adhered to the vaccination campaign,
01:27   at least concerning the military medical centers.
01:32   Apparently around 16,000 police officers are still unvaccinated.
01:36   Many of these were vaccinated at the regional hubs. At least 50%, I guess.
01:42   So we still have ca. 5,000-7,000 police officers
01:45   who might be not vaccinated yet, out of conviction.
01:49   From October 15 onwards, when the Green Pass becomes compulsory, it will be necessary
01:53   to manage the work shifts of the officers who have chosen not to be vaccinated.
01:57   I am thinking of the mobile police unit, of the crime prevention department.
02:00   Expecting those officers to do the swab every 48 hours might cause organizational difficulties.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   Italian people, the Green Pass law has passed.
00:09   Today the sovereign people have given an eviction notice
00:14   to those who illegally occupy the palaces of power.
00:24   Today the sovereign people demand justice for all the deaths that they have caused,
00:30   for deprivations, for our children and for our suffering.
00:36   And we want them to be tried in a new Nuremberg!
00:50   And as a magistrate I tell you that I have come to honor the sovereign people, the people of Rome.
01:04   And to those who claim that my status is incompatible with the people’s interests, I will say:
01:11   If I need to choose between the office of magistrate and the sovereign people,
01:14   I choose the people, and I quit the judiciary.
01:17   I quit the judiciary.
01:21   Rome, I love you. —Thank you, Angelo Giorgianni.

Video transcript #4:

00:00   I was invited to leave by those who control me.
00:03   I was told that I have no right to attend the class
00:07   that my family pays for with conspicuous, if not excessive annual tuition fees.
00:12   A student of Philosophy at the University of Bologna went to class
00:18   without having the Green Pass, and she was invited to leave, but she refused to do so.
00:23   For this reason the lesson was eventually cancelled by the professor.
00:27   Some professors, who learnt of my act of disobedience,
00:32   told me to leave the classroom.
00:37   And that if I hadn’t done that, I would have been considered
00:40   responsible for the class cancellation.
00:43   This decision unleashed anger among the other students.
00:48   Fifty students had no other choice but go back home, and apparently
00:54   some classmates insulted her and asked her to reimburse them
01:00   for the train ticket they had bought to get to the University.
01:05   They yelled at me, insulted me and some commuters demanded to have their train ticket refunded.
01:14   They demanded that I leave and never come back to that class.
01:19   Silvia told her side of the story, underlining her refusal
01:24   concerning what she calls “an infamous green document” and “an instrument of discrimination”.
01:30   The student at the University of Bologna speaks
01:33   before a gathering of dozens of people about a “Falling Down-like” day.
01:36   Screams, name-calling, commuters demanding to have their train tickets refunded.
01:41   The student in the video accuses her professor
01:47   of not even trying to stop the other students from harassing her.
01:52   Outside of the university some classmates of mine came up to me to threaten me.
01:58   Some even told me that I would have already been hit had I not been a girl.
02:03   They would have beaten me.
02:07   She accuses a group of people of waiting for her outside of the University.
02:13   To threaten her with something like
02:19   “if I had not been a girl, they would have already hit me; they incite hatred against one another”
02:25   Eventually she concludes:
02:29   At this point I think that civil disobedience is not only a right,
02:34   because it is a right, but also a duty.
02:39   “I had never seen that girl before, but I found it appropriate
02:42   to cancel the lesson for everyone’s safety.”
02:45   Luisa Lugli is Silvia’s professor. Silvia is student at the University of Bologna.
02:51   “As far as I could see, there was no attack, just an exchange of divergent opinions.
02:57   The university staff told me that in the classroom there was a student lacking the green pass.
03:02   I invited her to leave the classroom. She firmly insisted that she would stay.
03:08   So I canceled the lesson. Before doing that, I sought advice from the principal.”
03:12   Eventually professor Lugli confirmed all that Silvia said.
03:19   No other episodes of the kind.
03:25   “It happened to me too, in class. Some students revealed to me
03:28   that it had already happened, with the same girl,
03:31   but I could not verify it.”

Video transcript #5:

00:03   But, personal profiling comes first.
00:08   And of course, every investment in education
00:13   benefits the children and youth themselves.
00:16   Every child… is…

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  1. I’ll let my wife have a look at this, if she’ll bother. She is a medical doctor with an additional 4 science degrees including a doctorate (PhD) in microbiology. Both her and my kid (who also has a doctorate) often seem more puzzled by how the statistics are presented in some of the media than by the course of the virus itself.

  2. To 2G in Germany:
    Those in power have a plan. They want us to take the vaxx. And in their mindset the unjabbed can only comply. For those in power does an alternative to their solution not exist.

    But they forget ONE simple rule:

    No plan survives contact with the enemy because the enemy has his own plans. And the enemy will definitely NOT do what the other side wants.

    So, if 2G will stay then sooner or later there will be a response. At first with fake certificates and later a kinetic one.
    And I even think there will be even worse things happen.

  3. The Jesse Ventura Conspiracy episode from 2009 (where a Dr says she is leaving the US because a respiratory virus will be released and everyone will be forced to get vaccinated) seems to have poked it’s head back up. Remember the stories from 2012 about all of the ammunition purchase by different government agencies like the SSA. The one I can’t recall correctly, and am not sure what to search for is the reports of long term storage food purchased by the same agencies or the federal government. I think it was a 6 month supply. Anyone recall that last one? It may have just been a story or caller on Coast to Coast AM or Alex Jones but we are still within the life expectancy of that food, if that was correct.

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