The Muezzin Will Yodel in Cologne

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

The wolf in sheep’s clothing: Christian Lindner (FDP) welcomes muezzin call in Cologne

Christian Lindner welcomed the model project of the muezzin call in Cologne. At BildTV, the FDP boss invoked the right to exercise one’s religion freely and spoke out in favor of social “togetherness”. We have to “come to a good cooperation,” said Lindner when asked how he assesses the Cologne project.

Lindner cautioned, however, that “mutual consideration” was part of the cooperation he strived for.

When asked whether he could also imagine the muezzin call throughout Germany, Lindner emphasized again that he wanted to “get on well with each other”. “ And that’s why it is right that experience is being gained in Cologne,” said Lindner.

Source: Kölner Stadtanzeiger

11 thoughts on “The Muezzin Will Yodel in Cologne

  1. Maybe the Pastafarians need to come up with some competing barbaric yawp that they can bellow out of towers designed to look like pirate ship crow’s masts. And five times per night for good measure. After all, if the followers of the Pedophile (peace be upon him) can have a religious accommodation for “togetherness” then those who follow His Holy Noodliness can also have a religious accommodation.

    • Did you know that when you throw in used tires and gas accidentally spilled on them makes for one of the most amazing sights in the world at night when those minerettes accidentally start on fire?

  2. Nostradamus mentioned Cologne as the capital of the European califat, if I remember correctly. That is starting to make sende now, though I found it ridiculous when I first read his prophesies some 35 years ago.

  3. and following the yodeling in Arabic there will be yodeling in Swiss. The first yodel will be a call to worship Allah and the second yodel will be a call to worship Jesus Christ. Yah always gets the last Word that settles the argument.

  4. In Rhodes island there are a few muslems and when i was a child i remember throwing rotten tomatoes and lemons to the Muezzin when he started yodeling.

  5. Cologne – home to the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe, and one of the tallest churches in the World…

    And, from the 2010s, also home to one of Europe’s biggest mega-mosques…

    Then, during the infamous New Year’s Eve of 2015, while large gangs of culturally-enriched youths were preying on women, other groups of such youths set off fireworks, directed at the Cathedral.

    And now, this city will be one of the first in the West to host the Call to Prayer in the heart of the city.

    All a coincidence??

  6. The scary part is that this new communist government, FDP said it’s great idea , that is scary , gute Nacht Deutschland…

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