Taharrush in Tarragona

Several weeks ago a young woman was sexually assaulted by “youths” in Tarragona, a province of Catalonia. The culture-enrichers introduced her to the time-honored Arab custom of taharrush, in which men surround and subdue young women and then subject them to various forms of sexual abuse. The proximate cause for their unwanted attention was the fact that she wore a t-shirt for the anti-immigration party Vox.

The video below shows a brief encounter between reporters and Minister of Equality Irene Montero. When asked whether she would condemn the rape of a Vox supporter in Tarragona, the most the minister could manage was to condemn “fascism”.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below are two articles about the incident in Tarragona, also translated by Gary Fouse. First, an excerpt from El Periodico:

Sexual attack in Tarragona

Woman reports that she was raped in Reus for wearing a VOX t-shirt

According to the victim’s account, three “Arab” boys attacked her and “asked” her to remove the garment. (Quotes by translator)

A woman has reported that she was raped in Reus (Baix Camp) for wearing a VOX t-shirt a couple of weeks ago. Criminal Court 4 of this city is investigating the alleged group sexual attack committed by three young men on September 21, as reported by El Mundo.

The judge has opened preliminary proceedings after receiving a report from the Catalonian Police. Judith M.R. 30, has already given a statement to the police. It is maintained that the attackers were young “Arabs”.

Remove the t-shirt

On the 21st, around 20:00, she left her residence “dressed in cycling tights, sneakers, and a black t-shirt with straps with the emblem of VOX on the front.”

She was going in the direction of the Vila-Seca Institute in Reus. “When she was about to enter in the parking lot of the blue zone in front of the library, two young men addressed her from behind, saying, “You have to take off that t-shirt,” “If she doesn’t take it off, I will,” the woman related [their remarks].

A longer article from Outono.net:

The minister refused to condemn the rape and said she condemned “fascism”

The miserable answer of Irene Montero on the rape of a Vox sympathizer

The political sectarianism of the government and in particular Podemos [party] is reaching some purely criminal extremes, as we have been able to see today.

The rape (victim) reported that her attackers spoke Arabic among themselves.

Today the daily El Mundo reported on a rape complaint made by a Vox sympathizer in Reus (Tarragona). The woman, 30, reported to the Catalan police that she was raped by three Arabs for wearing a Vox t-shirt. The acts occurred 21 September at 8pm as she was going in the direction of the Vila-Seca Institute in Reus. The report goes as follows: “When she was about to enter the parking area of the blue zone in front of the library, two young men addressed her from behind telling her, ‘you have to take off that t-shirt,’ and ‘if she doesn’t take it off, I will.”

The woman ignored them, and seeing that they were following her, she began to walk faster. Finally, they pushed her into a van parked on the library square. In the vehicle was a third individual who spoke with the others in Arabic. One of them grabbed her by the neck and back and got her into the van, the other two entering and closing the door. Once inside, the victim reported that, “they tore her shirt that she was wearing and her pants, and while one of them kept hold of her neck, one of the other two inserted an object that she could not identify into her vagina causing much pain”. She resisted and they gave her a blow to the head.

When the rapists tired of their sport, they threw her from the van saying, “tomorrow, don’t wear this t-shirt again”. She went running home “without looking back”, giving her report to the Catalonian police, who are carrying out inquiries on the matter, with no arrests so far.

Irene Montero refuses to condemn the rape when asked by EDATV

This afternoon, Channel EDATV asked the minister of equality if she condemned the rape of the Vox sympathizer. In a response that only deserves to be classified as miserable, the communist, Irene Montero, avoided condemning the rape and said that she condemns “the fascism that is exercised through the media.” Though EDATV persisted, Montero continued to avoid condemning the rape and repeated the same answer.

A miserable attitude never before seen in the government of a democratic country

It is not the first time that the minister of equality has refused to condemn attacks against Vox. We recall that in April, Montero justified the rock attacks suffered by Vox members in Valleca, Madrid, accusing the victims of carrying out “provocations”. The famous argument of the mini-dress. Yes, that — to this day, no member of the Spanish government had refused to condemn a crime due to the fact it was reported by a sympathizer of a rival party. It is something that had not been seen in a democratic party and leaves this government at the mud level, ethically speaking.

The attitude demonstrated today by Irene Montero not only shows her worst human qualities and her low moral class, but also her unfitness to continue occupying a position in which, theoretically, she must watch out for all women, and not just for those of her own ideology.

The translator notes in addition that the Spanish version of Huffington Post reported this story with no mention of who the perps were.

Video transcript:

00:07   Ms. Montero, for EDATV, do you condemn the rape of a Vox sympathizer in Reus?
00:12   I condemn fascism, the fascism that is exercised by the media,
00:16   in which you try to take advantage of this void in order to damage democracy.
00:20   I strongly condemn it, and I believe our democracy needs to be defended from persons
00:24   who use journalism to spread false rumors and false news.
00:27   We are journalists. Don’t you believe in freedom of the press? In the plurality of the media?
00:32   I believe in the freedom of the press… —But in the plurality
00:35   of the press? —…what I don’t believe in is fascism and those
00:38   who use journalism to spread false rumors, false news, and to normalize the discourse of hate
00:41   of the extreme right in our country, which is what can hurt our democracy.
00:44   You don’t believe in the plurality of the media. Thank you.

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