Operation Barbarossa Redux?

The peculiar article below concerns the German military’s bid to acquire extremely detailed maps of Russia — why in the world would they need such data…?

Hellequin GB, who translated the piece, includes this skeptical note:

If this isn’t just a hoax, I seriously wonder with WHAT would they plan to invade Russia with? Shotgun Uschi [Ursula von der Leyen, former defense minister] made sure that the German Armed Forces cannot operate due lack of spare parts, tanks, airplanes… you name it, they lack it. I’m pretty sure that the Taliban is now better armed than the German Bundeswehr, thanks to Creepy Dementia Joe.

And Uschi’s successor AKK (Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer) has done nothing except twist the knife left, right and center. THIS IS A JOKE in more ways than one.

The translated article from Anonymous News:

Questionable tender: Bundeswehr is apparently planning to march into Russia

A tender by the Bundeswehr causes a stir. Why do German troops need detailed geographic information about Russia? We are not talking about simple maps — no, it is about a complex geographic information system that you need if you want to operate with troops in the country.

by Dagmar Henn

A few days ago Die Welt reported on a tender by the German armed forces concerning geographical information about Russia. This somewhat peculiar formulation is necessary because the cards are not simple. It’s about a geographic information system. While the simple idea that it is a pile of current maps, as one is used to in everyday life, can send a shiver down your spine; since the Bundeswehr, whose constitutional mission is defense, has lost less than nothing in Russia, a geographic information system is far more sinister.

The tender reveals this goal with the phrase “vector data high resolution”. It is important to know that graphics and images can be created and stored on computers in two completely different ways. The one that most computer users are familiar with is made up of pixels, like a classic halftone print of a photograph. The other, the vector-based form, consists of mathematical formulas and additional properties. A curved red line is then a sequence of different curve formulas with the additional properties of line width and color. Graphics programs and CAD systems work with this type of data.

In contrast to files made up of pixels, the vector-based graphics have a much smaller volume and are easier to change (which in this case is of little importance) or to combine with additional data. As a result, it is possible, for example, to have three-dimensional models calculated using this data.

Now we are talking about a military project that is based on the images of military satellites. Two things have to be said about this. First of all, that the resolution (1:50,000) specified in the tender can be relocated to the realm of the imagination. “Military satellite systems such as In contrast, the KH-8 (Keyhole), for example, achieved a resolution of ten centimeters on the ground as early as the early 1980s to identify military equipment on the ground,” said a lecture at the Hamburg Forum for Geomatics in 2002. Between this resolution and the present, there are almost 40 years of further development, during which photocells have become more sensitive and data volumes have become easier to transfer. The current resolution of images from military satellites is likely to be in the millimeter range.

The second point that should not be overlooked is that military satellites don’t just snap pictures of the earth’s surface. At least not in the sense that they only take pictures in the spectrum of visible light. You can also do the whole thing in the infrared or radio wave range. However, this opens up completely different information.

A geographic information system now links the data obtained in this way with further information. For example, data on administrative centers and supply infrastructure for the geographic image of a city. Where are the hospitals, where is the water supply, the power plant, the television station… These are data that are obtained from the additional spectral ranges on the one hand, but can also be linked directly to the image on the other.

The company that won the tender (“for technical reasons” without competition) is called ARGE VEHA; that stands for Working Group for Vector Data Acquisition High Resolution. It is a foundation from the IABG in Dresden, the GAF AG in Munich and the Infoterra GmbH in Friedrichshafen.

In the self-description of Infoterra is “one of the world’s leading providers of radar satellite data and services. The company holds the exclusive commercial rights of use to the German radar satellite TerraSAR-X, which has been in operation since 2008, and to TanDEM-X, which was successfully launched on June 21, 2010.” It is a granddaughter of EADS. The IABG described its tasks in 2007 for the opening of its Dresden “Geodata Factory” as follows:

“Satellite images alone are not enough to provide our troops on missions abroad with the information they need for the mission and self-protection. In order to be able to use the satellite photos optimally in geographic information systems, they must be vectorized and attributed. Properties are assigned to the vector data such as climate, vegetation, drivability of the site, building use, etc.”

Is the picture of what this is about becoming a little clearer? Mind you, we’re not talking about geospatial data about Germany or one of its immediate neighbors, we’re talking about Russia. In the concrete application, you have to imagine it this way: In the staff there is access to all data levels, i.e. in addition to the terrain structure and other topographical information, also to the social and technical information that is linked to the vectorized map. If printed maps are required, they run out of the plotter with the desired combination of information. Troops that are given certain tasks receive the relevant map parts in digital or, if necessary, in analogue form. The tank driver would therefore know in advance exactly where a swamp hole is or how the respective obstacles can be bypassed.

Maps with such a density of information are only of interest if you actually want to act militarily in the area shown. It can hardly be assumed that the Bundeswehr can produce maps of the Central African Republic. But it should and shouldn’t need these kinds of “maps” of Russia either. Because if there was anything to the Russian threat constantly voiced by NATO, it would rather need maps of Poland; as is well known, this lies between Germany and the Russian border. Maps of Russia that go beyond what the innocent can buy or see on Google Maps would only be needed if it is not about defense, but attack.

15 thoughts on “Operation Barbarossa Redux?

  1. 1 week ago national pool was conducted in Germany by DW ( Deutsche Welle–news organization establish by Gebels)
    Question was posed to German :..” sollte Polen eine Geldstrafe wegen Gesetzesverstoßes bekommen ? ”
    (should Poland be fined for breaking the Rules of Law EU ? )
    The outcome from righteous ,Law abiding (: -)) German citizen was almost unanimous.
    ..” Yes !!! Severely punished ! ” say 82 % good German neighbours ..82 %..
    When ask , how to enforced punishment that “Rules of Law ” of EU in Poland will be ” restored” ? 76 % good Germans response was :..”mit allen verfügbaren Mitteln, einschließlich militärischer Beschränkungen “..
    ..”by all means available, including small scale military actions” ..
    Something we already experience 2 decades ago ,by bombing Serbia..Of course to restore there ” democrasy and Rules of Law”..
    Last 25 years ,Demonizing Poland by all Germans mass Media ,TV channels, bring the fruits..like in Hitler time.. There is a call coming , from German,Dutch,Austrian, Czech, Slovaks to send again ” EU”expeditionary corps to Poland..
    Of course good Russians will help from East to crash ” old well known Evil coming from Poland ” and weakening Russian Democracy as well..
    So..be prepare for a wild ride ..3 milion Islamic ” scientists ” who get ” temporary residency status) will be launch to populate and breed in new Mittleurope colony..Dream of Bismarck and Rache ( revenge ” for III Deutsche Reich)..
    Anglo-saxon like always will make the mony on the next War..so every Civilized Western country will be happy Western Democracy prevail and restored..
    New,Old Europe…ehhhh..

    Greece is already fallen https://twitter.com/i/status/1449942687298244608

    • oh no – so it is whole Europe agaist you, poor Poles?

      80 years ago it was whole Europe against them poor Germans you know…

      • what’s your point , beside mocking ?
        Your heads are already being cut off by knifes.,our not..
        You know well what will happen to you in no distance future ..
        Meanwhile we in Poland seat in chairs and watch a spectacle.. and more heads falling dawn ..

  2. Ok, let me speculate:

    The german army with its three working tanks and one working Eurofighter wants to go against Russia.
    Supported are they by infantry carrier vehicles that can transport pregnant women – but only if the ground is not to rough and only at speeds less then 10 km/h.
    I guess in the one ICV we have the women talking about getting dirty and ruining their mani- and pedicures and in the other ICV we have the Dragqueen / Gay brigade.

    I once saw a picture where there was the threat of violence at the border of Russia to another state and the russians did sent one platoon of people that looked like they were from Mongolia. One of them stood in the middle of the road with his MG pointed at the enemy. That was enough to tell the other side to get lost.

    I think in the case of the Bundeswehr one boyscout will be overkill. But I dont think the russians have something less threatening.

    Or they want to tell the russians thatwe Germans are big and powerful and therefore Russia should behave.

    Na, first thought is right and second is ASB (Alien Space Bats).

    • Really ?
      Germany/Merkel,Schnyder sign 3 month ago new Ribbentrop-Molotov pakt with Putin..so we don’t talking about Russia..
      We talking about Poland..Country and nation which 1100 years stying an German way to built with Russia , Pan-European Reich..
      Germans doesn’t need tanks to start War with Poland ..
      They have 3.5 milion Islamic Orks in military age in waiting..collected so scrupulously since 2015..Berlin is 60 km from Polish border..
      What need is a small provocation ( like Glivitze 1939) with anty-Islam content and quietly point 3.5 milions Islamic Orks Poles are responsible ..
      They will get so enrage ..intercept military rifle from German” unprotected” by chance military arms depot and lounch their anger on Poland..
      3.5 millions wild Orks ,wielding Bundesvehre weapon toward Polish land..
      German version ” Christmas Dream come earlier”..
      After some time they will create ” coalition of willing” and come to Poland to restore an Ordnung from War Chaos..
      Scenario so known by our Polish nation..
      Anglo-saxons will condemn in most serious words that behaviour .. but will not past a good business opportunity to make a back or two on the War..
      In the proces ,Poland wild slaughter very considerable Orks numbers..and a lot Poles will be kill as well.country burn and destroyed again, woman raped ,churches burned..Orks keept at the bay in Poland territory for European ” safety”..Russian for their part will take their ” ancien land” upon Vistula river..To satisfied remaining Poles and to show a good will ,Humanity and intentions toward 5-6 milions Evil POLES left, they will give them ” Polish Resevat” as to North American Indians..in the past or Poleshttps://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fzpe.gov.pl%2Fb%2Fna-lasce-cara-krolestwo-polskie%2FP41VidQbs&psig=AOvVaw32F0aoCv9EBmc03oZ2kgLs&ust=1634668843113000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAgQjRxqFwoTCOjRyZDO1PMCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAI
      or 150 years laterhttps://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fcommons.wikimedia.org%2Fwiki%2FFile%3AGeneralne_gubernatorstwo_1945.png&psig=AOvVaw0SbmMJdRo4361rUhnNyH7N&ust=1634668910129000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAgQjRxqFwoTCOD8nrHO1PMCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD
      Old Germany old Russia and the old tricks..

    • So those 3 working tanks and 1 Eurofighter ,was what Germany contributed to Afghan War..whom you want to full ?
      As of July 2021, the Bundeswehr has a strength of 184,507 active-duty military personnel and 80,374 civilians, placing it among the 30 largest military forces in the world and making it the second largest in the European Union behind France in personnel.
      Good try BND :-)) Will work for an American goofs but not for us..

  3. Javohl Her Commerade from BND (The Bundesnachrichtendienst is the foreign intelligence service of the Federal Republic of Germany, compiling political, economic and military foreign intelligence directly subordinate to the Chancellor’s Office -Merkel )
    I must to touch some nerves if BND officer show up here to discredit above subject..

  4. What I find extremely amusing is, the German military send new Lieutenants to meeting with the defense minister, they also refuse to take calls from the defense ministers minions as well. The Luftwaffe refuses to fly the defense minister until they get funding to fix the planes they do have, they keep flying her commercial on regular back of the bus tickets. The troops regularly turn their backs on that feminaxi filth and that fact she doesn’t trust the military that she has outside personal security details.

  5. Bundeswehr contracts for data but who is the real end-user? That sort of extreme detail could have a lot of commercial. diplomatic, political, or military (especially SpecOps) uses. It’s even possible Russia is using the Wermacht, my bad, Bundeswehr as a blind to gain access to a level of technological expertise they don’t themselves possess. Wheels within wheels. I trust nothing these days to be what it claims, except when a Democrat waxes exuberant at the thought of ruling/crushing/humiliating another human being. Fascism, I believe, comes straight from the heart.

  6. It us more likely that russiawill inva de eastern europe ,they aren’t producing hypersonic nuclear missiles for show.A nation that has 182,000 troops does not attacka a country has over 1 million active personnel and nuclear weapons.
    Even Hitler would not be so stupid , russian agents have been spotted sizing up ports on the west coast of the Irish Republic.

    • Well if the Russians invaded Ireland, it would be an improvement over the 3rd world filth they keep letting in.

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