Mayhem in Ramallah-on-the-Spree

A man was severely beaten in a culturally enriched district of Berlin for refusing to shout “Free Palestine”. The victim is reportedly a “German citizen”, which means he is probably a fellow culture-enricher who declined to engage in the Jew-hatred that Muslims consider mandatory.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Die Welt:

36-year-old refuses to shout, “Free Palestine”— critically injured

Berlin police are searching for three men, who first harassed a 36-year-old and then beat him. Now the man is fighting for his life. The victim refused to shout an anti-Israel phrase.

Three unknown persons critically injured a man in Berlin. According to police, around 10:35 pm, at Altstadter Ring, they reportedly demanded that the man shout, “Free Palestine” [German: “Freie Palaestina”]. The words are considered anti-Israel since it questions the right of existence of the State of Israel.

When the man refused, the three men hit him, kicked him, and seriously injured him in the head, as the police reported. It was also confirmed by Die Welt that the victim is a German citizen. The 36-year-old lost consciousness for a short time. The three unknown persons then fled, according to the information.

Witnesses called an ambulance that took the man to the hospital. As yet, there is no indication of a possible connection between the three men and the 36-year-old, said a police spokesperson on Tuesday. The Criminal Police are investigating.

On Twitter, the Jewish NGO Werte Initiative called the attack a “heinous act”. “It is obviously a brutal case of Israel-related anti-Semitism,” which is being articulated more and more aggressively in Germany.

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  1. Last week while I was in Germany (Bavaria), the radio news was full of stories about small girls aged 10-12 being groped, and that police were out to catch the culprits. (No descriptions given).

    Germany sure is a changed place to when I lived there in the early 2000s, when there were hardly any such stories…

    • Germany is deep state , thanks to Merkel&CO and this other politicians traitors, they will bring more this parasites to country and Europe, European beautiful way of life is over ..

    • Don’t fool yourself, the bloody turks were a pain in everyones backside back in the 89’s and 90’s, but back then the cops would really work you over to get their point across.

      • C’mon – how many Turks were there back then, compared to all the Moslems now?

        And were they anywhere near as bad, as the Isis-wannabes and mass gropers of today?

        • Exactly, in eighties, nineties, this Turks living in Germany mostly in Berlin, was nothing I mean nothing compering what is happening now !! NowWe are dealing with murders , terrorists , huge amount of pedophiles 7th. Century savages, witch all consequences from 2015 Merkel&CO open doors to all 3 th.worlders coming to the light in speedy way, just watch now with this new communist government, !! It will be much much worse..

        • Green, the bloody turks were bad then and the rest of these bloody sub human savages are now worse, and the worst has yet to come, so prepare yourselves or be sheep for the slaughter.

          • Just look at Polish / Bielarus border , another 2015 on the rise , and this mafia EU. Said they not closing borders or help Poland with wires and wall to protect Europe against another invasion..

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