Lies, Damned Lies, and Vax Propaganda

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from the Upper Austrian regional weekly Wochenblick:

The declared bankruptcy of the vaccination lobbyists

It is well known that lies have short legs. They run a little farther if you give them a helping hand with a lot of money and repeat them on a daily basis on ORF [Österreichischer Rundfunk, Austrian public broadcaster]. But now the marathon of lies is over. Christian Drosten, the mastermind of the German horde of lobbyists, admits in his latest podcast that immunity against “Corona” requires not only “vaccinations” but also recurring “Covid” infections!

A guest commentary by Gerd Reuther M.D.

Once again in plain language: You have to be “vaccinated” in order to still be able to get sick. This is the only way to create protective immunity! “Covid” infections alone would be just as inadequate as “vaccinations”. The “vaccination breakthroughs” that were previously confessed to being embarrassed are now a guarantee of success! Finally, a reservoir of the unvaccinated offers the “vaccinated” the urgently needed possibilities of infection. But who needs a “vaccination” that doesn’t prevent disease? The latest move by the vaccination mafia to establish nonsensical and dangerous injections as a fixed part of life has become a checkmate in its own right.

What a vaccine must be able to do

In the painful history of vaccination, there has never been a “vaccination” that only offered protection in combination with the disease it was supposed to prevent. Finally, the definition of vaccines includes (1) preventing disease and (2) preventing the transmission of a potential pathogen. With his most recent admission, Charité Professor Drosten has denied all “Covid” injection solutions the rating of “vaccination”!

Hopeless justification

The claim that the “Covid vaccines” would at least prevent a severe progression of the disease is the last bastion of futile justifications. In the case of diseases that — like “Covid” — only extremely rarely have a greater negative impact on health, it can always be assumed that these could have been more severe without the “vaccination”. After all, nobody has a direct comparison! The severity of a viral disease has nothing to do with the pathogen anyway, but with the immune system of the person affected. If this is severely damaged, nothing can protect it from a severe course.

Why a booster vaccination?

Against this background, the AHA rules (keep your distance, observe hygiene rules, wear masks every day) on infection protection become a mental explosive device. If stable immunity is required according to the latest version of a disease, then we must by no means prevent it! Every “vaccinated person” has to strive for an infection! And then what about the urgent recommendation for “booster” vaccinations? We should let the vaccination minister of this country explain this to us if he wants to introduce the “immunity card” with a validity of six months, as in Israel in the near future.

Dr. Gerd Reuther is a bestselling author and former chief physician. He was the youngest chief physician in Germany. He later gave up his post. But his job did not let him go; he wrote several books on medicine and health.

9 thoughts on “Lies, Damned Lies, and Vax Propaganda

  1. If you want to get a taste of Austrian state run propaganda in English, tune in to FM4, they have large english sections every day, and news in english every hour.

    It used to be one of the best music radios in central Europe, but I stopped listening to them a year ago because the propaganda was unbearable. Refugees good, europeans bad, vaccines are the best, antivaxxers are the worst… as the intro to this article points out: Lies run a little farther if you give them a helping hand with a lot of money and repeat them on a daily basis on ORF…

    • There is nothing going on in Europe that requires anyone’s attention. The place is going down the [sump].

      Hell France fields more than half of its soccer team from Africa! yet still moronic whites go to support the team. Its pathetic. England is right behind them.

      The only points of interest I have in Europe is Sweden’s response to covid and the Swiss of all people standing up for themselves.

      The rest of Europe is a farce and not worthy of one moments attention. Its the home of the cabal and they clearly feel well protected.

  2. I am not at all surprised at this. One thing I would also not be surprised about is the secret desire to remove all “reference adults” from the population by vaccinating them.

    • In my darkest thoughts I wish that a virus triggers ADE (with 100% death rate) in everybody who has been jabbed.
      I wouldnt be surprised if we would then find out that all our politicians, CEO`s etc are NOT jabbed and survive.

      • Oh, it follows that none of the controllers have received a genuine jab.

        This also implies that there is no novel virus about. They know full well there is no controlling the spread of a virus and that releasing a dangerous pathogen would place them in danger as much as any plebe.

        As for the ADE effect, we won’t know the extent until we’re well into flu season.

        • I continue to say the same thing over and over.

          The testing method is a fraud. If that isn’t changed then every conversation downstream of that is moot.

          That is the trick FFS! They want you to talk and involve yourself in meaningless nonsense.

          Attack the weak point!

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