I Will Not…

I will not…

by Seneca III

…participate in the destruction of our society.
Women are women; Men are men; Deviance is deviance.
I will not police my language nor hold my tongue.
I will not use moronic ‘Preferred Pronouns’.
I will not pander to hysterical minority groups.
I will not act as if their mental illness is acceptable.
I was born a normal human being and will remain so.

It is now a testament to the level of decay and depravity in Western civilization that when one stands out by his or her commitment to being normal he will be considered unusual… or even evil or guilty of a Hate Crime.

Fortunately, I live in a predominantly blue-collar and mostly self-employed or small company community. Such people tend to be pragmatists and have no time for those dysphoriacs who seek to destroy everything that is good. I have never experienced a Wokist here and don’t expect to. Everywhere I look there are young men and women having and bringing up their children, often with a dog to complete the joyous family unit.

Only a few frightened drones are still walking and driving around wearing masks. They are simply ignored and often regarded with pity.

Our school kids are all spic and span and neatly uniformed on their way to school, yet are very often rebelliously dishevelled on their way home (ties undone and askew, shirts hanging out etc.), but they are always so full of energy and laughter and the joy of life that their presence has calming effect on the waters of these stormy times. Mischievous they are, yes, but harmlessly so. Healthy, happy youngsters always are that way, pushing the boundaries to find out what is and what is not acceptable in society. The future belongs to them and they must find the best ways to shape it.

Furthermore, I would emphasise that I do not know of any man who has a cervix nor do I recognise anyone as “A person who breast feeds”, as the ugly-minded proselytisers of deviance choose to misrepresent that natural function. I do recognise and enjoy the presence of those whom evolution and nature intended to bear and succour our young — women.

Down all my days I have exercised my role first as a normally functioning heterosexual male and later as a father. I have happily carried out my responsibilities in loving union with a real woman where the meaning of life finds its soul.

Elsewhere, the poor demented creatures screaming out demands that their terrible way of non-life be recognised not just as normal but especially privileged constitute an offence against all humanity. Let us be done with them; gently and kindly so, yes, for they are the benighted and are in need of our care, as they have either drawn or constructed for themselves a truly rotten hand in the poker game of life, but done with them we must be. They cannot be permitted to exercise any power over our way of life nor impose upon us their grotesque moralities.

However, their manipulative, cynical, self-serving political bag-carriers who criminalise us by using evil, weaponised legalisms to defend the deviants’ are a different matter entirely; for them there must be nothing… or something a little more definitive than nothing, perhaps.

— Seneca III

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10 thoughts on “I Will Not…

    • yeah..[insult redacted]
      Internet warriors..but when will come to push and shawels never around..
      Were where those Anglo-saxon warriors preachers, when Tommi Robinson and others where prosecuted and crucified by Britisch commie-nazi political ellites ?
      My Polish hard working folks working and living in UK come to his defence and participate in larg numbers in manifestations on number of occasions..but ” righteous Brits” not..
      Words are cheap..

      • ok.Baron..you so sweet in your censorship attempts :-))
        But you are forgiven..Your blog yours contributors..Most important ,you read a full context :-)) Perhaps you where right to censor..
        But adjacent has to be made by West to heard to East European straight sometime unpleasant for West an unorthodox opinions..
        Your West monopol on narration and views on the World is long time gone ,but you didn’t notice..get used to..it is permanent future and state of affairs :-)) Your West political correctness doesn’t serve you well :-))

      • Hmmm, It is interesting to note that the Poles are bringing all sorts of weapons to once Great Britain, and frankly speaking, the Brits are going to get what they deserve for being weak, feckless and too bloody civilized with their tea, crumpets and a stiff upper lip for their troubles. Oh the fun times ahead!

        • Why do you thing ,what where the reasons ,Brits and American Mason sold us to Russian Communist Masons in Yalta 1945 ?
          But ” Rusian” Judeo-commie didn’t finish us in last 52 years a homogeneus Catholic Nation in the meddle of Europe..
          And we are back geopolitical World stage..with Vengeance i have to admit..
          Anglo-saxons will be the first to pay long due own historical bill..
          We Slavs are different than you Westerners….Our Souls and perception of Reality is different .. ..Nothing is forgotten ..Nothing is Forgiven..We live and strive for Vengeance..
          Vengeance for slaughter by you ,our Children , Grandfathers,Fathers..Families..
          Ask Rome where it is now ?? Does name of Vanades ring a bell in you ?
          We prevail thousands of years in Man History and will prevail as a direct blood line of Our Kings forever
          We are a contemporary ROHAN !!

  1. Your derogatory ,xenophobic and racist statement you presented couple years ago , here on Baron site about Romanian and Polish people are ok ? because they are not on your ” personal integrity” list….
    You manage to make yourself famous in Poland,Romania and CEE countries because of that ..
    Are you an Anglo-saxon bigot ? just asking..
    Regards from Poland..we like to see you here ..That will give you opportunity to explain yourself.. We Pole have excellent memories..

    • I certainly can’t speak for the good Baron, but I will say this, he certainly isn’t racist to the Poles or Romanians, so I have no idea where you are getting these paranoid delusional thoughts from? Maybe the whole thing is a lost in translation thing? Or your hatred towards anything British might affect your thinking process. Yeah I can understand your derision towards the Brits for throwing the Poles under the bus in 1939 and after wards though.

      • It wasn’t a Baron..We respect him and Dymphna in Poland and Hungary..Hi is spiritually and by soul ,kin of us..
        It was opinion from couple years ago ( after Brexit) of author of this post..Seneca III
        Hi get opportunity to apologize…and hi never did..

        • You will have to forgive ole SenecaIII for he is a Brit, but, he is a right thinking Brit who sees the writing on the wall, so not a bad sort. He actually is on the same page as yourself, but you cannot see the forest for the trees ole son.

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