Viktor Orbán Welcomes Eric Zemmour to Budapest

Eric Zemmour is a popular anti-immigration commentator in France whose TV appearances have often been featured in this space.

In the following video Mr. Zemmour visits Budapest, where he is welcomed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation (from the French portion of the clip), and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:21   Welcome! —Thank you! I’m very happy to see you.
00:25   Thank you for receiving me.
00:29   Obviously, I’m very honored, and speak of you very often.
00:35   I believe I’m your best defender in Paris.
00:42   A part of [?]
00:46   You won’t find a better lawyer than me! I agree!
00:50   Thank you very much for coming! —I must thank you for being here, really.
00:54   Have you been to Hungary before? —I was here thirty years ago.
00:59   I came regularly because I love this city. I visited when I was young.
01:05   For me, this is one of the most beautiful European cities.
01:24   Let me add, the city becomes more and more interesting.
01:29   Capital cities with seats of government are the most interesting.
01:34   Then Paris will really interest you.

2 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán Welcomes Eric Zemmour to Budapest

  1. Eric Zemmour is now almost a candidate for the french presidential election in 2022. According to the latest polls, he could have 13 % of the votes in the first round ( compared with 23% for Macron ) but he had about only 5% of the voting intentions two or three months ago.
    He has approximately the same political opinions as Marine Le Pen, but he is much more strongly anti-islam and anti-immigration than Marine Le Pen.
    In a recent and excellent TV debate against the leftist candidate Jean Luc Melenchon, Zemmour dared to say what even Marine Le Pen doesn’t dare to say. He said that distinction between islam and islamism is a meaningless and false distinction. For him, islam is islamism at rest and islamism is islam in action….It is probably the first time that such a thing is said in front of 3,8 millions of TV viewers during this debate.

    Marine Le Pen voting intention in the polls went in three week down from 25 % to 16%.
    It is more and more probable that Zemmour will take Marine Le Pen’s place in the polls and will be opposed to Macron at the second round of french presidential elections.

    Zemmour is a far better speaker and debater than Marine Le Pen and with a far better culture, and that is very important for a candidate at a french presidential election.
    Marine Le Pen will lose any presidential debate against Macron. On the contrary, Zemmour could intellectually trounce Macron in any TV presidential debate.

    Zemmour’s only problem is that he has no party, but Macron created his own party a few week before his election in 2017.

    This visit of Zemmour to Orban maybe the beginning of a strong alliance between these two men after french election if Zemmour wins. The so-called France-Germany couple which is the core of the european union could be replaced by a trio France Hungary Poland…

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