The Rude Awakening is Yet to Come!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Epoch Times:

The rude awakening is yet to come!

German inflation rate over four percent mark

Fueled by high energy prices, inflation in Germany exceeded the four percent mark for the first time in almost 28 years.

Consumer prices rose in September compared to the same month last year by 4.1 percent, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on the basis of a preliminary calculation. The Wiesbaden statisticians last determined a four with a decimal point in December 1993 at 4.3 percent.

Higher inflation weakens the purchasing power of consumers because they can then buy less for one euro than before. Rising inflation rates are also bitter for savers who, for example, park money in low-interest overnight money accounts. The bottom line is that your balances lose their value.

According to preliminary data, consumer prices remained unchanged in September compared with August. Inflation has been fueled by rising energy prices for months. In the course of the economic recovery after the Corona crisis, the demand for crude oil has increased significantly, which is driving prices up.

In Germany, since January, €25 per tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is created when diesel, gasoline, heating oil and natural gas are burned have come due. Both are causing energy prices to rise.

Inflation rate of five percent possible

In September, consumers had to pay 14.3 percent more for household energy and fuels than a year earlier, according to preliminary data. Food prices rose 4.9 percent. Services cost 2.5 percent more than in September 2020.

The withdrawal of the temporary VAT cut is now having a full impact on the inflation trend. In order to stimulate consumption during the Corona crisis, the federal government had temporarily reduced VAT from July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. The regular VAT rates have been in effect again since January 2021, so goods and services are tending to become more expensive again.

Inflation rates of around five percent in Europe’s largest economy are considered possible this year. However, economists see the rise in inflation as a temporary phenomenon.

They currently do not see the increased risk of a prolonged or even out of control price spiral. In the coming year, inflation is likely to weaken again, in their opinion.

“As long as the wage agreements remain moderate, there is not much to suggest that we run into permanent inflation,” said Veronika Grimm recently, for example.

Afterword from the translator:

The re-invention of inherited serfdom. I’m making an educated guess here, but I’m pretty sure that Klaus Schwab already has an erection and is drooling with anticipation at the number of people that will perish and be buried deeper in debt-slavery for generations to come.

3 thoughts on “The Rude Awakening is Yet to Come!

  1. Once the currencies that are presently in use are worthless due to inflation and other factors, but mostly inflation as the result of governmental over-spending, then those currencies can and will be replaced with a global issue currency that will help to enforce the New World Order.
    The changeover is a long process and must be carefully engineered as people won’t tolerate somebody else messing with their financial worth (read robbery). The process is nearly complete and that is why the signs we are seeing are more obvious than they had been previously. I had the globalist economic mantra shoved down my throat in the course of my Bus. Admin. degree pursuit. I was expected to give support it and preach as though it was the Gospel. I knew better, but many of my classmates didn’t or didn’t even care as the dollar was their icon and financial success was their god.
    Thus we have those willing sycophants putting their shoulders to the advancement of the agenda in the belief that they will be rewarded for their service and will continue to have while others go without. Sadly, the train they’re on goes to God knows where, and they don’t know and they don’t care, to quote Savoy Brown, August 1967.
    The saddest thing about all this is that the elite will not allow us to opt out of their agenda as they need our participation to supply the needed justification for their plans and agenda. If the consequences wouldn’t be so dire one could almost feel sorry for them for being the deluded fools that they are, worshipping an inanimate god that is unable to fill their spiritual needs.

    • Acura, dear. You hit the nail right on the head. Why people in authority not think this way. Common sense is the saviour. Since when did democracy became so illusional and lie-based. Why a country is not democratic if it does not let itself be flooded by invaders?

      When kids graduate they know only two things: Palstinians’ land is occupied and Israel is a apartheid. But they don’t know that those Israelis who are in their ancestral land (Judea and Samaria) were kicked from Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Europe. . . Some never made it to Israel because they were massacred.

      Has the world forgotten : “Lest we forget” :

      The “Voyage of the Damned” The St. Louis vessel set sail from Hamburg to Cuba on May 13, 1939, under command of Captain Gustav Schröder, carrying 937 passengers, most of them Jewish refugees seeking asylum from Nazi persecution in Germany.

      How quickly we forget and remember “the new Jews are muslims.”


      Mujslims murder and are set free for a bail of $330, 000

      What a crooked world!

  2. Burn bay burn! Run Europe in to the ground soon so that we may rebuild with nationalist, not globulist.

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