“Taking Advantage of This Unfortunate Situation Called the Covid Pandemic”

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi is an Italian economist and the former president of the Vatican Bank. In the following video Mr. Tedeschi discusses the opportunity provided by the COVID-19 pandemic to implement the Great Reset. I find it interesting that he describes the upcoming Great Reset as an attempt to rectify the mistakes made during the previous Great Reset some fifty years ago.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:20   Its name is New World Economic Order.
00:23   It was conceived between the end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies.
00:31   Its originator was Henry Kissinger, at the very beginning.
00:38   It was a veritable reset. We are trying to correct the mistakes
00:43   that we have been making for the last fifty years,
00:48   since the very first reset, also known as New World Economic Order,
00:53   which was designed in the seventies.
00:59   Founded upon a series of facts which ignore natural law.
01:06   Which we can define as “not always natural”, and “pretty utopian”.
01:14   After fifty years, since the first reset of the seventies
01:20   produced several mistakes, a second reset is needed, today.
01:28   The current reset, commonly called “The Great Reset,” is nothing but a correction
01:34   of the mistakes which we have been making for the last fifty years.
01:41   So therefore, thanks to — or rather taking advantage of —
01:46   this unfortunate situation called the “Covid Pandemic”,
01:51   there is the possibility to boost, or rather — I will use a strong expression —
01:56   to impose or to caused to be imposed certain behaviors.
02:01   Nevertheless, today’s reset is the correction of the mistakes made by yesterday’s reset.
02:08   First, a suggestion was made, that is related to the great crisis
02:14   we have been witnessing in recent decades.
02:21   Too many births.
02:24   And as a consequence, the need to decrease the birth rate of the population.
02:31   What was the very first effect of this process?
02:38   The birth rate dropped. But where? In the Western world.
02:42   The shrinking of population took place mainly in the so-called Western World,
02:46   the United States and Europe. Why is the population growth rate supposed to be reduced?
02:51   Because, according to a neo-Malthusian worldview, the more people are born,
02:57   the more people consume, the more people waste what nature provides for us.

9 thoughts on ““Taking Advantage of This Unfortunate Situation Called the Covid Pandemic”

  1. As much as I despise the elites, I agree with the assessment of way too many births; especially in the third world. However, if the fake pandemic and vaxx that’s even more fake than Biden’s sentience are designed to be the instrument to depopulate the planet they have failed. The hordes of third world orcs aren’t the ones getting the fake vaxx while western nations seem determined to vaxx every native citizen whether they want it or not and even if they have to use a truncheon to force them to get the jab for their own good of course. Thus it would appear that if there are serious side effects like death or infertility, it will disproportionately affect western nations which already have declining populations.

    • I don’t agree with you one bit about “too many births” but I have some bad news for you.
      Those ‘elites’ don’t want to reduce reduce births in the Third World. Third Worlders make great serfs. They are our replacements.
      They want to eliminate births in the First World where there might yet be some resistance. They also want to eliminate the ‘carbon footprint’ those First Worlders represent.

      • Yes, it would appear that the purpose is more intended to destroy First World economies and population. The frenetic and rabid push to forcibly compel every last Westerner to be jabbed whether they want it or not gives the game away.

        As to the “too many births”, I recognize that its a very controversial opinion, especially amongst the religious. My reason for my viewpoint has to do with ecology and the principle of carrying capacity. No scientific study or studies that I am aware of have ever attempted to define the carrying capacity of the planet for humans. Historically for most of human history it was under a billion inhabitants due to diseases, wars, and the limits of farming technology. With the Industrial Revolution and the later medical and agricultural advances along with the exploitation of fossil fuels to allow more people to survive childhood diseases while remaining mostly fed so they could breed like rats in adulthood, the population has exploded within a little over a century to the 8+ billion at present. Granted, technological advances might allow the population to continue to grow to 50 or even 100 billion on the planet but at what cost? Everyone except a handful of super elites being forced to eat insect protein, while they live in microcubical apartments in towers hundreds of stories high because every speck of land has been turned over to agriculture or energy production? How about the lack of freedom and privacy that would accompany such a massive human population? No personal transportation and little if any personal energy consumption either.

        My point is that yes, the human population could probably be several multiples of what it is presently but it would be a nightmarish and hellish existence with little resemblance to the already heavily curtailed existence we live in at present.

        • Please visit Population Research Institute’s website. Stephen Mosher has been tireless in compiling the demographic data that refutes everything you knew about the global population.

          • So how many hundreds of billions of peoples do you think this planet needs? Why stop there? Why not trillions if there is no such thing as a physical or ecological limit?

        • That is just a basic difference between us – You see people as consumers. I see them as resources.

  2. Nor should anyone forget this, (remembering one can search for population control, reduction, and find many groups of elites too happy to hear what they have to say to the serfs of the world) short video

    Jacques Attali: “The Stupid Will Believe It And Ask To Be Treated” https://gatesofvienna.net/2021/09/jacques-attali-the-stupid-will-believe-it-and-ask-to-be-treated/#respond vid, text ******/5

    I guess Roe v Wade and millions murdered in abortions, aren’t enough! Certainly Trump was a symbol of maximum danger to following up with this global elite NWO planning, hence the TDS, although they had him surrounded without his seeming to know it.

    Thus having been prepped, perhaps the contents of this Ardis video may make better sense, about medical treatment “murder”, en masse, as it were >
    What Is More Dangerous? (COVID-19 or the COVID-19 Hospital Protocols?)
    September 21st, 2021 https://odysee.com/@Jadu200:7/Dr-Bryan-Ardis-flyover:d 1.3hr **********/5

    I have zero question that this all fits together, part and parcel of a grand plan, an NWO Great Reset, devised by the elites, in their extreme egotistical sicknesses, “absolute power corrupts, absolutely”, (especially so in absence of our Lord God and Christ) and begun, conceived, many decades ago, at least before the 60s, according to the extensive history I have read, some time ago, on the internet.

    If anyone doesn’t yet get it, the goal is to control the advanced nations of the whole globe, by central bureaucrat commission, and to reduce population somewhere between 15% to 90% according to many different documents. it is understood that a next pandemic, in a year to three would be worse, i.e. more effective.

    I don’t know for sure how the communist nations fit in quite yet, possibly war, possibly complicity. unclear to me at this moment. No doubt we shall see before too long, unless we can stop this madness of a Malthusian nature. Missing the fact of self regulating mechanisms to birth rates, which will stabilize. These elites, (including academics) have no faith in man nor God. None whatsoever, mere nihilists.

  3. I would ask that someone making statements like that state what the policy change or correction was, what impact did it have and what correction was made following. In detail and referencing some countries/UN policy.

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