Running With Scissors

Last Sunday I reported on a culture-enriching Somali who ran around stabbing people, one of them a child, in the Italian beach resort of Rimini. The authorities hasten to assure the citizenry, who otherwise might have been anxious, that the incident had nothing to do with terrorism.

In the following video former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini addresses his concerns about the incident to Luciana Lamorgese, the Minister of the Interior in Mario Draghi’s cabinet.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Giornale di Rimini on the attack in Rimini:

Rimini: Knifeman on bus, the “trigger” was the check and the sanction

September 13, 2021

Tomorrow morning the 26-year-old Somali who unleashed panic on Saturday in Rimini will face a late interrogation due to a delay in finding an interpreter. First, on board a trolley bus, stabbing two female conductors who asked him to show a ticket. And then fleeing on the street and wounding three other people — among them a 6-year-old child, originally from Bangladesh — gravely but now out of danger.

From what has been obtained thus far from the investigators, Rimini prosecutor Elisabetta Melotti explained to the press this afternoon, with Police Chief Francesco De Cicco at her side, “Based on previous behavior in reference to miscellaneous information from the police, as to the results of the search and subsequent behavior, no elements of any kind have emerged.”

What is certain is that from 2015 the man, traveling around Europe, requesting asylum in five different nations, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and Switzerland, eventually arriving in Italy on August 9, was in possession of five knives, three of which were kitchen knives found on the bus, and a pair of scissors, while the initial toxicological and alcohol tests of his urine have given no results.

Now the results of blood tests are pending. The attacker, moreover, during a psychiatric interview, declared that he has “a persecution experience” in his history, while on the morning of the episode, he had gone to the police headquarters to report an attack he suffered in the building in which he was a guest of the Red Cross of Riccione. “Verifications at this time seem negative.” In brief, “Some dynamics of the behavior remain to be reconstructed in detail and also the type of wounds,” argues the prosecutor, to try to also understand “the reasons for his behavior.”

There are no other criminal complaints or charges pending against him, points out the chief of police, only the report of aggressive behavior at the time of his Covid swab test last September 10 after quarantine. “While the swab test was being done, he reacted in an agitated manner,” he says, adding that, “From today, he would have been placed in one of the centers to begin the procedure of internationalization of his presence in Italy.” As he had asked five other countries, except that he then failed to show up again at the asylum offices.

The “trigger”, underlines De Cicco, on Saturday onboard #11, were the checks and the fine. The man attacked the two women and stabbed them, causing a prognosis of 10-60 days [recovery] respectively. Then he fled, followed by police, with “a series of violent behaviors”; trying to steal a car with threats to the owner; a light wound to a young woman “with no apparent motive”, throwing rocks, and threatening police.

Then another slight injury to a woman and the most serious episode with the child, the circumstances of which are still under investigation, after which, he got rid of the scissors and knife. The crimes he was charged with are attempted homicide, resisting arrest, and attempted robbery, with aggravating factors, the reactions to the ticket check and wounding of a child, “striking randomly without motivation”.

“I am being extremely cautious,” Melotti stresses. “It is a phase in which a whole series of things are being evaluated,” beginning with the possible previous persecution. “At the moment,” she concludes, “we cannot give an indication of possible premeditation, considering also the modality of the behavior,” and the police chief adds, “The triggering cause of the check-fine, which has reassured us as to the matrix of the act.”

Chief of Police Di Cicco stressed: “Thanks to the collaboration of the citizens, we were able to follow step-by-step the trail of the absconder.” And as to the dramatic moments of that Saturday, Elisabetta Melotti recalled: “You can imagine on 11 September a foreign citizen who attacks two conductors opens a scenario, not just fantasy, but also as to reasonableness, even apocalyptic.”

Video transcript:

00:00   While Minister Lamorgese was dissing me on the media,
00:04   yesterday, in Rimini the umpteenth fake refugee attacked
00:09   and stabbed five people in the throat, including a kid.
00:13   Enough! After illegal raves, criminal baby gangs, femicides,
00:17   fake refugees who stab, dear Minister Lamorgese,
00:22   if you are capable of doing your own job, do it and demonstrate it to the Italian people.
00:26   Otherwise, let someone different replace you.

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  1. ==QUOTE== “At the moment,” she concludes, “we cannot give an indication of possible premeditation, considering also the modality of the behavior,” and the police chief adds, “The triggering cause of the check-fine, which has reassured us as to the matrix of the act.” ==UNQUOTE==

    Sorry, I don’t understand this. The “matrix of the act” seems to be vocabulary from a weird doctrine of motivation. And the police chief’s statement has no main verb. Or maybe this is just a bad translation. Here’s the original text:

    “Allo stato – conclude – non si può dare un’indicazione su una possibile premeditazione, considerando anche la modalità della condotta” e, aggiunge il questore, la causa scatenante nel controllo-sanzione, che “ci ha ‘tranquillizzati’ sulla matrice del gesto”.

  2. No “premeditation” he boarded the bus with 5 knives and a pair of scissiors are the Italian police idiots or following orders from higher ups to not mention to the press this is classic jihad. He was “trigger” by female bus attendant asking for his bus ticket how dare a female unbeliever ask him to pay to ride a public bus.

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