Moldovans: Let Them Come to Berlin

Energetic but impoverished citizens of the Republic of Moldova have found it worth their while to become “asylum seekers” and make regular trips to Berlin to receive the cash and free goodies handed out by the Berlin state government to all and sundry.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating these two articles. First, from Weltwoche Daily:

Unpleasant for Moldovans

Berlin: Asylum seekers are now receiving monthly payments again

In Berlin, asylum seekers are receiving monthly payments again. The asylum tourists from Moldova in particular should not be happy about this news, now the extended families — which traveling group could that be? — also have to travel monthly in their minibuses and cars to get the social dough.

Cash for migrants in Berlin: Moldovans arrive in minibuses. The government does not see this as a problem

by Annabel Schunke

For some years now, Berlin has led the table of recipient countries in the German state financial equalization system by a considerable margin. This is nothing new for us Germans, but it is still worth mentioning as soon as the topic falls on the expenditure of the financially weak federal state.

For example, every migrant in Berlin — whether entitled to asylum or not — is given cash upon arrival. As a result, 60 percent of the immigrants arriving there are not asylum seekers at all, but people from the Republic of Moldova.

In an internal letter from the State Office for Refugees, two employees report up to €4,500 in cash for a large family. In addition, there should be a Corona allowance of €300 and money for laptops and tablets. It literally means: “The joy is enormous and every acquaintance is contacted immediately to be informed about it.”

Meanwhile, the column from Moldova arrives in minibuses, in organized trips. Some even come at regular intervals — over and over again. The police are now talking about smuggling crime. And yet the red-red-green government in Berlin wants to stick to its cash practice.

Perhaps, as a German, I should just join the queue once in a while.

The second article is from Bild:

“For two months we get €900, after that we drive back”

More and more Moldovans are seeking asylum in Berlin

Berlin — What’s going on at the arrival center for asylum seekers in Berlin-Wittenau? The broadcaster “rbb” reports on people smuggling, drug abuse and fraudulent social benefits. BILD got a photo on-site. In a letter from the Berlin State Office for Refugee Issues (LAF) to the responsible Senate administration, the conditions there are said to have come to light. The LAF warns that many asylum seekers from Moldova are attracted by the money. There is talk of up to “€4,500 in cash” for large families. LAF spokesman Sascha Langenbach (53) on BILD: “There is €150 pocket money per person per month. But it can also be more.”

Word of that seems to get around in the poverty-ridden Republic of Moldova. According to LAF, up to 200 people currently arrive on peak days. 60 percent of them are Moldovans. A. also arrived in his car and told BILD: “My wife is in the building and is applying for asylum. We get €900 for two months, after which we drive back.” “It is very unlikely that Moldovan citizens will get asylum,” says Langenbach. Nevertheless, they must first be treated like other refugees and given pocket money.

Another problem: dirty system, found drug syringes, alcohol bottles. According to the rbb report, the garbage was swept up next to the security house on Thursday. A Polish couple confirms: “What’s going on here is crazy. Everyone is just drinking here, there are syringes in the bushes.” When asked by BILD, the Senate announced that last week Vivantes [state-owned healthcare company] transferred house rights to the LAF: “Since then there have been entrance controls.” According to Social Senator Elke Breitenbach (60, left), there is no evidence of smuggling crimes.

LAF spokesman Langenbach: “Many of these applicants come between three and four in the morning. That’s unusual.”

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  1. I am in contact with a local gypsy community right here on the border between CZ and DE, and I can tell you that our Gypsies regularly go over the border to claim this kind of money. They certainly look the part, and they learned to speak broken english with arabic accent (saying Inshallah after every other word) – which makes them perfect Afghanis or was it Syrians? I can’t remember.

    Anyhow – after they collect some Euros from you guys (I’m talking to the Germans) – they come back home and spend it all on alcohol and cigarretes. Which is fine with me if you ask me. I see nothing wrong with the way Gypsies operate. They are Gypsies – they do this kind of stuff for thousands of years.

  2. This absolutely insane!!, what happened to Germany???!! , where are the people to allow this , with this government rot rot green it’s will be worse much much worse, unbelievable just unreal, they doing this for purpose, done kind of horrific plan to destroy west ??!! Or destroying Germany and Western Europe, something…

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