Merkel’s Triumph: The CDU is Ruined

Germans will go to the polls on September 26 to vote in a general election. Based on current polling numbers, Angela Merkel’s party the CDU (Christian Democrats) and its Bavarian sister party the CSU (Christian Social Union) are going to suffer severe losses in the election, and a coalition government of the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Greens will be the most likely outcome.

Angela Merkel came up through the state party apparatus in the DDR, formerly known as “East Germany”. It has taken her thirty years, but it she has now done so much damage to the “Center Right” that non-Leftist governance in Germany has become all but impossible.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from Politically Incorrect:

Merkel’s triumph: The CDU is ruined

by Wolfgang Hübner

No pity for Armin Laschet, whom almost no one wants as Chancellor. No pity for the CDU, which went through everything from the energy transition to the opening of the border to the Afghanistan disaster and did everything wrong. No pity for a party in a panic that is actually still capable of replacing its failed candidate with the unscrupulous character and unscrupulous agitator from Bavaria.

No pity for all the careerists, ducklings and servants in the party of Konrad Adenauer and Ludwig Erhard, who now fear for their benefices. But respect for Angela Merkel, who has perfectly realized her inner combat mission: the ruin of the CDU!

Not even in expectation of a certain election debacle is the state party of the old Federal Republic and the main political force responsible for the new “GDR 2.0” able and willing to break away from its leader and spoiler. There have been too many depraved people in key positions in this party for a long time.

They are evidently prepared to no longer oppose the downfall of the CDU, which will be followed by the CSU. Because that would also mean questioning yourself politically and spiritually. None of those who rode Merkel’s train for so long have the courage and the grit.

The demise of this party would certainly not be a tragedy if the foreseeable consequence of it were not a new government that will only exacerbate all the undesirable developments in Germany for which the Union is responsible. [Olaf] Scholz [SPD], [Saskia] Esken [SPD], [Kevin] Kühnert [SPD], [Karl] Lauterbach [SPD], [Robert] Habeck [Greens], [Annalena] Baerbock [Greens], [Anton] Hofreiter [Greens] and the Antifa only need to wait a few more weeks, then government power falls into their laps like a ripe fruit with a poisonous, rotten core. And if that happens, it will be the final triumph of the FDJ [Free German Youth, relic of the DDR] left-wing protester, who was clever enough to conquer and ruin the CDU instead of spending many years with the Greens or the SPD.

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  1. The woke American deep state has controlled Germany dince 1945. The coming SPD triumph is similar to the American deep state coup of 2020 that got rid of Trump and forced the BidenHarris nitwit regime on Americans. Soon George Floyd and homo rainbow flags will fly everywhere in Deutschland thanks to the American deep state.

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