Love in the Time of Cultural Enrichment

Below is yet another account of debased behavior by Afghan immigrants in Modern Multicultural Sweden. I presume that the Silence of the Feminists reigns on this one, as it usually does in such cases.

And just think — Sweden, along with most other Western nations, is about to be subjected to a new flood of thousands of Afghans who have been “rescued” from the Taliban in their homeland.

Many thanks to LN for translating excerpts from this article in Fria Tider. The story of violent degradation is difficult to read; those who are sensitive to descriptions of brutality and sexual abuse may want to skip this translation:

Mentally handicapped woman fell in love with Afghan — then he invited his friends to a rape party

September 1, 2021

Three Afghan men have been sentenced to long prison terms for subjecting a mentally handicapped woman to aggravated gang rape at a special residence in Upplands Väsby.

“I love you so much,” the woman wrote to one of the rapists, who tricked her into believing he was her boyfriend.

Lisa is 24 years old and lives in Upplands Väsby in a special accommodation for disabled people who cannot take care of themselves.

Lisa has autism and a cognitive impairment, which means that she is intellectually at the level of a small child. She has difficulty following conversations, has a limited perception of time and has difficulty maintaining her hygiene. According to staff who help her, she is very naïve, cannot say no, and believes the best of everyone.

“She also has a hard time understanding that someone’s intentions towards her may be potentially harmful,” it says in a plan for support measures that the municipality has drawn up.

On weekdays, Lisa is at a municipal daycare where she paints and does crafts. One day in May when Lisa got there, the staff noticed that she was very sad.

“They did something stupid to me, I have a sore butt. They used a cider bottle,” Lisa said.

“I shouted, ai! it hurts, but then they did it even harder.”

The staff quickly realized that Lisa had been abused and called the police.

During a police interrogation, Lisa said that an Afghan named Abul Fazl Yaqubi, whom she called her “boyfriend”, had come to her home this weekend with another Afghan, Esmaili Jawid. They bought wine, cider and soft drinks which they offered Lisa.

After drinking a bit, Abul Fazl suggested that they play “truth or consequences”, a game in which when a spinning bottle points to someone, they must either tell a truth about themselves or do something that the other participants in the game decide.

When the bottle pointed to Lisa, the Afghans told her to take off her clothes, which she did. When the bottle later pointed to Esmaili, Abul Fazl told him to put a cider bottle in Lisa’s private parts.

Esmaili pulled Lisa down on the floor. While Abul Fazl held her arms, Esmaili pushed the cider bottle up between her legs.

“And then I just feel a cider bottle that they put in, far in and then I felt that it hurt a lot in my abdomen,” Lisa says in interrogation.

The bottle is pulled out and put in again. The second time makes it even worse. Still, Lisa does not dare to say no.

“I did not dare to say it to an Afghan; I cannot say it to an Afghan; I know how they behave if you say no,” she explains.

“You may be beaten if you say no.”

After the Afghans raped Lisa with the bottle, they took off their clothes and told her to go into the bedroom.

Inside, the abuse continues. Esmaili has intercourse with Lisa and repeatedly puts her fingers in her private parts. Then Lisa starts shouting that she does not want to. But her “boyfriend” Abul Fazl silences her screams by pressing his fingers down on Lisa’s throat.

“I wanted to shout; yes I wanted to shout, because I wanted the neighbors to hear, but no, I did not get to do it,” Lisa tells the police.

During the course of the investigation, it turns out that this is not the first time that Lisa has been abused. A similar incident occurred a month earlier, in April. A third Afghan, Shokrallah Shahzad, also took part. Back then alcohol was drunk and the Afghans played truth or consequences with Lisa. She was then penetrated not only vaginally but also anally with a bottle.

“They pulled me down to the floor and then my boyfriend held my hands and then they put the cider bottle in my rear and they told me that they would not put it in that far, but it hurt and it hurt. I said no, I do not want to; I said stop; I even screamed stop,” Lisa says about the abuse.

Lisa got in touch with Abul Fazl via Facebook in March of this year. Messages taken by the police from her phone show that she quickly falls in love with Abu Fazl, who calls her his “girlfriend”. She overwhelms him with tenderness ratings.

“I love you so much,” she writes, followed by a long line of red hearts.

“I miss you very much darling you are my wonderful boyfriend all my life.”

“My sweet best wonderful boyfriend I love you so I almost cry with joy.”

Lisa had sex which she describes as “voluntary” with Abul Fazl on a number of occasions. However, the staff who care for her say that she has “vague ideas about what sex is,” but is easily manipulated and wants someone to care about her.

13 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Cultural Enrichment

  1. I have compassion and empathy for the dogs left behind in [vulgar wordplay]istan by feckless commanders. I have zero sympathy nor empathy for these 3rd world savages who prey upon our most vulnerable in our western societies, who seem to get away with it quite frequently. I can say with absolute certainty, if that had happened to one of mine, God himself would not stop my wrath of which would be profound,absolute, and delivered in ways that would make Saint Vlad ‘Lord Impaler” Tepes blush with envy as a lesson to the bloody rest of them.

  2. The best behavior by afghans

    The above is the result of the debased behavior of the Swedish government and also the loss of Honor and common sense of the Swedish Elite.

    Otherwise, why are these animal and beasts doing in Sweden or in Europe for that matter or is Europe at the same level or below the cultural level of the invited beasts and jihadis
    Don’t they believe in humanism. Isn’t their religion humanism they thought that they would produce and create a utopiaic humanist religion that would put Christianity to shame by loving the most debased beasts in the world and hating their own blood and flesh proving to the world that they have a peerless brain by lending love to brutes

    Swedish mushy brains do not distinguish between up and down between left and right let alone to distinguish between wrong and right is that progress?
    Auntie Jemima said there is no cure for stupidity but civil war

  3. The koranicked Muslims are currently benefiting from a western cognitive impairment. God help all those currently indifferent infidels when the numbers hit the jackpot.

  4. There were two more articles in Fria Tider about the incident.
    The minor rapist Shokrallah was released from prison because he suffered from depression.

    A minor Shokrallah attended special therapy courses to stop raping women.

    But as they say here in Russia: it helped just as if a dead man were put on a poultice.

  5. And as we read this and speak about it, women are cultural enriched and 10’s of thousands of Afghan Men are flown into Europe so that one of the REAL Pandemics can continue through the courtesy of your “elected?” Government.

    What did our Ancestors fought and died for when our Political and ideologically academented “Elites”, that benefitted from those Sacrifices, are throwing all of it back into the faces of the Victims of the Islamic Agressors?

    • The West is committing suicide because there is no purpose driving it. No frontiers to challenge, and it’s elites suffer from extreme ennui and self loathing. Even biological purpose seems to have broken down, when otherwise normal adults refuse to marry or procreate, preferring instead hedonism and pet parenting to actual adulthood. Some say this is due to lack of religious belief or fervor. I believe that while religion can give purpose, the true problem is a general lack of purpose which inspires and motivates westerners to strive and create, and succeed.

      Males don’t have to grow up since getting sex doesn’t require much effort any longer now that females have been liberated from the demands of relationships and childbearing. Females don’t have to become responsible wives and mothers since they are allowed to flaunt their sexuality and sleep their way through their 20’s and 20’s free from shame or scorn. Just as no one is held to account for the disastrous fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, no one is held responsible for their personal lifestyle choices, which multiplied by many hundreds of millions of people have resulted in the West’s sorry state.

      As for why “WE….”The People” are allowing this, there is very little the average person can do about any of it assuming they are aware of what is being done and by whom. Just as untended brush eventually grows until it chokes out a forest, the unashamed and irresponsible have multiplied until they are choking out society. In the former case, wildfire is required to clear the excessive accumulation, even at the cost of the destruction of the forest, which will take a century or more to recover. In the latter case, wars, plagues, starvation; brutally difficult times are required to clear out the human detritus which has been allowed to accumulate to such a degree that it is killing the very society in which it lives.


      • Religion is not a panacea. There are many people for whom “sacred revelations” are an unconvincing, unproven empty phrase. There is a moral law in the heart, there is a desire to get to the bottom of the truth.
        What is the goal? The Muslims, the Chinese have a goal.
        You can aim to put things in order around. For example, restoration of destroyed nature, economical and reasonable human activity. Caring for the younger generation. Study of nature and space. You can become strong and wise.
        But who will let us do this? World oligarchy, drug cortels?
        Instead of just giving humanity a break and time to think (and we would certainly come to a constructive solution), humanity is shaken up and the population is made insane. And we all see that this is done on purpose. We could have done it, but there is too strong external pressure.
        Even look at your Hollywood. The great Polish philosopher Stanislav Lem said that the cultivation of mysticism is the greatest evil for human society. But in those days, at least the ideas of LGBT people were not implanted.
        I do not know for what purpose this is done. Maybe some devilish experiment is being carried out with the aim of shaking the Universal principle of Tao – Yin-Yang?

  6. This is truly heartrending. I wish I had a solution to the apparently evil beliefs in whch these young men were raised.

    • There is a solution, but not one likely to be endorsed anytime soon in the lands infested by these orcs.

      The solution involves [intemperate recommendation redacted]. Applied often enough, until no more orcs which hold those evil beliefs exist to pass them on, and the beliefs will die out with those who held them. There is no other way to fix the problem or change their beliefs. It’s like asking why is a mad dog mad? What good does it do to know the reason for the madness or try to change it? Just put it down and no more innocents will be savaged by it.

    • Think Carthage ole Boy, that is what is going to come to pass soon, where no 3rd worlder is left to exist inside our borders. There ain’t no unity in diversity, never has and never will, for human nature one way or another demands it so.

    • The governments intentionally allowing invasion twenty four seven by these alien creatures are the evil ones. They are completely responsible for the demonic past current and upcoming bloody mayhem. Haircut and Patel may as well be enemy agents.

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