It Can Never Happen Here — Can It?

The Final Solution to the Wuhan Coronavirus is upon us. Our Israeli correspondent MC has some thoughts about our dystopian future.

It Can Never Happen Here — Can It?

by MC

“Remember them so that medicine shall never again be misguided.”

Above: Memorial plaque at the Institute of Anatomy in Strasbourg. Translated, it reads, in part: “In memory of 86 Jews murdered in 1943 at Struthof by August Hirt, professor at the Nazi Reichsuniversität in Strasbourg. Their remains rest in the Jewish cemetery in Cronenbourg… Remember them so that medicine shall never again be misguided.”

Islam sees death as an important part of life, but to an atheist, death is a termination of all things, and all achievements. Thus the fear of death becomes a potent part of life itself, and thus experimental medicine, designed to keep us alive, becomes a source and excuse for planned terror in and of itself. Not only must medicine cure us, it must mitigate symptoms and prevent the disease spreading. To achieve that last, however, it is obvious that everybody MUST participate.

Covid-19 is not a universal killer, and it seems the younger and healthier you are, the less effect it has. For those under 60 it is on a par with a regular flu attack even if the ‘long haul’ symptoms are tiresome.

So we have to put up with unbelievable panic and hysteria because atheists need to ‘do something’. The idea of an ‘act of God’ is a blasphemy to them, and sanity must be sacrificed on the altar of control and safety.

King Canute demonstrated to his sycophantic courtiers his inability to rebuke the tidal flow. He was honest about his limitations and accepted that some things were just, well, ‘acts of God’. Which is how we have always coped with epidemics, and the great majority of us survived, time and time again.

My mother used to talk of how nasty diphtheria was; I think some of her classmates died of it. I can only imagine how traumatic that must have been, but this lady also lived through the blitzing of Portsmouth (UK) by German bombers for whom the dockyard there was a legitimate target.

She was about 13 years old at the time.

Here in Sderot we get blitzed with 40 kg missiles. My mother had to get used to 250 kg bombs.

Their attitude to diphtheria was fatalistic, and they did not let it ruin their lives. By the time I came along, the diphtheria menace was almost eradicated. Better food (school lunches) and better sanitation had made our immune systems stronger. The DTP vaccine came later — when diphtheria was no longer a menace.

We were left with measles, mumps, chicken pox and whooping cough. I had them all; none were dangerous, and they left my immune system primed for the rest of my life.

The COVID vaccine may or may not be effective; it seems to be in dispute. But here in Israel the ‘breakthrough’ cases — and there are a lot of them — are mainly amongst the elderly, those who got the vaccines early. We will see how that situation unfolds…

Are we seeing the consequences of men playing ‘god’, of a ‘King Canute’ who actually believes he can stem the tide? It sure looks like it. Flu epidemics, left to their own devices, tend to fizzle out within three months. It is like scratching the measles spots, which can cause even more complications, and mRNA vaccines are not calamine lotion…

Most tyrannies, political or religious, use hate as a weapon. They demonize ‘unbelievers’ and dissenters, and eventually try to enslave and/or exterminate them.

Although mainstream Christianity usually preaches “Love thy neighbour,” it can have a dodgy definition of neighbour, especially if that neighbour is Moravian or Protestant or Jewish or Quaker or leveller, depending upon the fashion of the time.

Jews were seen as the Christ Killers, and I was last accused of that only ten years ago. Those that actually killed the Christ were Roman soldiers. Those who brought Christ to the Roman authorities for judgement were appointees of Herod (not Jewish) in the Sanhedrin where the ‘High Priest’ was not of the proper lineage (he was required to be a descendant of Zadok and was not), but was a political appointee.

Curiously enough, it is entirely possible that Zachariah was the rightful hereditary high priest, and that his son John (the baptizer) was therefore the rightful heir at the time of the Baptism of Yahoshua (Jesus). In the same way, Joseph may have been of the (cursed) line of Kings, and his adopted son was entitled to inherit the crown, but because he was not of Joseph’s seed, he was without the curse and thus the first true king since Ahab, a fact that was recognised by Simeon and Anna the Prophetess at the Temple.

God has ways of making things happen, but he likes us to follow His Way, not our own. When we panic over a pandemic, the chances are we will make it much, much worse through our ignorance.

The lies and the tyranny associated with COVID are thus much worse than they should be. Medical tyranny, associated with vaccination, is no different from Stalinist terror and the Gulag. Personally I see it as a race between the propagators of the terror and rational people realizing that this is a horrible and cruel scam, that the need to get rid of President Trump overrode the sane management of a minor flu epidemic.

I personally (Israel follows American lore) may not survive if Faucism is allowed to continue; the vaccine may kill another few million, but I am likely to end up in some form of concentration/death camp. Our turncoat government appears to have forgotten our heritage. They will willingly cut the prophet in half if they can double the profit…

“There is a tradition reported in the Martyrdom of Isaiah (a Christian text from around AD100 which expands on 2 Kings 21) that Isaiah was condemned to death by King Manasseh. Although he hid in a tree, he was found and the tree with Isaiah inside was sawn in half.”

Is Naftali Bennett a new Manasseh? He certainly seems to have abandoned us here in Sderot, making a pact with Socialists and Islamists that leaves us exposed.

Even here in Israel, our government holds God in contempt and feels driven to help Him out with masks and lockdowns, proven to be ineffective at anything except cowing the people. This is ‘show’ politics, demonstrating that the government is on top of what should be an almost non-existent problem — but for the meddling — and at the same time creating Untermenschen of stupid, dirty anti-vaxxers polluting the streets.

It is known science that if one fails to eradicate the pathogen, then mutations occur. This happens when people do not take the whole course of antibiotics and resistant strains appear.

I see little difference between the medical tyranny of the Bennett administration and the race tyranny of the Nazis. The demonization and exclusion are the same. The ‘vaccine’ experimentation could have come straight from Block 10.

Tyranny is as tyranny does, when we are so afraid of death that we cease to respect life, then our society is sick.

The Black Death killed a third to half the population. ‘Atishoo, Atishoo we all fall down.’ The populace made a joke song out of it that I can remember playing as a child.

This was when we lived in Yah’s Creation, and we always knew some of us would live through the pestilence.

On July 1st 1916 British and French troops were in the frontline trenches waiting to go over the top. The Sheffield Pals were in front of the Serre fortifications. They had to advance over an open field with no cover — into the machine guns that were supposed to have been silenced by the weeklong artillery bombardment.

But the troops knew better — the German machine guns were still there, and the wire was still there. Yet they still went in.

The novel A Covenant with Death describes their fate.

They died in their hundreds; some survived to carry on. All overcame their fear, accepted their fate and did what they needed to do.

But can I, in 2021, do the same? I have lived in Sderot now for almost ten years. When I first came here there was no Iron Dome, and the Hamas missiles were killers, but at no stage were we as oppressed as we are now with the government COVID restrictions. I did not fear death (I did fear being maimed; the missiles were dangerous). Covid is not dangerous; I have a 99.41% chance of survival even as a 69-year-old with diabetes and CVD.

If I can take ivermectin (if I can get any), that slim chance of dying from COVID is reduced even further.

So wot me worry? Am I Mad?

It would seem so. It seems that because I walk around puffing out lungfuls of unvaxxed pathogen, I need to be confined, isolated and excluded.

That’s nothing new to me. As a mobility-impaired person, I am used to exclusion — when disabled facilities are blocked or full. There is no alternative but to retreat. It is surprising how many people will watch (and laugh) while one struggles…

I once lost control of my wheelchair, hit a curb and turned over, doing a backwards somersault, it must have been very funny to watch.

Life is for living, but medical tyranny strangles life. So why do they do it? In my view, only the medical professionals are in a position to make a stand, but so few are now independent. With the proliferation of medical litigation, there are all too few doctors not hiding under an umbrella of big pharma and the medical industrial complex. Nobody is now an advocate for the patient.

How do you get a donkey to walk over a cliff, and willingly fall to its death?

First you blind it with visions of Utopia, then you carrot and stick it; dollars as carrot, exclusion as stick.

Whichever way the next twelve months go, the donkey gets shafted. Revolutionary regimes have no room at the top for ‘wannabe revolutionaries’, as the Kronstadt sailors or the victims of the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ found, and if the ‘revolution’ fails then the lynch mobs move in…

When that time comes, those ‘journalists’, big ‘tekkies’ and media stalwarts who duped the public with their lies had better start keeping clear of lampposts and third-floor windows. Too dangerous to both sides, as the revolution always eats its own…

If the vaccine is ‘safe and effective’ why do we need our medical tyranny ‘Ausweis’?

Why? Because the vaccine is not safe, and it is not effective — and the associated Ausweis is all about the J, the mark of the Untermensch. The ‘vaccine’ passport is nothing to do with the ‘pandemic’ — there are so many holes in the ‘pandemic mask’ logic that a double-decker London bus could get through it. But it does seem to have something to do with the Great Reset…

The Nazis needed to identify and categorise their indigenous and conquered population groups in order to restrict travel and access to services. To have a Jew-free zone, you must be able to exclude Jews.

But first you have to paint a picture of Jews as disease-ridden undesirables who pollute a location just by their presence. The Nazis used persistent and fear-driven propaganda images to ‘open the door’ to exclusion. The Ausweis was the final tool in that identification process.

Communism and National Socialism have always been close relatives with a common ancestry, and have always swapped ideas.

You then invent a set of external symbols that identify those in authority, and those to be despised. The final proof being the Ausweis.

Rare colour photo from the Warsaw Ghetto

Here in Israel the Ausweis is already in place; it is on a mobile computer called a ‘phone’. I am sure most users of mobile phones do not understand just how much information can be syphoned off a mobile ‘smart’ Ausweis.

“Papers, please” — place smartphone on the reader device, please enter your ID number…

“Ach zo! You stayed overnight with an unvaccinated girl last night, you are contaminated — comst mit!”

This is already in use in some cities…

“First they came for the unvaccinated, but I was fully-vaxxed, so it was not me…”

In the early 20th century, socialist thinkers realized that Marxian theory — that the workers would spontaneously revolt and take over the means of production — was wrong, and that the exact opposite was happening. This split the Marxian factions. One branch evolved into “top down” revolutionary Communism, the other into “bottom up” ‘statist’ communism otherwise known as Fascism. Nazism was a further extreme development of Fascism.

Both ‘branches’ of Marxism indulged in mass murder and slavery. This was always part of Marxist theory, that the ‘unproductive’ could be worked to death or just removed (disappeared).

How long have we got? — not long. Faux President Biden (or his puppeteers) cannot let the midterms happen unless he/they are sure the Fraud will work a second time around. Are the GOP part of the problem, too? Who knows? Citizens must be very careful about whom they vote for.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

12 thoughts on “It Can Never Happen Here — Can It?

  1. King Canute! How the waves just kept coming in with no regard to his imperial decrees.
    The waves would wear down a stone tablet, over time.
    McHealthcarez is destroyed and now turned sinister with the COV-LARP.
    Avoid it all costs unless you are carried in and then get right with your maker.
    Remember, a healthy patient is a lost profit source to them.
    Feel sympathy for elders who think that Dr. Pharm went into it out of love and not for the paycheck.
    How about a hypocrite’s oath for these times and isn’t the Hippocratic oath a construct of the white male patriarchy?

  2. Hey MC, didn’t Yah Shua say that when you see these things begin to happen, look up! for your redemption draweth nigh.
    I’m looking up ’cause this whirled is going down the drain and I am awaiting Yah Shua’s call which could be any day now.

    What I don’t understand is if the vaccines are so necessary, why aren’t they safer? Why must they be mandated? If they were safe and without adverse reactions I would line up for them, but as they are, given my parent’s and their families’ medical history the vaccine would be a death sentence. (Of course I hope that was not the intent of this whole charade to begin with.)

    • Quite – this is the big question that points to an ulterior motive. Virus – antivirus – elimination; Hegel on steroids….

      And we still we don’t ‘grok’ it (hey Moon, I read Heinlein too!)

  3. MC contradicts himself somewhat, or is this another MC who lives in Sderot? You wrote an essay radically critical of germ theory and disputing the evidence for a SARS-CoV-2 virus isolate, but here you talk about the virus as if it’s real enough and the covid pandemic as if it’s really there, even if heavily exaggerated. If there is no virus, then how is there even COVID-19, and what pandemic?

    Also how would measles, pertussis/whooping cough, chickenpox vaccines even work, if they are not caused by viruses (as you were explicit on, in this previous recent essay). Measles, chickenpox, pertussis vaccines don’t work, aside from the harm they can cause to human health. If you are going to show they work you have to compare vaccinated children to unvaxxed here, in a control study, and show higher rates of these illnesses among the unvaxxed. Such control studies Big Pharma Medicine has no interest in, because they know deep down, and not so deep down, what the results would be. Children get these vaccines, they can still get all these illnesses. There are measles and chickenpox outbreaks among those vaccinated against these diseases. They don’t get diphtheria for the reasons you already make clear, the indigence related factors that cause diphtheria have been wiped out in the West. Has nothing to do with the vaccine.

    As far as Bennett is concerned (אני עולה), yes the irony of his coalition government, which sees all political parties on board with treating the unvaccinated here, including myself, the way Jews were treated for centuries in Europe, is an irony through the holes in the heads of most of our fellow Israelis. And the government and Health Ministry included. This covid tyranny will collapse though, as people here are obligated to get booster shots every six months in order to keep their superior Aryan vaxxed status. Such pseudoscientific insanity is unsustainable. Most people in Israel and the world are too stupid to get what this means, I mean aside from endless huge profiteering by Pfizer and Big Pharma. Nevertheless it is still unsustainable. It means of course the vaccine doesn’t actually work for any meaningful time period (it doesn’t work at all but let’s take these liars at their word, it works for a COUPLE OF MONTHS); so why risk death and serious injury from a vaccine that Pfizer and the Health Ministry and Bennett the goon acknowledge does not work effectively, by their own admission?? Of course, here in PfizerLand, what death and injuries? The coverups here are worse than what is going on in USA and Europe, Canada, the UK, and it is bad enough overseas. There are brave voices in Israel exposing what is going on, so of course they face the same fate such dissenters face in the rest of the world, perceived as Enemies of the State and treated accordingly.

    The Israeli public does not want to admit to getting duped by a Big Pharma company with a long rap sheet, that owns the medical establishment, would have to admit to being naive idiots, it is too painful, would hurt their egos too much. So we double and triple down, more vaccines, and more injuries, more vaccine deaths, let us vaccinate our youth now on a massive scale, with a vaccine that doesn’t work and they don’t need amidst a non-existent pandemic. The only pandemic in Israel is mass psychosis, and a mass witch-mark testing pandemic. In other words, a lot like World War 1. A doubling down. And the consequence to Israel alone may be just as catastrophic. Our children are damaged psychologically from the lockdowns, masking and the fear mongering, and now physically with these vaccines. They are destroyed. And they are our future.

    The worship of the false god of Big Pharma in Israel, we may pay the biggest price for it, of any nation on earth. I don’t know if we will even survive it. This will collapse, because that is the nature of mass psychoses. The truth is what it is, it cannot be denied even as we deny it. So it is repressed, and like the return of the repressed, the truth comes back as a tidal wave. A tsunami. You put a lid on a boiling pot that doesn’t stop boiling, what happens? If long-term effects of these vaccines are what many of us fear may turn out to be the case, infertility, cancers, endocrine diseases, there will be a tsunami of rage, and of course this will be worldwide. I don’t doubt it will collapse, like the house of cards that the ‘covid pandemic’ is, but I don’t know if Israel will survive its insanity, rooted in very complex cultural and sociological factors, it’s much more than Big Pharma money making.

    And as I type this, I hear our fellow Jew Lou Reed in the background of this cafe (owners could care less about the fascist vac passport, they have lost too much as is from the lack of tourists thanks to the gangster government and Health Ministry), singing ‘you gonna reap just what you sow’.

    • No contradiction, the previous essay was about virus truth rather than virus mythology, that viruses are toxins rather than mini-bacteria, something causes colds and flu, some protein chain that is able to enter cells and hijack the RNA protein replication process. But these biological toxins are not alive as such.

      Big Pharma wants us to believe that viruses cause diseases, for which we need to buy expensive medicines (or die). To do this they ‘buy’ influence in order to engineer truth. To find the real truth one has to research for oneself.

      I never mentioned measles etc. vaccines, I got the childhood diseases themselves, it was uncomfortable, but not dangerous. I have never seen any point to vaccines for the standard childhood diseases.

  4. The vaccine works rather well. Multiple studies show ivermectin has no effect on Covid 19.. why should it? I get the overlong point you are making but the details betray you.


      1) Why was this study conducted?
      Ivermectin has been used since 1995 for the African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC). Currently, it is being considered as the possible target drug for SARS CoV-2. The low frequency of cases and deaths from the SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 virus in some countries of Africa prompted us to assess the possible influence of this community-based strategy.
      2) What were the most relevant results of the study?
      APOC Countries with a Community-directed treatment with ivermectin strategy show 28% lower mortality (RR= 0.72, 95% CI: 0.67-0.78) and 8% lower rate of infection (RR= 0.92, 95% CI: 0.91-0.93) due to COVID-19; compared with non-APOC countries.
      3) What do these results contribute?
      Our data suggest that a mass public health preventive campaign against COVID-19 may have taken place, inadvertently, in some African countries with massive community ivermectin use. Additional studies are needed to confirm it.

  5. I don’t imagine you’d seek sympathy for a moment, MC, but I’m sorry to hear you use a wheelchair.

    • Not all the time now, in 1992 my Rt. leg was mangled in the back wheel of a M/C, Compound Pilon fracture of the Tib/Fib

      I was bolted back together, but the screws came loose (in my leg 😉 ) so I spent 18 months in a wheelchair trying to avoid a secondary break. That was when the incident above happened; it was in the grounds of Christ’s Hospital in Horsham (Sussex) so there was little traffic, otherwise it could have been very dangerous….

      I now only use the chair on family outings – I can walk about 300 meters before getting into difficulties with pain and weakness – but I can still bicycle around the city (but I cannot get down the steps to the bomb shelter in the house quickly)

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