Hungary and Serbia Plan to Stop the Migration Tsunami

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of RT:

Orbán: Hungary and Serbia will rebuild Central Europe and protect it from waves of immigration

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has declared that Budapest and Belgrade are committed to rebuilding Central Europe. The two Balkan states would also protect the region from waves of migration from Afghanistan.

On Wednesday Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic met with her Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orbán in Budapest for a joint government meeting. After the meeting, the Hungarian head of government announced that the two countries had agreed to rebuild Central Europe. He explained:

“At the moment, however, it is not enough just to rebuild. We also have to protect it to ensure the security of Central Europe.”

The Hungarian Prime Minister referred to the crisis in Afghanistan, which has the potential to cause a “migration tsunami” to spill over to the European continent.

Orbán emphasized that Serbia and Hungary also “defend Western European countries such as Austria and Germany” as long as the two Balkan countries “stand in the way of migration flows.”

Austria’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer had previously complained about the prospect of taking in Afghan refugees after the Taliban came to power, and bluntly stated that “there is no reason why Afghans should come to Austria now”. Meanwhile, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and his government are sticking to the deportation of rejected asylum seekers and illegal migrants to their home countries.

Levente Magyar, State Secretary of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, warned last month that the dramatic situation in Kabul “could conjure up an era of migration and international terrorism that we did not want and perhaps could have avoided.” Budapest made it clear that it will not allow Afghan asylum seekers unhindered access to Hungary.

The Hungarian head of government had already come under fire for his anti-immigration stance. At the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, Hungary put up a fence on its southern border with Serbia to keep out migrants coming from the Middle East.

3 thoughts on “Hungary and Serbia Plan to Stop the Migration Tsunami

  1. I thought Austria wasn’t able to return Afghani orcs due to it being too dangerous in their home lair. What has changed to make this permissible?

    Also, why bother to deport them at all when they could simply be shot while trying to cross the border illegally. Post notices warning they will be shot, blare it from loudspeakers, etc for those who cannot read. What is the worse the EU could do? Expel them? It would save Hungary the trouble of having to do it at their own expense someday. I don’t know why the Central and Eastern European countries don’t form their own trading bloc anyway. They could trade with Russia and the former Soviet countries and through Poland would have access to the rest of the world if the EU were to cut them off completely.

    • Europe could declare them to be Hitler`s successors and try to invade.

      The german Bundeswehr will take part with its THREE working tanks and ONE Eurofighter.
      The rest of the working equipment is in Jordania, Mali and on its way back from Afghanistan.

      Or, they could use the superweapon of Mass Destruction:
      Sending Claudia Fatima Roth to Hungary.
      And that is something that the Hungarians should avoid at all costs.

  2. Whatever one may think about Donald Trump’s “Cesspool of humanity” remark it
    applies to the west end of Europe as well. Do western populations accept that the game is up. It’s just a waiting game now.

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