Get the Jab, or Lose Unemployment Benefits

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian tabloid Heute:

Only €237 minimum income for vaccine opponents

Those who refuse vaccination are now even threatened with the cancellation of the minimum income. It is to be reduced gradually — to a limit of €237 per month.

Vaccination refusals are not only threatened with the loss of unemployment benefits , the minimum income can also be cancelled. These plans became known on Saturday and made headlines not only in Austria, but also in Germany. As it says in Profile, there is already a step-by-step plan on the table. If someone refuses to take work, “in a first step we will automatically cut salaries by 25 percent,” said the spokesman for the Vienna State Social Councilor Peter Hacker, Mario Dujakovic.

Then there are gradual cuts by 50 percent and at the end by 100 percent. Children, retirees or physically handicapped people should not be affected, but people who are able work but refuse jobs because they have to be or would have to be vaccinated may be affected. According to the magazine, this is around 46,500 out of 128,000 subscribers in Vienna. Full recipients would then remain at €237 per month — the residential component of 25 percent of the minimum income, which remains unaffected by the sanctions.

AMS blocks unemployment benefits

Der Standard reported on Thursday that there are new restrictions on the unemployed from the Ministry of Labor under Minister Martin Kocher (ÖVP). If they reject a reasonable position only because they would have to be vaccinated against Corona for it, their remuneration, specifically unemployment benefits, should be blocked. The same applies if you do not even apply for this reason.

According to Heute‘s information, the background is that the AMS repeatedly has to deal with people who refuse a job because they do not want to be vaccinated against Corona. The AMS therefore asked the Ministry of Labor how to deal with these people. In doing so, reference was made to the current legal situation by means of a letter (not by decree, as initially assumed).

10 thoughts on “Get the Jab, or Lose Unemployment Benefits

  1. And all the socialist worker’s organisations and unions here are silent. Class traitors, so to speak.

  2. Will this affect all illegal aliens, refugees and asylum seekers?
    Can white folks seek refugee status in another country and refuse the shots?

  3. How much longer until they start marching the unvaxxed into the gas chambers disguised as showers?

      • The English language is funny like that. Shows you have to be on the ball to get the meaning, as some times what is said can be taken more than one way. That’s what double entendres are all about.

        Aside from that, note on Socialist promises like “Universal Basic Income” promises of “free money”, the promises of “free cheese” should carry with it the implied warniig to intelligent people that there is a reason the cheese in the mousetrap is free.

  4. I just talked to a colleague from work (I am currently ill) and was informed that ALL employees must meet the 3G standard.
    Either vaxxed, recovered(but only for 6 month) or tests every two days.
    And you have to prove it with paper or electronic code.

    According to german law the company may not ask about my vaccination status.
    But still they do.

    • Not really wondering. Just observing that it will go on until we kill them or they kill us. No middle ground between such divergent worldviews.

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