Corona Fascism in Slovenia

Earlier today our Hungarian correspondent László sent this note about the Coronamadness in Slovenia:

Yahoo fails to mention what Hungarian state TV claims about Slovenia: if you are unjabbed, you are a de facto pariah in Slovenia, effective from today. If you have no “immunity card” or a negative Covid-test not older than 48 hours, you will be excluded from the following services: buses, trains, gas stations, banks, post offices, shopping malls, hairdressers, cosmeticians, restaurants, hotels, events, healthcare facilities, employment offices, social administration centres, public administration offices, GPs, nursing homes. You can still buy food without the Corona-papers.

Imagine: if this is true (please check it out with locals), you can travel only by bicycle because you cannot even refuel your car or motorbike, and you cannot get on a train or bus. You cannot enter a bank… You cannot buy clothes. If you are fired for being unjabbed you cannot get unemployment benefits. You cannot visit your sick relatives in the hospital. You get no healthcare! etc. Life becomes nearly impossible there without the Mark of the Beast.

As László suggested, I asked our Slovenian correspondent Andrej Turjaški to confirm the report. Here’s what he said:

In brief, it is true. But it also needs a longer clarification to understand it.

Disclaimer: I got the jab.

Just as the pandemic was starting in March 2020, the new coalition was suddenly formed in Slovenia. So a new government was formed. Instead of a left government, led by the demi-intelligent comedian Marjan Šarec, a center-right one was formed with a prime minister named Mr. Janez Janša, who is a staunch opponent of communism.

Even before the new government was formed there were protests against it fueled by NGOs and media. Media in Slovenia are 90% leftist, and they constantly attack everything the government does. So the left politicians and media started to undermine measures that were taken in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Nothing that the government did was right. This, coupled with the fact that Slovenians don’t exactly abide by the laws and bylaws, meant that protective measures were mainly on paper but were not enforced. This all led to a dramatic increase of new Corona cases at the end of August and beginning of September, so the government indeed decided that enough is enough, and that percentage of vaccinated people has to increase. Currently the percentage of fully vaccinated population is just under 50%.

The followers of the Slovenian Left (all supporters of the hard-left parties, that never separated from hardcore communism) stage a protest every Friday. They use every opportunity to mobilize people to take to the streets, so they used the anti-Corona measures to stage massive demonstrations in Ljubljana today against these new measures to fight Corona, or better, to entice people to take the jab.

You see, just as in the World War Two, the Left in Slovenia is again using this crisis in order to secure power. The Covid is just a façade.

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  1. “This, coupled with the fact that Slovenians don’t exactly abide by the laws and bylaws, meant that protective measures were mainly on paper but were not enforced. This all led to a dramatic increase of new Corona cases at the end of August and beginning of September, so the government indeed decided that enough is enough”

    Ahh, you bad bad misbehaving Slovenians, it’s all your fault! The government is working day and night to bring you laws and ordinances that would save your lifes, but no! You don’t follow government instructions and this is the result! Korona cases are increasing because of you!

  2. Hmm, if this is true, it ought to mean that border crossings into Slovenia would be manned and anyone entering would need to show proof of vax or negative test. Somehow I doubt that is happening. I’m a couple of km from one, next time I’m out and about I might drive down and have a look. I know coming into Hungary (from austria) nothing at all is required. There are not even any Hungarian guards… Strange world we are living in…

  3. Another faithful reader from Slovenia here. I feel it’s my patriotic duty to clear up a few things, as the story has multiple layers which your correspondent missed. I’m not a member of any party, I follow the rules of reason, common sense, and the nature’s law, as well as those of our Carantanian forefathers and the Founding Fathers of the USA.

    Corona-fascism & measures: The “green pass” (called here “PCT”, from “Preboleli/Cepljeni/Testirani”, i.e. “Recovered/Vaccinated/Tested”, also known as “3G” in the German Bundesrepublik) had been in force for about a month prior to the protests, for selected reasonable cases. However, on Saturday September 11, the government issued a decree which basically extended this requirement to most aspects of life, beginning Wednesday September 15. This was totally in line with their policy of dramatization, which has been going on for 1 year and a half already, and which includes governmental sessions in the evening or on weekends, issuing decrees literally overnight, without allowing sufficient time to adjust or debate. In many cases before, the Constitutional Court has found such decrees unconstitutional. With this new regime of “PCT”, you can pretty much only buy food (i.e. “urgent necessities”) without the requirement, whereas most other things are off-limit; even public transport (which creates quite a few paradoxical situations). You can only buy food in stores that are self-standing, i.e. not inside a mall or anything like that.

    The protests on Sept. 15: People becoming more and more fed up with the situation of the last 1.5 years, they were bound to happen. They were organized by a grass-roots movement (or maybe they’ve already become a political party, not sure) Resnica (meaning “The Truth”). The event was, AFAIK, officially registered, and they were also in contact with the police prior to the event, swearing they would do all to prevent any violence. And so it happened – peaceful protests, talks, etc. When the sun went down and it started to get dark, the violent elements were introduced (allegedly from the mercenary-hooligans which are undoubtedly experts in this field). The actual participants of the protests had already started to disperse and went home before the sundown. The word of the street is that the ruling coalition (or its major party) staged the violence, so that they would have an easier way to smear and discredit otherwise legitimate concerns of the public, and these protests specifically. But the goal of these legitimate protests is simply turning the “PCT” from “obligation” into “recommendation” and ending the corona-fascism which doesn’t bring any results anyway. Just like in any other normal country in the world lately. The participants and supporters of these protests come from all walks of life, all political colors (or without them), vaccinated, non-vaccinated, just about anyone who does not agree with how the “current situation” is being handled.
    Here’s the public address from the leader of (with English subtitles), the day after:

    The protests 2: Other than that, there have been “regular” “bike-riding” protests every Friday, for quite a few months already, and they’re in fact sponsored by leftist parties. Their sole goal is to topple the government. They support any government as long as it’s without the (current ruling) SDS. Very much like the German “sentiment” of “any government is good as long as it’s without AFD”.

    There have been 3 coalition governments within the current parliament (the current one is “right-wing-ish”, the first and the second were “left-wing-ish”, but all of them have been more or less pathetic, for the lack of a better word). The next year is mega-election-year, as we will have parliamentary elections, elections for the president of the republic, and municipal elections. Given the situation, I believe it will be very very interesting. One thing will probably remain the same as always: the MSM will go on with their practice of displaying various popularity survey results from questionnaires containing only established parties and politicians (which usually results in overwhelming support for “I don’t know / None of the listed” 😀 ).

    Other remarks:
    -The MSM bias for the last 1.5 years is towards covidism and corona-measures. They’ve been reporting everything very one-sidedly, without allowing much room for doubt or discussion. One could say that – contrary to what your correspondent claims – they’re very much supportive of the current government. They haven’t even tried to address valid questions from those representatives of medical profession that should have been addressed (but from what I can see, it’s the same all over the world). And I mean VALID questions, not some fringe conspiracy theories. With this attitude, they were alienating the public even more. I suppose now they’re being under fire from common-sense normal folk, and (as it’s always been the case) the right-wing-ish parties. Personally, they lost me with their biased report during the 2015-2016 mohammedan invasion, and in this last year and a half they lost all credibility.
    -Change of government coalition in March 2020: Yes, the prime minister #2 was a comedian by profession, and really didn’t do much while in office. That “transitional week” in March 2020 (between the coalition #2 and current coalition #3) was quite comedic, everyone thought they’re not serious and totally incapable of handling the incoming situation. No, the MSM was NOT supportive of them at that point (despite being left-wing-ish). The #3 coalition took over just a few days before the epidemic was declared – their first photo-shoot was all of the ministers wearing the most hard-core medical masks, to the general outrage, frowned upon also by the medical staff (as the masks were in very short supply at that time, even for medical purposes). However, their initial handling of the situation (at least between March and October) gained mostly support from MSM and general public, or pretty much everyone. The mantra was along the lines of “thanks God that stupid comedian resigned, they would’ve made a mess”.
    Then came fall 2020, numbers rising, beginning of weird measures such as outdoor masks mandate (for which the health minister at that time said into the camera that there really are no medical reasons for wearing masks outdoors – shortly afterwards, he resigned…) The current (#3) coalition has ever since continued with the dramatic modus operandi (which I already described in the second paragraph). The results have been catastrophic despite very stringent measures (lots of “positive” cases, lots of unnecessary death…).
    -Bonus plot twist: In the last days, the government extended the “green pass” requirement also to outdoor gatherings if there are more than 50 people, essentially banning protests with this (or at least making the whole thing more complicated). They also tightened the requirement for public administration employees (but NOT medical and education personnel) so that only Recovered or Vaccinated will be allowed to work beginning November 1. The Unions have stepped into action immediately, we’ll see what happens.
    -Current ruling party and the coalition do have very healthy attitude towards illegal immigration, family values, and other issues that international-socialist Brussels finds blasphemous. However, their handling of the corona situation – and the psychological warfare being waged against its own people – has been completely sub par.
    -“Making life more miserable for the unvaccinated” has been the main mantra elsewhere in the world lately, from what I can see, and frankly I don’t understand why (i.e. without invoking the “hidden agenda” aspect). If the situation is really so serious, the governments should just add this to the list of mandatory vaccinations, maybe temporarily, and take their full responsibility for it – without the psychological warfare that’s been going on.

    So, this was my “small” contribution, have a great remainder of the weekend all.

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