Come to Jalalabad am Rhein!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Didn’t feel comfortable in Italy! Evacuated Afghans move on to Germany

Afghans who had previously been evacuated by the USA to Poland, Italy and other EU countries have been arriving in Germany in recent weeks. That was to be expected; Germany offers an extremely attractive range of benefits and a good life at the expense of taxpayers. Mosques, shops, etc. are also in abundance and you feel at home. No wonder, GerMoney has the largest Afghan community in Europe, and it is growing every day until the land of the former thinkers and poets is actually in the Hindu Kush.

Even Italy, one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans, cannot keep up, and that is less because of the sun, the delicious food, the delicious wines, the cheerful way of life, the beaches and the sea, it is more because of the marginal all-round service and the range of accommodations that do not exactly provide a feel-good factor.

Epoch Times:

In the past few weeks, the federal police found “70 Afghan nationals who have possible links to a previous evacuation by the US armed forces from Afghanistan to another EU member state,” the agency told the world. Among them, 32 people were believed to have previously been evacuated to Poland, 26 to Italy, seven to France and five to Spain.

In addition, Afghans who had been evacuated not by the US armed forces but by the armies of the EU partner countries have also been apprehended. For example, a family of five was found on a train at the German-Austrian border who had been flown out of Afghanistan by the Italian military. According to their own statement, they had applied for asylum there to the Federal Police, but “did not feel comfortable”. The family was then taken to a refugee facility.

At the beginning of September, Afghans living in Germany were also apprehended while allegedly trafficking compatriots. They accompanied ten people evacuated from Kabul to Italy in a bus to northern Germany. The evacuees had already applied for asylum in Italy. At the weekend there was a similar case, according to information from the “world” from security circles. Here a group of four Afghans who had been evacuated to Italy were picked up on a train to Hamburg and taken to a refugee home.

Afterword from the translator:

I don’t know about you, but to me this looks like a slow hostile takeover of Germany by Afghanistan. I wonder if the CCP is financing these “trips”?

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  1. “I don’t know about you, but to me this looks like a slow hostile takeover of Germany by Afghanistan….”

    At present, I would call it opportunistic rather than hostile, and expect Germany will become a multi-tribal society, with Afghans as one of many, and the indigenous population as the largest minority tribe. If the city where I live proves typical, the total population will little change as the allochthonous slowly replace the autochthonous. In this burg, the former are currently 25% of the population and have been replacing another 1% each year.

  2. Well there are now over 40million Afghans thanks to the US government providing them with welfare for the last 20 years so all they had to do was breed as they didn’t have to work. There are probably now only about 60 million native Germans so another influx will see them a minority in their own country. Then they will lose the vote (democracy is a bitch when you are outnumbered!) and may be kicked out of their own country. I’ve been expecting this to happen and the smart ones will go to Poland or Hungary. Many have already bought property in Poland and in Hungary. I think we may see refugee camps in neighbouring countries for Germans in the future. It’s all a numbers game.

    • Numbers for sure. Unless females start doing their job before it’s too late – for them that is. No kidding?

    • Wrong! There is nowhere for Germans, French, Brits or anyone else of European ancestry to run too! At some point the German military will take over the state, and when they do, all leftist and their 3rd world pets will be running for the border to get out as the Great Purge will commence with a bloody vengeance.
      My advice is join a gun & hunting club and get trained, your survival will soon depend upon it.

  3. I hope that Germany runs out of money and then the money transfers to those “visitors” grind to a halt.
    OK, we will have hell on Earth (I think you in the USA will have the same result if your EBT cards no longer work) but then I will feel like a weight is lifted from my chest.

    Better an end with terror than terror without end.
    (Besser ein Ende mit Schrecken, als Schrecken ohne Ende.)

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