Beware the Mountains of Morocco

A Spanish-speaking reader sends this update on the disposition of a civil case pursued by the family of one of the two Nordic girls who were raped and beheaded in Morocco back in 2018:

Rape and murder of two European tourist girls in Morocco

I believe this should be known by all travelers, especially girls, if they are planning to travel to an Arab country.

This is a reference from the Spanish newspaper Alerta Digital (Video con imágenes muy duras) Marruecos deberá pagar 500.000 euros a las familias de las dos turistas salvajemente asesinadas en 2018 taken from its website today. It concerns the rape and murder of two girls from Norway and Denmark while they were on holiday in Morocco in December of 2018.

The news of the details of the sentence includes a [WARNING: horriby graphic] video with the images of the murder of the two girls who were raped and beheaded by Moroccan men.

The Moroccan State, in its capacity as subsidiary civil servant, will have to pay five million dirhams (equivalent to half a million euros) to the families of the two Nordic tourists murdered and beheaded in a mountainous region of Morocco in December 2018. Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, a 24-year-old Dane, and Maren Ueland, a 28-year-old Norwegian, arrived in Morocco on December 9 and were found dead on Monday the 17th in the Imlil region, en route to Mount Toubkal.

The judgment of the Administrative Court of Marrakesh was issued on June 16, but it was made known this Monday through the Medias24 web portal, which recalls that the relatives of the Danish Louisa Vesterager Jespersen filed the lawsuit with the Moroccan State.

At the trial in July of 2019, in a criminal instance for the crime against Vesterager and her Norwegian partner Maren Ueland, the Rabat Court of Appeal sentenced the death penalty for the three main defendants, a sentence that was later confirmed in Court of Cassation.

That court considered unfounded the claim for compensation to the Moroccan State, which the lawyer for the Vesterager family estimated at ten million dirhams (one million euros), but in the face of the refusal of that court, the lawyer went to the Administrative Court, which eventually found in his favor.

The Marrakesh court considers that the responsibility of the State is explained by a principle of national solidarity, and although the State is not guilty of the crime, it does bear responsibility for what happened.

17 thoughts on “Beware the Mountains of Morocco

  1. It’s so disturbing, I can’t even imagine what this girls went truth to this horror!!, in the other hand is a lesson to not to go to Islamic countries alone or with the friend ( females) it will be happening all over Europe now with this barbaric illegal invasions , created by politicians leftists, Germany is on the path to collapse with this new left government, ..

  2. I used to visit Morocco frequently when I was younger. It was a cheap two weeks in the sun and islam was not strictly enforced. However, the young men there had an appalling attitude to visitors, particularly women and threats of violence coupled with demands for money were commonplace. It is no surprise to me that the murders happened nor am I surprised at the behaviour of Moroccan men throughout Europe that leftists appear to condone.

    As far as Morocco is concerned, my advice to potential visitors is : Do not go there for any reason whatever. My advice to Europeans within Europe is to have nothing whatever to do with Moroccans, especially the men.

    • I would say that what you wrote about Morocco and Moroccans is true for all the Sharia countries. If fair-skinned tourists understood what the staff of the hotels or the locals say about them, I doubt they will go Egypt/Morocco/Turkey, etc. I don’t know how is it in Indochina – never was there, but lived 20 yrs in Arab countries.

  3. Just as a nation or civilization which cannot or will not protect its young, does not have much chance of surviving, so the same can be said of any nation or civilization which offers up its young women to slaughter at the hands of the soldiers of Allah. One-hundred fifty years ago in the Age of Empire, such an act would have precipitated an armed invasion of the region in question, a “punitive expedition” by one or more of the colonial powers to remind the locals that Europeans are not to be tampered with.

    Today’s Europeans are held in contempt by the believers – and in the aftermath of this incident, it is not hard to see why. Two young women cut down in the primes of their young lives, and in perhaps the most-gruesome manner possible… and the result? A lawsuit….

    Pace the novel “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells, modern Europeans are now defenseless and frightened Eloi and the Muslims savage and bloodthirsty Morlocks preying upon them.

    • I hate to break this to you my friend, but the black market in weapons is booming in western Europe and the arms of anything you want is available. It is the European that is buying everything they can get their hands upon. The smart volk see the writing on the wall and are preparing accordingly. The only time police act is when it involves 3rd worlders. Interesting no?

    • thanks for reminding the Eloi folks. Wells was far more looking into the future than any other dystopist.
      If you enjoy this genre, I recommend Jules Verne’s : Paris in the year 1960, written a hundred years before about a time when readers of books ! do have to meet in secret circles. It is not a page turner, but interesting enough.

  4. What the hell were European women doing alone in a Moslem country?
    Do they really lack all self-awareness and survival instinct?
    The proper response to this is to send ships to blockade the coast of Morocco and shell the coastal cities until the government makes an abject apology, turns over the heads of the people responsible, and gives the twice the weight of the girls in gold to their families.

    • They have been told since they were very young that they can do anything a man can do, everything is equal and 3rd worlders are just like us. They were proved wrong and paid the price.

      • Exactly, that’s the point , Merkel&CO and all this traitors leaders destroyed whole Western World, including the generations..

      • And the Europeans think us Americans are dim.
        At least we have rational (low) expectations of other cultures.
        The only way I would visit a Moslem dominated country would be on a reputable guided tour. And even those have been machinegunned on occasion.

  5. Poor girls. BTW these are/were a 24 and a 28-year-old women and the liberal propaganda is to blame for their decision to go on a trip of this kind in an Islamic Country. Such a decision does not fit even 10-12 yr old preteens.

  6. I noticed two murder cases in theU.K. recently and the contrast in sentences .A young man presumably a native, in Batley West Yorkshire was stabbed to death ,The total of 45 years to be served between 5 asian men.In another attack a shooting in which a muslim woman was unintentionally killed 7 men were given combined sentences of 200 years.
    Does anyone notice the differrence in punishments .

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