Another Somali Success Story in Sweden

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samtiden, an online newspaper published by Sverigedemokraterna. Note: this case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%:

Clockwise from upper left: “I will kill you. I will kill all Swedes”, “Whites must die”, “I will f*** white people”, “You are Swedish. You must get out of here”, White people are evil”

Caption at bottom of photo: Defendant’s statements reproduced from preliminary police investigation: Photo — police

Attacked women and made threats: “Whites must die”

September 1, 2021

The Somali who subjected at least eight women to insane attacks has now been charged in the District Court of Borås for assault and also for threatening female social workers.

One person who read the preliminary investigation against the Somali perpetrator is the journalist Joakim Lamotte. He describes it as frightening reading.

The defendant, Dawud Mohammad, without provocation, made outbursts and violent attacks against women. Men who tried to help the women were also attacked. In addition, he issued serious insults and death threats.

According to a police report, Dawud Mohammad screamed, “f***ing racists” during the arrest and that “white people are evil and racist.” He also said, according to police, that “white people must die,” and that he “would f*** white people.”

“Kill all Swedes”

Social workers in Borås also stand witness to the man’s hate toward white Swedes. In an interview, a social worker said that Dawud Mohammad, at a meeting, screamed, “You are Swedish. You must get out of here.” The social worker dared do nothing else but leave the room. Then Dawud Mohammad looked at her and screamed, “I will kill you. I will kill all Swedes.”

Another social worker stated that she was threatened via email, when Dawud Mohammad reportedly wrote things like, “I will destroy your life,” and “I will kill you all.”

Dawud Mohammad himself denies the crime, and in a police interrogation he says that, “It is all about racism,” and that police “want to fill up my file.” He also refused to speak with a police investigator because he was white.

Unpleasant human view

Lamotte writes that the preliminary investigation is unpleasant to read.

“Not just for the violence that several people testify to, but also for the threats directed towards people on account of their skin color. At the same time, I recall that a Swedish TV employee this week reprimanded a viewer by explaining that whites cannot be affected by racism.”

“I wonder what this is if not racism?”

This Dawud Mohammad became a Swedish citizen in 2015. Since then he has been convicted of, among other things, narcotics crimes, threats against officials, and illegal driving.

And now he stands charged for several cases of abuse against women and threats of an openly racist nature.

9 thoughts on “Another Somali Success Story in Sweden

  1. This is what chaps my lips.

    Are we to assume that none of these women he assaulted had menfolk?

    I don’t care what colour you are, but if you touch anyone, ANYONE in my family the day of reckoning for you will not be far away. The retribution delivered though and my subsequent pleasure would be dependent on the obvious.

    I do not understand this ridiculous meekness.

    • Possibly because the Moslems are a protected group and the full power of the state will fall upon any vigilante avenging his family upon them. For some reason, the State loves Moslems and perverts and hates their normal, productive citizens.

      • @ Harry_the_Horrible

        Re: “For some reason, the State loves Moslems and perverts and hates their normal, productive citizens.”

        “For some reason”? Perhaps I can be a bit plainer than that….

        The ruling elites – in Europe and all over the West – are waging war upon their own nations, peoples and cultures. The globalists at the EU are replacing the member nations’ populations of their own civilization, with interlopers, thugs and invaders. The fact that this diaspora of the Third World are termed “refugees” and this undertaking is being done in the name of “compassion,” changes things not one bit. It’s an invasion, de facto and de jure.

        Maybe it is time native Europeans begin dealing with things on that basis. One may be certain that continent-wide gun controls efforts have been done with forestalling that eventuality in mind in the first place.

      • Well to state the obvious, if the so called ruling elites pay you a visit to demand why you acted against the bloody 3rd world savage orc, you simply pay the the people they send a nice visit and make it profound and absolute, it sends the message to the next paycheck cashier that is is not a good idea to side with the the bloody 3rd world orcs and carry on obeying orders from above without maxim risk.

  2. going to a white country to murder white people, there is a certain jihadi logic in such thinking. Why stay in somaliland if you plan and want to murder white people?

  3. @ don vito

    Re: “going to a white country to murder white people, there is a certain jihadi logic in such thinking. Why stay in somaliland if you plan and want to murder white people?”

    Perhaps you are familiar with the “five pillars” of Islam, the five religious obligations which every devout Muslim must undertake: Saying the shahada/affirming one’s identity as a Muslim; giving alms or zakat; praying (salah) five times a day towards Mecca; Fasting (sawm); and finally, making the pilgrimage to Mecca.

    There is a sixth, or so said Mohammed, the prophet of Islam: The act of waging jihad in his name. The foundational sources of Islam – the Koran, the Hadith (traditions of Mohammed) and the Sira (biography or life of Mohammed) – command the believers to go forth into the land of the infidels, non-Muslims, to spread Islam, by the sword if need be.

    If an infidel land can’t be invaded militarily in sufficient numbers, then raids and piracy are common tactics. If those are not yet practical, then Muslims infiltrate peacefully, posing as immigrants like those from any other nation. This tactic mimics that of Mohammed himself, whose migration with his believers from Mecca to Medina (then called Yathrib), began his ascent as the ruler of all Arabia, and ultimately assured the spread of Islam worldwide.

    This migration, or hegira as it is termed, is so important to Muslims that their calendar begins with it in the year 622.

    For the soldier of Allah waging jihad by the sword, his belief is all that matters. It matters not whether he lives or dies, for he has been promised a bountiful reward either way. If he lives he is promised the bounty of his enemy’s possessions, his land, his women and children. Or failing that, whatever is at hand that may be taken from the infidels. Many new arrivals from the Islamic world go on the dole, on welfare, as soon as they arrive in places like Sweden. Why? Because their imams back home have told them it is good jihad to do so.

    If on the other hand, he perishes while fighting to spread Islam, the soldier of Allah is promised paradise and all of the earthly pleasures he desires, for eternity, and a place among others of the same kind.

    Going to places like Sweden, famous as the home of beautiful, fair-skinned and blond women, is all-the-better: Mohammed himself asked his followers before a raid upon a Byzantine target: “Do you want the children of the yellow, the Banu al-Asfar?” he was talking about the light-haired, fair-skinned women and children there, prized in the harem and at the slave market because of the scarcity of such people in the Middle East and Africa. Yet more prestige should his mission be successful in the eyes of other believers.

    • The bloody learning curve is long over, if you have not learned by now that islam is an enemy of the west and always has been, there is no helping you or yours. There is only one option where dealing with islam and it’s bloody devil worshipers are concerned, the sword! There is is no dialogue, no mutual understand, no kumbaya, no going past go to collect 200 bucks. It is the cold, cruel, harsh, brutal, reality of them, or us. In the end, it always, without exception ends up with the bloody sword.

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