45,000 Deaths Within 72 Hours of Being Vaxed?

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea whether the number of vax deaths cited in the story below is accurate. First of all, the author (who is not a native English speaker) has misinterpreted the 45,000 deaths within 72 hours of “vaccination” as being for Hawaii alone, which is obviously absurd. The lawsuit was filed in Hawaii, but the figure is plainly meant to refer to the whole of the USA.

I spent some time looking around the web for other articles about the lawsuit. All the mainstream reports that mention it consisted of “fact-checking”, and (surprise!) concluded that the figure given was false. Those numerous fact-checks made my spider sense tingle, because we’ve all seen what the professional fact-checkers have identified as “fake news” in the last few years, and especially in the last nine months. And I know for certain that the adverse effects of the “vaccine” are being deliberately under-reported, as Mr. Green says — I’ve seen multiple independent reports attesting to that fact.

So make of this what you will.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from a German news site. The translator notes: “The embedded video has more emotional power than the article in itself, in my opinion.” See the original article for the embedded video, which is in English:

Mass death in paradise: Hawaii records 45,000 COVID-19 vaccine deaths in 72 hours

A group of lawyers filed a giant class action lawsuit against the US state of Hawaii. One of the hired lawyers made a statement at a press conference and named the unbelievable number of 45,000 vaccine deaths in 72 hours as the reason for the lawsuit.

by Günther Strauss

Renowned Hawaiian lawyer Michael Green made a name for himself last week with a class action lawsuit against the US government’s vaccination campaign, to which he is demanding an immediate stop, and wants claims for damages. The lawsuit is now also joined by around 1,200 employees of the Hawaiian healthcare system — paramedics, nurses and doctors — who have been campaigning for weeks against the “indirect vaccine requirement” imposed by the governor and mayor of Honolulu. It is believed that thousands more citizens will join Green’s lawsuit in the US island state alone.

According to the plaintiffs, contrary to the official figures, there are now 45,000 fatalities in the USA alone as a result of the experimental Covid vaccinations. The US portal Rumble.com quotes Green as follows:

“The tests we saw by doctors across the country show that nearly 45,000 people who received these vaccinations were dead within 72 hours,” attorney Michael Green said at a news conference Thursday.

In addition, it is completely unnecessary to test asymptomatic people, as required by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — because they could not spread the virus, either.

“First the carrot, then the stick”

In the Hawaiian capital there is increasing resistance to the vaccinations required by the government, including among civil servants. In an emotional statement, Fire Chief Kaimi Pelekai reported that he had lost his job because he refused to inject “an experimental vaccine into my body that can kill people,” the fired firefighter said, according to local media. Even among the employees of the public transport company, quite a few employees are now going to the barricades. However, since the powerful Teamsters Union is involved in this case, the city administration does not want to risk mass layoffs: There are no fewer than 800 bus drivers and administrative employees who want to remain unvaccinated.

“Members have expressed concern that the vaccine is still under emergency approval,” said Wayne Kaululaau, President of Local Teamsters. For the Pfizer / BioNTech active ingredient Comirnaty, the provisional approval was converted into a regular approval by the US approval authority this week — due to considerable political pressure. However, this does not change the concerns of employees. They don’t want to be vaccinated — even though it will become mandatory for all Honolulu urban bus drivers by October 1st at the latest. The alternative is daily tests; if both are refused, there is a risk of punishment or dismissal.

6 thoughts on “45,000 Deaths Within 72 Hours of Being Vaxed?

  1. I heard about the 45000 Death at one of the Corona Ausschuss Sessions some weeks and weeks back.
    A whistleblower from the CDC cited that number.
    Unfortunately I can’t remember on which of those weekly Sessions it was.

  2. I heard about the 45000 Death at one of the Corona Ausschuss Sessions some weeks and weeks back.
    A whistleblower from the CDC cited that number.
    Unfortunately I can’t remember on which of those weekly Sessions it was.

    Also, the Video in the Article has more power in its message.
    But that is my personal opinion.
    Go and check it out.

    • Unbelievable just heartbreaking, what is happening in Hawaii and all over ! Bunch of criminals nothing else

  3. Hello Baron,
    I found this

    FDA Hearing: Doctors and Experts Testify Government Data Demonstrates COVID Shots are Dangerous and May Kill More Than They Save
    Myocarditis affected 1 in 1,000 who took the vaccine.
    One in a thousand. In the United States. Globally, the annual myocarditis incidence rate is 1.5 in 100,000. The pseudo-vaxxed are 100 times more likely to experience this than the non-vaxxed.

    210,700,361 Americans have received at least one dose of pseudo-vaccine. I’m having trouble locating data on how many of those were Pfizer (as opposed to Moderna and Janssenn), but from news reports Pfizer appears to be the plurality. Let’s assume half were Pfizer.

    1 in 1,000

    10,535,018 “vaxxed. Statistically, that would be 10,5335 cases of myocarditis.

    If this is correct, then we will have lots of heart attacks and heart transplants in front of us.

  4. And as we all know myocarditis results in death.

    So, just that illness alone will smash people.

    I was on a walk the other day where a garden was particularly lovely with all mannaer of flowers in full bloom. I saw the lady who attended to the plants and remarked how wonderfully well she had done. She would have been about 60-65.

    Within minutes she asked me if I had been jabbed. No I said.

    She then told me that she had and that her heart has been doing “kangaroo – hops” ever since. Her well informed Quack had told her not to worry, it was just part of the “pickling process”!

    Mustnt complain she said.

    Howmany millions more like her are there out there? God must be really effing busy at the moment.

    For the most current at the coalface conversation you can have. EVERYONE should watch this video of an undertaker in the UK going through everything that he has seen from 2019 through to a couple of weeks ago.

    It is simply mind blowing:

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